BetterDiscord Mobile (Android & iPhone): Bluecord Mod Discord


As time is passing, more and more people are using Discord to communicate with their friends by text or call or with random people present in a community.

And even though Discord has a very easy-to-use and good-looking interface, packed with multiple features, there is always some scope for enhancement. There are many mods developed by different developers to make Discord look more cool, add more features, add more themes, etc. 

One such mod is BetterDiscord. It is way ahead of its alternative and comes with many extra features making the user experience way better.

Ever since its launch, BetterDiscord has gathered millions of PC users. However, there is still no official better discord mobile app.

If you are someone who wants to use better discord android app, then you are at the right place. Today in this article, we will tell you about what is betterdiscord app, how to install better discord android app, etc. 

So read the article completely.

What is BetterDiscord? 

Better Discord is a Discord Mod Application that is designed to make enhance the user experience of Discord. It is better than the official Discord App. 

What is BetterDiscord

It has many extra features that the normal discord does not have. 

Like by using Better Discord, you can change the theme of Discord from 100s of themes or you can create your own custom theme. 

You can also change the background color of chats, or download plugins from the library to add custom features like removing the call button, maximizing the volume, etc. 

BetterDiscord also does have better emojis as well.

Better Discord mobile app (BlueCord)

Since there is no official Better Discord Android App, another developer has created BlueCord. It is created keeping in mind that people want extra features added to Discord on Android phones. Bluecord is available only on Android devices. 

With Bluecord app on your Android phone, you can do things like changing the theme, changing the font, viewing deleted messages, etc.

Unfortunately, if you are an iOS user, there is no better discord iphone app for you because you can not install third-party apps on your iPhone for security purposes.  

Better Discord mobile (Bluecord) app features

Bluecord comes with features that the Discord app does not have. Now that we know what is Bluecord app is, let's also see what features it offers on Android phones. 

Here is a list of all the features the Better Discord Mobile app offers:

Better Discord mobile (Bluecord) app features1


  • Custom Background Mode: With Bluecord, you can set a custom background like an image or color in chat. 
  • Background Color: You can select the background color of a chat. 
  • Custom Font: You can also change the font in the chat section. 
  • Custom Font Size: You can also set the font size. 
  • Square Pictures: This allows profile pictures to appear square in shape. 
  • Marquee Names: If enabled, channel names and usernames will scroll if they are too long to display
  • High-Quality Icons: If you enable this, profile pictures will be visible in high quality. Using this on low-end phones is discouraged. 
  • Remove Nitro Gift Button: If enabled, it will remove the Nitro Gift button from the message tray
  • Remove Call Button: This feature enables you to remove the call button from in front of a user to get rid of accidental calls. 
  • Remove Invite Button: This deletes the invite button from the channel list to prevent accidental clicks. 
  • Remove Animated Icons: After enabling this, the profile pictures and guild won't animate anymore.


  • Text Color Mode: With this, you can customize the text color of messages.Incoming
  • Text Color: With this, you can select the color of the messages that you receive.
  • Outgoing Text Color: This allows you to select the color of text you send.
  • Deleted Message Color: With this feature, you can change the color of deleted messages. (Note that Anti Message Delete must be enabled).
  • Custom Message Name Colors: If enabled, the name color of the message author can be customized.
  • Incoming Name Color: Select the name color representing other people.
  • Outgoing Name Color: Select the name color of your message.
  • Rainbow Colors: This allows you to animate text and type box colors. NOTE: This will override your other color settings if enabled.


  • Anti Message Delete: If you enable this, deleted messages will stay in your chat log until you switch chats or refresh the app. Logged messages are saved to storage/Bluecord/Deleted Messages.
  • Anti Message Edit: If someone edits the messages, the edited messages will stay in your chat log until you switch chats or refresh the app. Edited messages are saved to storage/Bluecord/Edited Messages.
  • Anti Reaction Delete: After enabling this, you will be able to see someone’s reaction even after they have deleted the reaction from their end. 
  • Disable Typing: If you enable this, the typing status won't be visible to others when you will be typing something. 
  • Show Account Age: This enables you to see the exact age of a user’s account. 
  • Hide Blocked Messages: You can hide all the blocked messages by enabling this feature. 
  • Show Username: If you enable this, the senders’ username and tag will be shown next to their nickname if they have set one in the server.
  • Media Spoilers: Media you send will automatically be turned into spoilers.
  • Always Show Embed Links: Always show the URL link on messages with embeds
  • Always Disable Reply Mentions: When enabled, the mention option when replying to another message is always off by default.
  • Reveal Hidden Channels: Hidden channels in guilds will be shown with the name and include “(HIDDEN)” NOTE: YOU CANNOT, AND NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO READ OR SEND MESSAGES IN HIDDEN CHANNELS!
  • Reveal Spoiler Messages: Messages containing spoilers will automatically be revealed (including spoilers you send)
  • Exact Timestamps: Shows the exact date and time on every message.
  • Timestamp Format: Choose what format to display timestamps in.

How to install Better Discord android app?

Now that you know what features Better Discord mobile offers, let's see how you can download and install it on your Android phone. You just have to follow this easy step-by-step guide. 

How to install Better Discord android app
  • Step 1. To download the Bluecord mobile app, visit the official site from here or copy and paste “” into the search bar of your browser. 
  • Step 2. Now when you reach the homepage of the official site, click on Bluecord (Discord Mod). This will take you to another page. 
  • Step 3. Click on Download (Direct) or Download (Google Drive). The apk file will start downloading. 
  • Step 4. After the apk file is downloaded, click on it. It will ask if you want to install it. Click on Install. Before it installs, you will have to give permission to install apps from third party. 
  • Step 5. Once the installation is complete, open the app. It will take you to the login window. 
  • Step 6. Enter your Discord login credentials on this page. You can even create a new account and start using it if you want to be extra secure.
  • Step 7. Once you have entered the login credentials, it will ask you to solve the captcha to prove that you are not a robot. 
  • Step 8. After successfully solving the captcha, you will be able to access your Discord account on your phone with features like BetterDiscord.

How to use Better Discord mobile (Bluecord) app?

Now that you have successfully installed and logged in to the Bluecord app, let us see how to use it to enable all the features that it has to offer. 

  • Step 1. Open the Bluecord app on your phone and log in if not logged in yet. 
  • Step 2. Now click on the profile icon that you will find on the right side at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Step 3. This will open user settings. Here you will find an option named “Bluecord Mods”. Click on this option to access all the extra features. 
  • Step 4. Here you will find Chat and Theme options. If you want to customize the theme of Discord, click on the theme option. If you want to customize the chat, click on the chat option. This is where you will find all the customization options. Do whatever you want to do. 

How to install Better Discord iOS app?

Unfortunately, as already stated earlier, you can not download and install the better Discord ios app because of security issues.

How to use custom emojis in Bluecord without Nitro

Now one of the main features of Bluecord app is that it allows you to use custom emojis without having any nitro on you.

How to use custom emojis in Bluecord without Nitro

Being able to use custom Emojis on Bluecord is very simple. Follow this step-by-step guide to be able to use custom emojis. 

  • Step 1. Open the Bluecord app and click on the profile option. 
  • Step 2. Now click on the BlueCord Mods option. 
  • Step 3. Here click on the Chat option. The first option you will find is “Emote mode”. Click on that. Another dialogue box will appear with several options. Here you have to select “Nitro Spoof”. 
  • Step 4. After selecting this, you will see that all the emojis will be enabled.

Is Bluecord safe to use?

Although Bluecord is a mod application of Discord and breaks the ToC of Discord, we, or anyone we know who uses Bluecord have not faced any issues with our accounts. 

According to us and many people we know, Bluecord is safe to use.

However, to be on the safe side, try to use an alternative account instead of your primary account because we never know when the company starts taking action on people who use mod apps instead of the official discord app.


Better Discord is one of the best mods available for Discord on PC. Bluecord is the best mod that enhances user experiences and gives so many extra functions to the Discord mobile app. 

I hope that you were able to download and use the better discord mobile app (bluecord) after reading this article to enable so many extra features. If you face any problems with its installation, feel free to contact us. We will try to resolve your issues as soon as we can.

Additionally, consider utilizing mobile app analytics to gain insights into how users engage with the app on different devices, helping us further optimize your experience.

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