How To Add And Use MEE6 Discord Bot (And Commands List)


Launched in 2015, Discord is no longer just a communication platform for gamers; it has expanded to include most online communities, such as developers, YouTubers, and more.

With a vast range of features to enhance the user experience, one can also build and add bots within servers. And in this blog post, we’ll talk about one such discord bot —- MEE6.

What Is MEE6 Discord bot?

MEE6 is a popular discord bot that aims to improve & manage discord servers for stability and ease.

Pro MEE6

Apart from basic tasks like server management & tracking stats, MEE6 can take custom commands & manage custom roles. If you are fed up with moderation, MEE6 can surely ease up your job; let’s check out how

MEE6 features

MEE6 is popularly known for its custom moderation features, which help reduce server moderators' workload.

Here’s a detailed overview of the features the MEE6 Discord Bot offers.


Blocking inappropriate messages is one of the major concerns for server moderators, and with MEE6, you can add input detailed & custom words or phrases to be detected & deleted instantly.

Users can also set up custom punishments, for instance, banning a user that sends uses inappropriate language or muting for a week for any other offense.

Along with these moderation perks, users can assign custom commands to MEE6. Whether it's welcoming new users, sending warning messages, or weekly reminders, MEE6 is one of the most reliable and disciplined moderators you’ll ever have.


The leveling system is a unique feature that aims to increase the participation of the members by rewarding them with points per their participation in the server.

These points can lead to customization rank cards, new roles, and improved positions in the leaderboard. No need to spend on giveaways or host weekly competitions, MEE6 is enough to increase activeness within the server.


Many of us lead busy lives and may miss out on our favorite things, like watching our favorite streamer or catching someone's live stream on YouTube.

To help you stay up-to-date, MEE6 offers alerts for Twitch and YouTube live streams, as well as posts on Reddit and Twitter.

Earn with subscriptions

Generating income through subscriptions is a dream for many gamers and influencers, but platforms like YouTube and Twitter always take a cut of any earnings made on their sites. 

With the MEE6 Discord bot, users can create subscription plans that offer access to private channels, exciting roles, and more. If you own a Discord server that provides value to its members, it's time to monetize it with MEE6's subscription feature.


An ideal Discord server has active members, and giveaways are essential in achieving that.

With MEE6, users can organize custom giveaways for different channels and reward users for increasing activeness. 

Apart from these features, MEE6 discord bot offers voice recording and reaction roles. If you are searching for a discord bot for your server that does it all, I recommend trying MEE6.

How to add MEE6 Discord bot to your Discord sever?

Like any third-party Discord bot, users need to invite MEE6 to their server to use its features. Fortunately, the process is easy to follow, even for a newbie. 

MEE6 install

Follow the steps below to Add MEE6 to your discord server:

Step 1: On your device, visit MEE6 official website (

Step 2: Click the “Add to Discord” button (check page hero)

Step 3: It’ll open another window with a discord login page; log in with your account.

Step 4: Select the discord server where you want to install MEE6 and click “Authorize.”

Step 5: It’ll prompt you to grant permissions; for your safety, go through the permission and enable them

After granting permission, the MEE6 bot will be added to the server.

MEE6 commands list

MEE6 discord bot has a list of commands to which it responds or acts, and here’s the complete list that’ll help you operate MEE6 efficiently. 

Moderation commands

Moderation commands are designed to improve and simplify server moderation tasks such as banning a user, muting & unmuting a user, and more. 

!ban - As the name suggests, one can ban a user from the server using this command.

To use the ban command, simply type “!ban @peronusername” and replace peronusername with the username of the person you want MEE6 to ban. 

!kick - Using this command, you can kick any user out of the server.

!warn - It warns the user if some offense is committed, and after three such warnings, the user is temporarily banned from the server. 

!mute - This command mutes the user for a set period.

!unmute - Using this command will undo the mute command and remove the restriction from the user.

!clear - It clears a designated amount of messages from the channel.

!lock - Lock command locks the channel and prevents users to send messages. 

!unlock - A reverse lock command that unlocks the channel and enables users to send messages. 

!role - One can assign or remove roles to any user using this command.

Leveling system commands

As already mentioned, Leveling system aims to improve activeness in a channel by rewarding users with XP/points that can be used to get roles & ranks in the leaderboard.

!levels - It displays the leaderboard that shares the top-ranking members with the number of points they currently hold. 

!rank - This shows the current rank and amount of points a user holds.

!levelupmessage - Using this command, one can enable/disable the level-up message in the server.

!levelrole - It removes old & assigns new roles once a user reaches a certain level.

Music commands

As the name suggests, these commands aim to enhance your music-listening experience by performing certain tasks for you. Here’s how it helps:

MEE6 plugin commands

!play - Using this command, one can play a song from Youtube or Soundcloud without any search hassle. 

!queue - It displays the current queue (upcoming songs) without leaving the tab.

!skip - This command skips the current song and plays the next upcoming music for you.

!stop - It stops the song that is currently being played and clears the queue.

!pause - Similar to the stop command, but it doesn’t clear the queue and you can resume it with the resume command.

!resume - Resume command resumes the song that you might have stopped using the pause command.

Other commands

There are some commands that are hard for me to categorize, but here’s a complete list for you.

!uptime - This displays the uptime of the bot.

!stats - Using this command, you can get access to the bot's statistics such as user count, server count, and more. 

!ping - As the name suggests, it checks the bot's ping.

!vote - This shares a link to vote for MEE6, would you?

!embed - The user can add information that he/she wants to display in the embedded message using an embed command.

!announce - It enables the user to share information across the server in all channels.

!say - This makes the bot say a designated message.

!poll - It enables the user to create polls with options & reactions.

!urban - One can use this to find a meaning of a specific "word" in the Urban Dictionary.

!weather - It shows the current weather for a set location.

!image - This is one of my favorite MEE6 commands as it lets you search Google for an image.

If you fail to bookmark this post, you can use !help command. It helps the user by showing all the available commands for MEE6 and is helpful for people new to discord bots.

MEE6 custom commands

Note: !help command shares the command that would work for the MEE6 version you are using and therefore, it might vary from version to version. 

How to uninstall/remove MEE6?

The removal process of the MEE6 discord bot is simple and similar to any other third-party discord bot. Follow the steps to remove the MEE6 discord bot from your discord server:

Step 1: Open Discord and navigate to the server where the MEE6 bot is installed.

Step 2: In server settings, find the member list.

Step 3: From the member list, find the MEE6 bot and click on the 3 dots next to its name.

Step 4: Now, click “Kick” in the sub-menu and confirm the removal by clicking the “Yes” button.

Following the above steps will successfully remove the MEE6 bot from your server. 

Is MEE6 Bot safe?

The MEE6 discord bot is a third-party Discord bot and isn’t an official chatbot by Discord, but that should not make anyone skeptical about its safety.

Developed by Anis Belkacem, MEE6 is more than 8 years old and still offers frequent updates for the safety & security of its users. To conclude, MEE6 is completely safe to use, but one should check the requested permission before granting it to any third-party bot. 


As a gaming enthusiast, Discord is undoubtedly a lifesaver for me, and chatbots make it even more intriguing and easy for working professionals like myself. MEE6 Discord Bot is the best Discord management bot I've ever come across. I say this because of the wide range of features and the ease it brings to people's lives.

I've shared my experience with the MEE6 bot, along with a brief explanation of its commands. Don't forget to use the !help command to display all the available MEE6 commands

If you feel that I missed something, please share it with us in the comment section below. Looking forward to hearing from you in the next one!

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