Cute PFP: Best Discord Profile Pictures


Are you a Discord user wanting to change your profile picture? Are you looking for some good-looking, eye-catching Cute Discord PFP? Well worry not, we have got you covered. 

After the username, the first thing people notice about someone is the profile picture. A profile picture is used to convey things that someone likes.

This is why people give so much time when choosing a profile picture. So choosing the best profile picture to brand yourself or something that resonates with your personality is important to stand out among millions of Discord users. 

In this article, we will share the best cute profile pictures for Discord. We will also share the best anime pfps, funny profile pics, gaming pics, etc. So if you like those, you can set it as your profile picture on Discord or other social media apps. 

Best cute Discord PFP

Cute PFP

Many people don't want to put up your face as a profile picture but something cute like a panda, cat, or something else? Well, worry not. We have shared the cutest profile pictures that you can put on your Discord. 

Cute Discord profile pictures for girls

If you are a girl who wants to set a a cute profile picture on Discord, you can choose any picture from the ones given below. 

Cute Discord PFP for boys

These are some of the best cute pictures you can set as your profile picture on Discord or any other social media app if you are a boy. 

Best anime Discord PFP

Anime is a computer-generated animation that originated in Japan. It is becoming very popular among teenagers these days. So many people who have started watching anime these days. The craze is so much that people are buying anime merchandise, anime arts, anime NFTS, etc.

Anime PFP

If you are a fan of Anime and want to put a cute discord anime pfp, then you can choose any photo from the ones given below. 

These are some of the best anime profile pictures you will find online. 

Funny profile pictures for Discord

If you are a fun-loving person and want everyone to know about it on Discord, then you should put up a funny PFP on Discord. 

Discord profile pictures

The best pictures you can find from TV shows, movies, etc. However, we did that for you. Here is a list of the most funny and ironic profile pictures you can use on Discord. 

Gaming pictures to put on Discord profile

If you use Discord from the start then you know that it was made for gamers to talk to their friends while playing a game. Although it has evolved to be a social media app now, many Discord users are still gamers. 

Gaming PFP

If you are one of those and want to set a profile picture on Discord that shows your love for gaming, then you can choose from the list of gaming pfp for Discord given below. 

Matching couple Discord profile pictures

Are you and your partner on the same Discord server? Do you want to show people that you two are together? That is so cute. People find it very nice. Using matching profile pictures is a trend these days. However, finding the best cute matching couple profile pics to put on Discord is very tough. 

Matching PFP

Here we have shared the best matching profile pics you and your partner could set as your profile pics on Discord. After watching those profile pics, everyone will find it cute and know that you two are together. 

Aesthetic profile pics 

The Genz generation loves stuff that gives out aesthetic vibes. If you want to Give your profile an aesthetic look, then you can download the aesthetic pictures given below. These photos have a relaxing vibe. 

Aesthetic profile pics

You can use them as your profile picture on social media apps like Discord, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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Best cool discord PFPs

Next, we have a bundle of profile pictures that if you use on Social media, people will consider you a cool person. 

Best movie and TV Show profile pics

Movie PFP

Are you a movie or TV Show nerd? Do you resonate with the main character of movies? Well, you can tell everyone about your favorite cult movie, character, lines, or scene by putting it up as your profile picture. Find the list of photos from the Best TV shows, and movies here which you can use as Discord PFP. 

Best moving Discord profile pictures

Apart from images, you can also set GIFs or moving pictures as profile pictures as well. However, it is not free. To put GIFs as your avatar on Discord, you need to get Nitro which costs $9.99 per month.

Here are some cool moving pictures that you can set as Discord PFP after buying Discord Nitro. 

How to set/change profile picture PFPs in Discord? 

Found the perfect cute profile picture you want to set on Discord but don't know how to set a profile picture or change it? Well, don't worry. 

change PFP

Changing a profile picture on Discord is not very complex. You can change a profile picture in just a few clicks.Follow this step-by-step guide to set or change your profile picture: 

Step 1. First of all Open and Login Discord on your browser or the Discord app. 

Step 2. Now open user settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your username. 

Step 3. Next, click on Edit User Profile. This will open your profile. 

Step 4. Click on Change Avatar. A pop-up will appear. 

Step 5. Click on Upload Image

Step 6. Select the image you have downloaded from above and want to set it as your profile picture. 

Step 7. Zoom in or Zoom out of the image based on your liking and then click on Apply

You can also click if you don't want to edit the image. 

Step 8. Now click on Save Changes to save the profile picture.

Congratulations. You have successfully changed your Discord profile picture


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about discord profile pictures.

Why can I not change my Discord profile picture? 

Discord does not allow changing profile pictures very often. You can change your profile picture after every 5 minutes. So if you are unable to change your profile picture, then wait for 5 minutes. After that, you can change your Discord PFP.

What is the recommended size for Discord PFP? 

Discord recommends a size of 128 X 128 PX when uploading a profile picture or a picture with a 1:1 ratio. However, if you have a bigger picture you can upload it and Discord will take care of changing the size. You can also crop, zoom in, and zoom out of the image while setting it up. 

Why is my Discord profile picture blurry? 

Sometimes when you upload a Discord picture, it appears blurry. It happens because you uploaded a very small size picture. Or maybe you zoomed in too much. 

It is recommended that you upload a 128 px-sized image. Also, try uploading a PNG image instead of a JPG for a better-quality profile picture. 


Having a nice profile picture is very important on social media because it conveys a lot about a person. It is also one of the first things someone notices about you. So when choosing a PFP, take your time. 

In this article, we shared the Best Cute Discord PFP for you. We also shared the best anime, funny, gaming, aesthetic, moving, etc discord profile pics as well. You can choose any picture that resonates with your personality. 

Also, keep visiting us because we will be updating more images from time to time.

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