Benefits Of Using Mobile Proxies


In the modern world, mobile devices are an integral part of everyday life, while issues of security and freedom of action are becoming increasingly relevant. In this regard, mobile proxies stand out as an innovative tool that provides users with the opportunity to achieve online security and bypass various restrictions.

If you are interested in using proxies for social media, this article is for you. You will learn about the pros and cons of mobile proxies, as well as who needs them.

What is a mobile proxy server?

Mobile proxies perform the same function as classic proxies - they pass through the data flow from the user to the source server and return a response request. However, these technologies have several qualitative differences.

What is a mobile proxy server

Mobile proxies are also called rotating or backconnect-proxy. This technology is used completely legally by mobile operators. Mobile proxies involve the use of many IP addresses, thanks to which the origin server receives requests from users while they are accessing the network through gadgets.

Even when receiving a huge number of requests, the target servers are not focused on blocking such addresses. The source server understands that the high load from one IP is not due to the spam actions of one client, but to the completely natural behavior of hundreds or even thousands of users. 

Advantages of mobile proxies over server ones

To effectively use mobile proxies, users should first understand their capabilities.

Advantages of mobile proxies over server ones are:

  1. No blocking on the part of the resource. The target server blocks server proxies without any questions when it receives an unnatural number of requests from one IP. Websites and social networks do not block mobile proxy addresses, since such actions will affect thousands of users who comply with the rules of the site.
  2. Convenience, time saving, and reliability. When purchasing server proxies, you receive one IP address. Any suspicious activity from it is equal to a ban from the site. Users gain access to a pool of IP addresses when using mobile proxies. They change automatically during the period that the user sets. At the same time, you do not need to manually change anything in the settings of programs and applications.
  3. Bypassing checks on target servers. Server proxies show the target servers the IPs that belong to the data centers. Data from such equipment cannot be used by private individuals from computers and mobile devices, so blocking can be obtained at the first stage of verification.
  4. Mobile proxies provide IP addresses that regular users use. They show the correct time zone and OS fingerprint, not just the address. The requests look exactly like human ones.

They also have disadvantages when compared with analog servers.

The main ones:

  1. Relatively high prices;
  2. Speed is lower compared to servers;
  3. No static IP.

Yes, the cost of mobile proxies is higher, however, if used correctly and in combination with the right software, you can get results that surpass the achievements of server hardware. Be sure to save money on your mobile proxies with Proxy.Coupons.

Who needs mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies can be useful for a variety of individuals and organizations that need to access online content and services while maintaining anonymity or bypassing restrictions.

Who needs mobile proxies

Some examples include:

Digital marketers. Mobile proxies can be used by Digital marketers to automate tasks such as account creation, data collection, and ad verification without being detected or blocked by websites or online services.

  • E-commerce businesses: Mobile proxies can be used by e-commerce businesses to collect data from competitors' websites, monitor prices, and optimize product listings.
  • Social media proxies: Mobile proxies can be used by social media marketers to manage multiple accounts, automate engagement, and bypass restrictions on some platforms.
  • Security researchers: Mobile proxies can be used by security researchers to collect data and study security threats without revealing their identity and location.
  • Journalists and activists: Mobile proxies can be used by journalists and activists to access online content and services that are blocked in their country or region and to protect their online activities from surveillance or censorship.
  • Data specialists: Mobile proxies can be used by data scientists to collect data for analysis and modeling without being detected or blocked by websites or online services.

The anonymity that can be obtained with a proxy is due to the fact that they have their own IP address. The PC address changes when masking software is used, making it impossible to access the specific user and computer from which activity on this page occurs. For the average person, this is the best chance to improve security when surfing the web.

Hiding an IP address can take several forms. In most cases, proxy data is provided instead of the user number, but there is an option in which a false IP is generated. Then even the site owner does not have access to information about which server you are using.

For the people running the site, this is a bit of an inconvenience. Firstly, data on user visits to the portal is inconsistent, which makes it difficult to maintain statistics and effectively collect information, for example, where the most traffic to the site comes from.

Proxy and VPN: Main differences

The use of proxy and VPN is very similar - hiding client IP addresses. How do they differ from each other? First of all, with the help of a proxy you can ensure the maximum level of security, or rather, achieve privacy, thanks to high-quality encryption. 

A proxy hides the real IP address by replacing it with another one to unblock sites or social networks that are usually inaccessible. However, then the activity on the network will not remain anonymous, because the information about the visitor is not encrypted.

Using a reliable VPN, you can not only get a new IP address but also, thanks to an encrypted tunnel, you will be able to provide yourself with protection from fraudulent intrusions, which will maintain your anonymity on the network. Using a VPN will also allow you to easily access various streaming platforms that are usually inaccessible.

Proxy and VPN: Main differences


A good mobile proxy service is always provided on a paid basis, because free analogs often work much slower. If you plan to use a proxy to work with social media, we recommend that you pay attention to iProxy's offerings. The service offers various proxy plans that are suitable for different purposes.

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