How To Add And Setup Dyno Bot In Discord (Dyno Bot Commands)


Discord Bots are becoming more and more popular these days. They come with various features like moderation, games, meme creation, etc that can be installed on your server.

If you own or manage a server and are looking for a moderation bot, then you are at the right place. Today, in this article we will talk about what Dyno Bot is, How to Add and set up Dyno Bot in Discord, List of Dyno Bot Commands, etc. 

So let's jump to the article.

What is a Dyno bot?

Discord is a social media app to connect with people that share the same interest in servers. These servers sometimes become so large that it becomes impossible for admins and moderators to manage. This is where bots like Dyno come into play. 

What is a Dyno bot

Dyno Bot is a multi-functional bot that is mostly used for server moderation but also has features like Role Management, Fun games, that increase server engagement. 

It comes with an easy-to-use Dashboard from where you can manage all the settings of this bot and bring it into use. It is free to use and is used by more than 8.4 million servers on Discord for server management. 

How to add Dyno bot in Discord?

Adding Dyno Bot to a Discord Server is very simple. It is like adding any other bot to your Discord Server. 

However, if you have not added any other bot to your server before, do not worry. You can follow this step-by-step easy guide on how to add Dyno Discord Bot to your server without any errors. 

  • Step 1. Go to the Dyno Bot Official website by typing in in the search bar or by clicking here
  • Step 2. Once you are on the homepage, click on Add to Server. You will be asked whether you want to install the free or paid versions. You can select any version you like. If you are a first-time user, we recommend trying the free version first. 
  • Step 3. This will take you to Discord Login Page. Here you have to enter your login credentials and click on Login. 
  • Step 4. Once you are logged in, another dialogue box will appear asking you to select the server where you want to invite Dyno Bot. You can select the desired server from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 5. Once you have selected the server, authorize the bot by giving it the permissions it asks for. 
  • Step 6. Congratulations! The bot is successfully installed on your server. Now you just need to set it up and you are free to use it.

How to setup Dyno Discord bot?

Now that you have successfully installed Dyno Bot on your server, let's see how to properly set it up to start using it. 


Setting up Dyno Bot is very easy since it comes with a very easy-to-use dashboard. 

  • Step 1. After you have installed the Dyno Bot on your server, it will redirect to the web client. You can set Dyno Bot from Discord as well but this method is much easier. 
  • Step 2. Once you are on the web client, you have to select the prefix for Dyno Bot Commands. Previously the prefix used was “?” but now you can also select the “/” as well to use before every command. 
  • Step 3. Now select the time zone you are in. After that, select the channel where you want to receive all the bot logs, updates, user stats, etc. You can create an alternative channel for that. 
  • Step 4. Now if you want to buy their paid version, you can do it from here. Or you can just keep using the free one by clicking on “Done”. 
  • Step 5. Thats it. Your bot is set up and you can start giving it commands to interact with it.

Dyno bot commands 

Bots on Discord work only when you give them specific commands. Each bot comes with its own set of commands. Here is a list of Dyno Bot Commands you can use to make it perform some tasks.

Fun commands

Dyno bot commands

You can use these commands on the server to have some fun.

  • Space: You can use this command to get the info about a space station. You have to use this command ?space.
  • Flip: To flip a coin in the server, you can use the ?flip command. 
  • Norris: When you enter ?norris command in the server, the bot gives a random Chuck Norris Fact. 
  • iTunes: You can find out about a song by using the following command ?itunes [song name]. 
  • Poll: If you want to start a poll in the server, you should use this command. ?poll [message] "[choice1]" "[choice2]" 
  • DadJoke: Dad jokes are quite funny. Here is how you can ask the bot to tell you a random dad joke. ?dadjoke
  • Pug: You can get cute pug pictures by typing ?pug command in the server. 
  • Cat: With ?cat command, you can get cute cat pictures. 
  • RPS: You can also play rock paper scissors with the bot. To play, you have to type in the following command ?rps [choice]

Roles commands

With Dyno Bot, you can also assign roles to users. Here are some role-assigning dyno bot commands. 

  • Rank: You can use the ?rank [rank name] command to add or leave a rank. 
  • Addrank: This is to Add a new rank for members to join, the role must exist. The command to be used is ?addrank [name or id]. 
  • Ranks: To view all the joinable ranks, type in ?ranks in the server. 
  • Role Info: You can get info about a role by typing ?roleinfo [role] command in the server. 
  • Delete Rank: Use the command ?delrank [name or id] to delete a rank in the server. This does not delete the role.

Moderator commands

  • Unban: If you want to unban a user that you have banned previously, you can type in the following command to do so. ?unban [user id
  • Duration: With Dyno Bot, you can select the duration of mute or ban for a user. The command for this operation is ?duration [modlog ID] [limit]. 
  • Kick: If you want to kick a user from your server because of any reason, use this command ?kick [user] [reason]. You can put the reason why you are banning someone. 
  • Ban: You can also ban users from joining your server ever again. Use this command to ban someone. ?ban [user] [limit] [reason]. 
  • Softban: Use the command ?softban [user] [reason] to ban a user and immediately unban them. This deletes their messages
  • Warn: If a user is breaking the group rules, you can send them a warning by typing this command ?warn [user] (reason).
  • Del Warn: If you want to delete the warning for a user, you can do so with this command - ?unwarn [warning id]. 
  • Mute: If you want to stop someone from typing, you can mute them in the server. Use the command ?mute [user] [limit] [reason] to mute them for a certain limit. 
  • Unmute: You can unmute a person you have muted by typing the following command in the server - ?unmute [user] (optional reason)

Manager commands

  • Set NickName: You can set nicknames for users in a server by this command ?setnick [user] [new nickname]. 
  • Add Emote: Use the command ?addemote [name] [image link or attach a image file] to add an emote to the server. 
  • DelRole: If you want to delete a role, type this command ?delrole [role]
  • AddRole: You can add a role in your server or channel by typing this command - ?addrole [role name]
  • List Mods: You can check the list of all mods in your server by this command - ?listmods
  • AddMod: You can add a moderator role by this command - ?addmod [role]
  • DelMod: Use the command ?delmod [role] to delete a moderator role in your server. 
  • Command: In Dyno Bot, you can even enable or disable commands. Use ?command [command name] to do so. 
  • Giveaway: If you want to create a giveaway in your server, you can use the following command - ?giveaway create [channel] [winners] [duration] [name]
  • RoleName: Dyno bot allows you to change the name of a role. This command changes the role name - ?rolename [role], [new name]
  • Prefix: The default prefix for Dyno Bot is “?”. However if you want, you can change that to a “/” or something else. Type ?prefix [new prefix] to change the prefix of a command. 
  • Purge: Use the command ?purge [count] if you want to delete previous messages from your channel. It has a limit of 1000.

Auto mod

Dyno Bot can be configured to do some automatic moderation as well. Here is a list of some auto mods commands. 

Auto mod
  • BlackList URL: If you want, you can choose to blacklist URLs on your server. This command blacklists URLs - ?automod blacklist [url1], [url2]. If after this command, any user sends links from the following website, the message won't be sent to the server. You can use this to avoid spam on your server. 
  • Whitelist URL: If you want, you can whitelist the URL you have blacklisted earlier. The command for this task is - ?automod whitelist [url1], [url2].
  • Ban Words: Dyno Bot allows to ban of some words to be used in the server. You can use this to ban cuss words or anti-words to avoid toxicity in the server. The command for this is ?automod banword [word1], [word2] . You can also ban exact words as well by this command ?automod banexact [word1], [word2].

Misc commands

  • AFK: The command ?afk [status] can be used to show an AFK status when someone mentions you in a channel. 
  • Avatar: Use the command ?avatar [user] to view a user’s avatar. 
  • Member Count: The comment ?membercount is used to give the member count. 
  • Reminder: Use the command ?remindme [time] [reminder] to set a reminder for yourself.

How to remove Dyno bot from Discord?

There are times when you want to get rid of a Bot from your Discord server because of reasons like privacy, bugs, etc. 

How to remove Dyno bot from Discord

If you want to get rid of Dyno Discord Bot from your server, here’s what you have to do. 

  • Open the server from where you want to remove the Dyno Bot.
  • There you will find the Dyno Bot icon on the right side. Right Click on it.
  • Click on the Kick Dyno option to really remove the bot from your server.
  • A box will appear asking for reasons why you want to Kick the bot. You can state your reasons or leave the box empty. After clicking on Kick, you will find that the bot is removed from your server.


More and more people have started using Discord lately. They have also started joining various servers. However spamming, toxicity and bullying are becoming very common these days. 

In such cases, moderation bots like Dyno Bot come very handy. You can also use Dyno Bot Commands to access other features as well apart from moderation.

I hope that after reading this guide, you were able to successfully install the dyno discord bot to your server and understand the proper use of dyno bot commands. 

If you face any issues, feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be happy to help. 

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