Charli D’Amelio – Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, Height, Bio


Charli D'Amelio is a TikTok star who has over 2 million followers. She loves to dance, and she's good at it. She's been dancing since she was a little kid, and she's been posting videos of her dancing on TikTok for almost two years now.

She gets hundreds of thousands of views for every video she posts, which means that people love watching her dance—and they love watching her sing too!

She has an incredibly positive attitude about everything in life, including her success on social media—she says it's all about being yourself and staying true to who you are as an artist and person!

Charli D'Amelio wiki

Charli Grace D'Amelio, an American social media star, was born on May 1, 2004. 

Charli D'Amelio - Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, Height, Bio

Before beginning her social media career in 2019, when she began posting dance videos on the video-sharing site TikTok, she had competed in dance competitions for over ten years. 

As a result, she gained a lot of followers quickly, reaching the top spot for creators on the platform in March 2020 until Khaby Lame overtook her in July 2022.

D'Amelio debuts in a feature film with her voice work in the 2020 animated picture StarDog and TurboCat. She has been a casted member of the reality shows Charli vs. Dixie and the Hulu documentary The D'Amelio Show since 2021.

D'Amelio competed as a celebrity participant in 2022. She and Mark Ballas won the dance competition series Dancing with the Stars' 31st season.

Her additional projects include:

  • Two books.
  • A podcast.
  • A nail polish collection.
  • A mattress.
  • A makeup line.
  • A clothing line.
  • A multi-product company.

She was the first user on TikTok to acquire 50 million and 100 million followers. D'Amelio was also the highest-paid female TikTok personality in 2019 and the highest-paid person on the app in 2022, according to Forbes.

As a result, she is often described as TikTok's biggest star.

Charli D'Amelio family

Daughter of businessman and former Republican candidate for the Connecticut Senate Marc D'Amelio and photographer Heidi D'Amelio.

Charli D'Amelio family

On May 1, 2004, Charli Grace D'Amelio was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. Her elder sister named, Dixie, is also well-known on social media.

Before starting her TikTok career in 2019, she started dancing at three and competed for almost ten years.

She formerly attended the exclusive King School in Stamford, Connecticut, but she started attending class electronically after her TikTok fame.

Charli D'Amelio age

As of 2022, Charli was 18 years old

According to the features of her zodiac sign, the Taurus, she appears to be devoted, stubborn, diligent, and intellectual.

Charli D'Amelio boyfriend

Due to her strong personality, she has been linked to multiple personas. Fans still want them to reunite because they had previously seen her with Chase Hudson. According to reports, Hudson allegedly cheated on Charli with another person. 

A key piece of evidence in between was a Twitter video. It was reported that months of intermittent contact between the American actor and Hudson ended in a split.

As previously mentioned, Charli is seeing Landon Barker, a musician from California who is eighteen years old

The well-known drummer Travis Barker and the model Shanna Moakler are the parents of Barker. Landon, born on October 9, 2003, has always been well-known because of his parent's line of work. 

On Tiktok, he has more than 1.5 million followers and is still expanding. He can be seen having fun with his family and friends in humorous skits.

Charli D'Amelio vital statistics

Charli was approximately 55 kilograms and 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her measurements were 30-26-35: 28c bra cup size and US size six shoes.

Her height has caused some debate on social media because there are a lot of online rumors about it. 

However, Charli's video suggests that she is currently 5'3". She does not confirm reports that she is 5'5 or 5'7 in height anywhere.

Charli D'Amelio net worth

A big-time celebrity like Charli will likely have a net worth of $1 million. Can you estimate the cost?

While some fans believe it to be in the millions, others hope it will reach a billion. Given the expansion of Charli's artwork and videos, it is anticipated to reach one billion very soon.

Charli D'Amelio will have a net worth of $20 million in 2022. Her net worth is increasing quickly as new videos and shows are added daily.

Charli D'Amelio career

2019–2021: TikTok and the ascent to fame

Charli D'Amelio vital statistics

D'Amelio made his TikTok debut in May 2019 with a video of him and a friend lip-syncing.

She published a side-by-side video with user Move With Joy in July 2019 that quickly gained popularity. This video is referred to as a "duet" on the platform. 

D'Amelio has expressed confusion at her popularity surge, telling Variety, "I consider myself a normal adolescent that many people watch, for some reason. It doesn't make sense, but I'm working on understanding it."

Barbara Jones, a former executive at Sony Music, signed D'Amelio to her management firm, Outshine Talent, in the latter part of 2019. She and the rest of her family joined United Talent Agency in January 2020. 

In November 2019, Bebe Rexha invited D'Amelio to perform with her as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers. She started posting in the same month on her own YouTube vlog channel.

D'Amelio joined other famous people in a Super Bowl commercial for Sabra Hummus in February 2020. She and her sister joined forces with UNICEF in March 2020 to launch an anti-bullying campaign

Additionally, she appeared in the Kristen Bell-hosted Nickelodeon Town Hall special, #KidsTogether. 

In the same month, she collaborated with Procter & Gamble to launch the #DistanceDance challenge campaign on TikTok, which was praised by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and encouraged social isolation amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

In September 2020, Dunkin' Donuts released "The Charli," a limited-edition beverage named after D'Amelio based on her "go-to" order.

In addition, limited-edition fleece sweatshirts created by D'Amelio and her sister were also sold by Hollister in September 2020. 

Later that month, amid rumors that TikTok might be banned in the US, she joined Triller, a platform that competes with TikTok.

In addition, D'Amelio set a 2021 Guinness World Record for the month in which he had the most TikTok followers

D'Amelio also appeared in the "Baby I'm Jealous" music video by Bebe Rexha in October 2020. She received three nominations for the 10th Streamy Awards later that month, including Creator of the Year.

D'Amelio became the first user on TikTok to amass 100 million followers in November 2020. 

She was also nominated for a 46th People's Choice Award for Social Star. D'Amelio and her sister co-founded and assumed the role of the face of Social tourists in May 2021 as part of a multi-year agreement with Abercrombie & Fitch.

Charli D'Amelio controversy

Charlie has been backlash for not giving credit to dancer Jalaiah Harmon, who was revealed in a New York Times story to be the original developer of the move; D'Amelio started giving credit to the dances' creators regularly.

Charli still has the most followers on TikTok (98.5 million), but this week she lost at least one million after uploading the first episode of a new YouTube series called "Dinner With the D'Amelios." 

Beginning with makeup artist James Charles, the series will show her family enjoying lunch with several surprise guests.

In the video, the family and Charles eat a paella that private chef Aaron May has prepared. After everyone at the table encourages her to try it, Dixie takes a small bite of the snail before gagging and running outside to vomit.

Then, all in front of the chef, he explains to the table, "It's classic paella, and it's an omen of good luck and fortune," to which Charli scoffs, "Liars."

Gossip about Charli D'Amelio

Does Charli D'Amelio have a baby? Is a baby on the way?

On the internet, Charli's pregnancy has recently generated a lot of buzz. People readily accepted the rumor after seeing two dating profiles

She has always been quite transparent about her personal life; if she were expecting, she would have said so. Charli D'Amelio is, therefore, not pregnant at this time. She is not expecting a child.

Charli D'Amelio and Landon Barker are engaged?

Landon Barker and Charli D'Amelio only recently began dating. Fans anticipate that they will get married soon, given their seriousness and Barker's release of the images.

Charli D'Amelio and Landon Barker are engaged

Landon acknowledged in an interview that Charli's photo remains his phone's background

Although significant facts are all around their social media accounts, nothing relating to their marital status is out. If they are getting married or not is yet unknown.

The bottom line

Charli’s dance videos are all about having fun and being energetic. She loves to dance, and it shows!

If you want to feel happy for more than a few minutes, just watch one of her videos.

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