12 Best Discord Bots For Youtube


Gone are the days when Discord was just a social media messaging application. As time has passed, Discord developers have added more and more features that make it one of the best social media apps. 

These days, you can play games on Discord servers, make family, gamble, play games, moderate the server, and also play music from apps like Youtube and Spotify in the background of the server without even leaving the Discord screen thanks to these Discord Bots. 

Discord Bots are tools you can install on your server to automate some tasks like moderation of your server, adding custom welcome messages, creating polls, games, etc. 

There are 1000s of Discord Bots for different purposes. However, if you want to play music or a video from YouTube on your Discord server, you should look for Discord YouTube bot. There are hundreds of Discord Music Bot that play YouTube. 

In this article, we will talk about the best YouTube Discord Bots that you can add to your server and make your server more engaging. We will also show how you can add the best Discord YouTube Bot to your server in a few easy steps. 

So without any further ado, let's check the list of Top Discord Bots for YouTube.

1. MEE6

Anyone who frequently uses Discord and manages a Discord server must be familiar with MEE6. It is one of the best moderation Discord Bot. However, most people do not know that apart from moderation, MEE6 offers many other features as well. One such feature is playing music from YouTube in the background of your Discord Audio Channel


All you have to do is join an audio channel and give the /play [song name] command. And it will start playing your chosen song. It can also play songs from Soundcloud and Twitch as well.

With MEE6 you can also set YouTube notifications for a channel. Whenever that channel uploads a new video, you and other members will be notified in your Discord server. All these extensive features make MEE6 one of the best Discord Bot for YouTube. 

2. Jockie Music

When it comes to playing music on Discord, Jockie Music Bot is one of the few bots that are recommended by everyone. This bot is made essentially for playing music on your Discord server. It can play music from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

Jockie Music

With Jockie Music Bot, you can export your playlist to an audio channel, create your own playlist, etc.It also has features like skipping a song in a playlist with a single command, jumping to a time stamp, shuffling the queue, etc. 

If you are looking for a bot that can play music in your Discord Server, you should definitely check out Jockie Music Bot. 

3. Chip Bot

Chip Bot is also one of the best discord bot that plays YouTube music in a discord server. It can play high-quality music on your channel 24/7. You can play music from YouTube or Spotify by either typing the name or the URL. Chip Bot also comes with audio filters. You can add an 8D effect to a song, increase the bass of a song, change nightcore settings, etc. 

Chip Bot

This bot also has an autoplay feature. This means that if you turn it on, the bot will keep playing music based on your taste if there are no songs left in the queue. The best thing about this Discord YouTube bot is that it is completely free to use. It offers features for free that are behind a paywall in many discord music bots. 

4. Mineria

Recently, YouTube has purged many Discord bots that have been playing music from YouTube on Discord Servers. Due to this, many bots have stopped supporting music from YouTube. However, Mineria is a very simple easy-to-use bot that still plays YouTube music in Discord. 

You can either search for the music or give the YouTube link to play YouTube music. It has all the basic music features like play, pause, seek, create playlist, shuffle, etc.It also has many non-music features like viewing avatars, small fun games, etc. 

So if you are looking for a bot that can still play music after the YouTube Purge, you should try Mineria Bot. 

5. SpaceyBoi 

In the list of Best Discord Bots for YouTube, SpaceyBoi is a very underrated bot. These days not many people know of bots that still support YouTube music. SpaceyBoi is a bot that still does. It is a very simple and easy-to-use bot that does not come with advanced features but basic music features. 


You can play music from YouTube using this bot by either searching for the name or giving the YouTube link. Apart from Music, it also has role features. You can use SpaceyBoi to set roles for members in the server. 

If you are a music enthusiast, use SpaceyBoi to play music in your server and hope that this does not shut down.

6. Fredboat

Fredboat is another Discord YouTube Bot that is used by more than 7 million servers to play music in their servers and chill. The best thing about the Fredboat bot is that it not only supports YouTube but also supports Deezer, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, etc


It also lets you create a playlist and save it so that you don't have to add songs again and again. You can also play the same playlist any time you want. Fredboat is hosted on very fast servers hence when you listen to music using this bot, it gives a very high quality output. 

Another awesome feature of Fredboat is that you do not have to give links to the bot each time. You can enter the name of the song and it will give you a list of songs that you want to play.

7. Vaxera

Vaxera is a multipurpose bot that is used for the moderation of a Discord server and also to play music to chill out with the server members. It is completely free to use and can play music from YouTube in a Discord Audio Channel. 

All you have to do is go to an audio channel, give the /play [song name] or [song link] command. The song will start playing in the audio channel. Anyone who joins this channel will be able to listen to it. 

It has all the features needed in a music bot. It also has premium features available for free like lyrics and autoplay making it one of the best discord youtube bot. 

8. Munix

Munix is another Disocrd Music Bot that still plays YouTube music. It is not used by many servers yet because most people do not know about it. It is a new-age music bot that lets you customize the music that you play. It has audio filters that let you change the bass, treble, and add effects like 8D, reverb, etc.

It is completely free to use and has no paywalls. You can play a song from YouTube using the Munix bot by either giving a name or by using a link. Apart from Youtube, it also supports Spotify, SoundCloud, deezer, Apple Music, etc.

It also is helpful in suggesting songs that are based on your music history making it very lovable among music enthusiasts. The only downside to this discord youtube bot is that you have to vote it on top.gg to be able to play music from youtube. 

9. Aiode

Aiode is an advanced Discord YouTube bot. It is completely free to use and offers some features that no other bot offers. With Aiode Bot, you can create custom command shortcuts for commands that you frequently use. You can upload your playlist from apps like Spotify and YouTube to your Discord channel using the Aiode bot. 


You can also create a cross-platform playlist using this bot. These are some unique features that Aiode offers. Aiode supports platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch. It has all the music features you need to play a song on your Discord server. You can access all the music commands of the Aiode bot using the /help command. 

10. Nero Bot 

In our list of Discord bots that have not stopped supporting YouTube to play music in an audio channel, we introduce Nero Bot. This is the only music bot that you need for your server to play and listen to music together with your friends. This Bot can play music from YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud. It has a free plan and a premium plan. 

While the free plan comes with all the essential features like play, pause, autoplay, create a queue, shuffle the queue, etc. With the Premium plan, you can play music on your server 24/7, play a song on a loop, read the lyrics of a song, and use audio filters. Free Plan for Nero Bot is enough for someone who is searching for a discord bot that plays YouTube Audio. 

11. Lara

Another YouTube Discord Bot that still supports music from Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud. It is a 24/7 music bot that is completely free to use. However, you need to vote it on top.gg to be able to access the music section. 

Lara bot is high quality music playing bot that is very easy to use like any other music bot. The best part about this music bot is that it has a little music panel that appears when you play a song. 

You can use that panel to pause the song, play it on a loop, create a playlist, increase or decrease the volume, etc. without giving a command. This panel feature is liked by many Discord users which is why we are including this bot in the best Discord bots for the YouTube list.  

12. Teal Music

Teal Music is another very popular YouTube discord bot. It is a 24/7 discord bot that can play music on your audio channel for the whole day without any hassle. Although you have to pay for this feature. The Autoplay feature also comes with the paid version. 

Rest all the features you will get in the free version of Teal Music. You can listen to high quality youtube audio without any ads on your server with this bot. It also has many features like DJ mode using which you can edit the music that is playing. You also get the audio filter, playlist creation, queue creation. 

You can search for songs by their name and add to the queue. Music listening has been made very easy with Teal Music app. So if you are looking for bots to listen to music, for sure try Teal Music once. You will never go back from this bot. 

How to add discord youtube bot to your discord server?

Now that you know about the best discord music bots that support YouTube, let's have a look at how you can add one of them to your server to listen to music together with your discord server members. 

Follow these easy steps to add a discord YouTube bot to your discord server:

  1. Go to the official website of the music discord bot that you want to add to your server. 
  2. If you are unable to find the official site, go to top.gg and search for the bot by name. 
  3. On the homepage or on top.gg, you will find the “Add to Server” or “Invite to Server” button. Click on it. You will be redirected to Discord. 
  4. Select the server where you want to install the discord YouTube bot and click on Next. 
  5. Now you will be asked to give the bot permissions. After giving the necessary permissions, click on Authorize. 
  6. Lastly, you will be asked to verify that you are human. For that, fill the asked captcha and click on verify. After you have passed, you will be redirected to the Discord homepage. 
  7. Congratulations. You have successfully added the discord bot for YouTube on your server. 


After the YouTube purge, it is very tough to find a working bot that supports and plays music from YouTube. Most of the big Discord YouTube bots have stopped supporting YouTube music.

That is why we bring you the best discord bots for YouTube that you can still use to listen to YouTube music in your discord audio channel with others without annoying ads.

If a Discord Bot is unable to play music from Youtube, do let us know. We will update the article with more working bots.

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