10 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps To Use


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Have you broken up with your partner but are still curious about their private life? Or are you a parent whose kid spends hours on Instagram without telling you why? There may be numerous reasons to see someone's private Instagram account. This article will help you choose your best private Instagram viewer to reveal someone's deepest secrets.

Which private Instagram viewer to choose?

Among the top 10 apps discussed, we narrowed down our choice to 3 top picks:

  1. SpyX: Hidden Instagram viewer available both for iOS and Android, without the need for jailbreaking or app installation.
  2. uMobix: A modern and multifunctional monitoring tool with a free trial, working stealthily on iOS and Android devices. 
  3. Glassagram: Private Instagram viewer requiring no installation, offering numerous features, and allowing to download stories. 

Let's see what some of these best Instagram viewers are capable of. 

SpyX - Best Instagram Spy Viewer

SpyX is the ultimate Instagram spy app. It gives you complete remote access to anyone's private Instagram account, no matter what device they're using. It's the only Android app that doesn't require installation, and it works with both iOS and Android without the need for jailbreaking or app installation. All you need to do is connect your target device to your cloud account.


With SpyX, you can ensure your children's online safety by identifying any potentially harmful interactions, cyberbullying, or inappropriate content. By keeping an eye on Instagram, you may step in early if your child exhibits any concerning behavior or shows indications of distress, allowing you to quickly address the situation and offer support.


  • view Instagram stories in real time, including the number of comments and likes.
  • View all Instagram direct messages, including sent, received and deleted ones.
  • View and download both images and videos on your target chats
  • Track the exact date and time of each Instagram message.
  • Monitor followers and following list
  • Find Instagram location

Price: $11.99/mo* for 12 months subscription plan

Glassagram - Anonymous Instagram viewer app

Glassagram is an online private Instagram viewer capable of seeing any public or private Instagram account with minimum effort. Parents find this tool very helpful to monitor their kid's Instagram activities. It helps prevent cyberbullying and online harassment.

Glassagram - Anonymous Instagram Viewer App

Couples may use Glassagram to check whether another partner is not hiding anything, like keeping contact with their ex-partners or spouses. You won't need to install any software to use Glassagram or have an account on IG yourself. You just need to know the Instagram nickname of the person whose profile you want to see. So, what will you get within Glassagram?


  • Anonymous Instagram stories viewing.
  • Viewing likes, tagged photos, hot likes, or monitoring their followers.
  • Seeing what they post and the audience's comments.
  • Saving stories for up to 3 months in the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Downloading any post or story to watch them later.
  • Watch their reels without being seen.
  • Premium customer support via phone upon your request or live chat is available 24/7.

Price: $49.99 for the monthly subscription plan.

uMobix - Instagram tracker for reliable monitoring

uMobix is a multifunctional and secure Instagram private profile viewer available on the market. It offers a unique feature for iOS devices - the ability to see someone's Instagram profile as if it's your own without jailbreak. 

uMobix - Instagram Tracker for Reliable Monitoring

Note that you should install the tracker manually on the targeted iOS gadget to have access to someone's location and browser history. If you want to use other features, like monitoring their Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, or contacts, there is no need to install the tracker - you will only need to input targeted iCloud credentials in your userspace. 

For Android users, physical access to the targeted device is always required. Check the uMobix free trial to see how it works in real life.


  • Monitoring their GPS location, browser history, Facebook, and messengers like iMessage and WhatsApp.
  • Reading their chats and direct messages, including the contact info of people from the chats.
  • Accessing news feeds, reels, and stories.
  • Restrict inappropriate content and block unwanted users.
  • Checking the online status of a required person.
  • Monitoring calls, call history, or contacts.

Price: $49.99 for a one-month subscription plan.

xMobi Insta Hack - Advanced Instagram viewing tool

xMobi Insta Hack is an easy-to-use and confidential Instagram profile viewing tool that can help you get all desired information from any public or private IG profile. Note that the tool requires installation on iOS devices if you want to see browser history or whereabouts. To use other tracking opportunities, knowing the targeted iCloud credentials is enough. 

xMobi Insta Hack - Advanced Instagram Viewing Tool

With the targeted iCloud details, you will be able to observe their Instagram profile, Facebook or read their iMessage or WhatsApp from your userspace at any time. When it comes to Android devices, physical access is needed to install the app manually. But don't worry, the process takes up to a few minutes. 

Luckily, another person will not notice your surveillance since the app works hiddenly and does not impact a device's operation.


  • Viewing hidden photos and videos of the desired Instagram profile.
  • See what posts they publish and their follower's reactions.
  • The followers' list will be at your disposal.
  • Reading their chats while remaining hidden.

Price: $49.99 a month.

Instalooker - Free private Instagram checker

Instalooker is another private Instagram viewer used to find someone's secrets on this social network. With its help, one may easily monitor anyone's IG as if being their follower. So, if you want to know what is happening in your ex-boyfriend's life - try Instalooker.

Instalooker - Free Private Instagram Checker

Its working principle is simple and intuitive. Choose the profile you want to secretly access, and input its username in the dedicated field. Ensure you know the correct user name before using the service. You will see the result after a few minutes. So, be patient and let the viewer do the job. Note that the viewer claims to be free to use.


  • Viewing private Instagram accounts without installing any spyware.
  • Accessing instantly content they post and share.
  • Receive quick updates on photos, videos, and stories they post.

Gwaa - Secure Instagram private viewing app

Another private Instagram viewer you may find a decent alternative to the previous ones is Gwaa. With its help, you may access public and private accounts without paying a penny. Go to the official website, enter the desired Instagram username, and follow a few steps to finish the search.

Gwaa - Secure Instagram Private Viewing App

The service may take a while to show you their account details. Thus, if you want to check on your kid's online activities and figure out why they spend hours on Instagram, Gwaa can be an option to try.


  • Watching stories without being shown on the list of those who watched them.
  • Downloading content from private accounts, like photos and videos.
  • Monitoring their private content securely, preventing data loss.

Price: The Gwaa Instagram viewer is free of cost.

Over-Watch.org - Instagram viewer for seeing their secrets

The OverWatch Instagram tracker is one of the best tools to view private Instagram accounts. With its help, you may read someone's profile like an open book. Even though one should install the tracker on the targeted gadget, it is worth all effort, time, and money.

Over-Watch.org - Instagram Viewer for Seeing Their Secrets

Moreover, it offers multiple tracking features for Android and iOS devices. This tracker may become a real helper if you want to ensure your child's online safety and have peace of mind about their well-being.


  • Reading incoming and outgoing direct messages.
  • Taking screenshots of all activities on Android devices.
  • Restricting and managing harmful content.
  • It is possible to unfollow or block unwanted profiles.

Price: $29.99/month when buying a 3-month subscription plan with all monitoring features. 

Xnspy.pro - Instagram spy for DMs and media

Xnspy.pro is an advanced Instagram tracker capable of getting into someone's texts without them knowing. Parents whose teenage children are highly interested in this social media platform find this service very beneficial.

Xnspy.pro - Instagram Spy for DMs and Media

Being one of the most popular spaces for communication and photo sharing, Instagram may become problematic for kids, and it becomes parents' responsibility to ensure kids do not overshare their personal lives or that no one violates their boundaries.


  • The tracker will let you see what photos and videos they share online and with whom.
  • Screen recording will help to keep track of everything going on the targeted phone.
  • The app can track their text messages and chats.

Price: $49.99 per month.

Spyic.pro - Spying app to keep tabs on their Instagram

It is another private Instagram viewer you may be interested in. And it's not surprising, as Spyic.pro is a fully developed monitoring app that offers numerous tracking opportunities. 

Spyic.pro - Spying App to Keep Tabs on Their Instagram

It is an invisible spy app that works on Android and iOS devices without impacting their work. So, once it's installed, you may view their Instagram account without any issues. So, set up your account, install the app, and get accurate reports on your targeted Instagram account activities in your user dashboard.


  • Send and receive messages monitoring, including the timestamps.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • Access to their multimedia content on Instagram.

Price: make up your mind for a yearly subscription plan to pay only $12.49/month.

Cocospy - Remote Instagram tracker

Cocospy Instagram tracker will give you a new perspective on reading someone's text messages secretly. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, one can track any message from Instagram DM conveniently and easily.

Cocospy - Remote Instagram Tracker

Cocospy does not require rooting, which makes this tracker one of the most accessible and attractive among users. Please note that it is not an online tool. You should install the app on the targeted gadget and set it up. 


  • Monitoring all Instagram activities, such as posts, stories, reels, and chats.
  • Accessing deleted data, like messages and multimedia content.
  • Tracking their whereabouts without being revealed.

Price: $29.99 a month for a 3-month pricing plan or $49.99 for a monthly one.

InstaGrab - Best Online Instagram Downloader

Last but not least - we want to pay attention to the InstaGrab story viewer. This tool works mainly for downloading any Instagram content, keeping the original quality and resolution.

InstaGrab - Best Online Instagram Downloader

But you may also use the app to watch someone's account without them knowing. Go to the official website and paste the link of the desired Instagram post, photo, or video in the dedicated field. Download the content with no restrictions.


  • Downloading videos, photos, stories, or IG reels anonymously.
  • Viewing their public Instagram stories without being shown on the list.

Price: It's an online free service.


Is it possible to view someone's private Instagram account?

Yes, it is possible. You can track someone's private Instagram account with the help of modern viewers. Choose trusted and reliable monitoring services such as SpyX, uMobix, OverWatch, or Glassagram to see what is behind someone's private profile.

Can I access someone's private Instagram account for free?

Some monitoring apps can let you track someone's private account for free. However, you should know what your monitoring goals are. Try uMobix free trial to see how multifunctional Instagram tracking works, or go for free online viewers, but remember they may be limited in features or don't work as claimed. 

Is it right to monitor my child's Instagram?

First and foremost, parents are responsible for their children's safety and well-being. Children may be reluctant to speak about their problems. So, it's parents' right to protect them from online threats or harmful content by monitoring who they communicate with on Instagram and what they watch.


We hope this article clarifies how to view private Instagram profiles without hassle and much effort. The Instagram viewers and tracking apps mentioned have many peculiarities regarding functionality, prices, and user-friendliness. Get familiar with them and choose the best option for your goals and pocket, while our personal top pick is Glassagram.

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