12 Suggestions For Creating Powerful TikTok Video Ads To Boost Your Business Strategy


There are two types of users for TikTok: those who ignore it and those who make effective use of it to build their brands or businesses. About one billion people (Search Logistics) use TikTok globally on a monthly basis, and each one of them watches videos on the platform for an average of 55.8 minutes every day. Therefore, it is a fantastic chance for your company or brand to interact with potential customers. 

Here are some basic tips for developing a TikTok brand approach and generating viral video content for your company.

Creating Powerful TikTok Video Ads To Boost Your Business Strategy

1. Make your follower base feel your products with emotions

Let us assume that your sort of company is quite all right, with no gaps spotted in its operation; whether it is product-based, a service, or an app, there are excellent strategies to grow your TikTok audience. 

You should create brief, engaging clips to introduce visitors to your business or product. To get people hooked on your products, use real-world examples and compelling tales.

2. Deliver value

The most popular sorts of videos on the platform are tutorials, “how-to” videos, educational clips, and life hacks, and TikTok users like to watch such video content in their entirety. 

Because TikTok videos are short and appealing, informational video material has a lot of demands on it.

3. Encourage viewers to go through your video in all of its parts

If the initial target audience watches your video in its entirety, the TikTok algorithm works to spread your content to other users. Additionally, if your interaction rate with this first audience is not acceptable, your video will not be seen by many users on TikTok.

By posing questions, adding information subtitles, or saying things like “watch till the end to truly understand the trick”, you may catch the viewer’s interest in an opening couple of seconds of the video. Increase the suspense, interest, and bewilderment in your audience.

4. Create distinct TikTok content to increase engagement

Since there are no limits on video material, certain videos are frequently utilized pieces of video content on TikTok.

Trends on TikTok

These are the videos produced concerning breakthrough events, hit songs, or standard dance moves. You may participate in the various tasks by choosing popular hashtags from the “Discover Page”. It aids in increasing the number of impressions your videos receive.

Video duets

The ability to respond to someone’s video clip is one of the key features of TikTok. Remixes or collaborations are both acceptable, depending on your profile.

5. Make series of content

This kind of content helps your readers maintain their composure while reading other stuff. 

Make series of content

To put it simply – if you own a studio for animation and have produced an animated series, to encourage your viewers to visit your account live and view the rest of your animation series, upload each one at a time with a little pause.

6. Use universal hashtags to attract your target audience

A key component of TikTok’s algorithm is hashtags

When you post a video with hashtags, TikTok displays your clip to viewers who have liked, commented on, or shared other video content with the same hashtag on the “FYP” (For You Page).

7. Start competitions/challenges and create hashtags

You must think of a hashtag and urge your audience to utilize it. It assists in getting you to the popular section and builds your profile. 

Engaging people is easy with a “Challenge” campaign. People are encouraged to make videos incorporating music or dance movements around trending hashtags via trending challenges. On TikTok, hashtag challenge videos are fixed to a median engagement rate of close to 18% (Mentionlytics).

8. Utilize influencers

If you work with the suitable influencers, you can increase the number of people who view your profile.

The best strategy to expand your company on the platform is to engage with influencers to attract a large following and provide content often.

9. Daily posting will keep your viewers interest

If you post consistently, there is a good probability that your work will go viral

In contrast to any other social network, TikTok values effort. A better engagement rate results from uploading at least one piece of content each day. Simply said, the more stuff you publish, the more genuine TikTok fans are to discover your profile and interact with it. It increases engagement rates and spreads your video material widely.

10. Create an impeccable bio and profile photo

Remember that if your brand is recognized, everything of the advice given above applies to your firm or brand alone. Never forget to go through your profile description. 

These days, a lot of firms utilize TikTok to gain popularity since their followers and viewers go straight to other social networks like Instagram and YouTube. Even to a website, which yet is not obsolete in developing a business. Adding links to other of your social media platforms or a website – which, of course, has to be appealing, meaning it has to be built via tried and tested website builders who, even on the free plan, allow you unrivaled design flexibility– to your bio is crucial.

11. BTS Videos

Using BTS (behind-the-scenes) content to connect with your audience is a highly effective strategy

It is very beneficial for expanding your brand or company.

12. Always check and keep in mind key stats

You could be misled that TikTok may not be the best social network to market your business, given several pieces of data. Let us display some engagement statistics proving exactly the opposite:

Always check and keep in mind key stats
  • In just 29 days in February 2020, TikTok was downloaded 113 million times (Sensor Tower). It had the most non-gaming application downloads that month.
  • TikTok has the greatest follower engagement rates (4% to 18%) compared to other social media platforms (1% to 2%). 
  • The video of US military veteran Bella Porch lip-syncing “M to the B” has garnered the most likes on TikTok, garnering an astonishing 62.4 million likes as of the time this story was being written.
  • In the App Store and Play Store, the app has been downloaded more than two billion times overall (Sensor Tower).
  • On TikTok more than any other social network, it is simpler to become well-known and a star. For instance, Will Smith is the only celebrity in the top 10 TikTok most-followed users in the entire world. He is ranked sixth, as per Social Media College.

TikTok ad hooks that captivate the audience

The key campaign message is made obvious in the first three seconds of 63% of all effective TikTok advertisements, according to House of Marketers. Furthermore, almost 63% of the clips with the highest average click-through rates (CTR) stress their main point or offering within the first three seconds. But TikTok does provide a caution. Your TikTok advertising should be brief and to the point, but you should not sacrifice the narrative you are trying to convey. 

Please feel free to include TikTok commercial hooks at the beginning of your stories, but your content must provide a cohesive story.

Ad hook: What is it?

Marketers employ an ad hook at the beginning of their brand’s advertisements in an effort to instantly grab the attention of their target audience. It should be brief, informative, engaging, or even entertaining. Your ad hooks can be presented in audio and visual formats.

That is correct – in an ad hook, your brand’s message may be communicated without even using words; 45% of viewers who watch the opening three seconds of a video are going to continue viewing it for a minimum of another 30 seconds, according to Meta.

These Facebook research results highlight how crucial the opening three seconds of an advertisement are for grabbing the attention of your target audience. Maintaining their interest during the first three seconds may significantly increase the conversion rates of your advertising campaigns.

Effective ad hooks may appeal to the needs, wants, and emotions of your audience. They frequently also contain information that is simple to understand and comparable to circumstances. Keep them basic. Keep them plain.

Attention spans: The value of the first 3 seconds

A few years ago, the news conglomerate Time asserted that individuals today had attention spans that are inferior to that of goldfish. Time based on their assertion that a typical human attention span has decreased to eight seconds, from twelve in 2000, on a Microsoft 2015 research. Goldfish, in contrast, have a nine-second attention span. Even so, because you've read this far, you might not be affected.

Creating Powerful TikTok Video Ads To Boost Your Business Strategy

Although the Microsoft study implies that individuals have attention spans of eight seconds, this does not imply that viewers of your TikTok advertisements would be that patient. This number is an average across all age groups. Users of TikTok are often younger. In the United States, 10.9% of active TikTok users are under the age of 19, while 22.4% are between the ages of 20 and 29 (Exploding Topics).

They are mostly members of Generation Z and Millennials, with a growing portion of Generation Alpha. These age groups also do not have much time for advertisements. Compared to the average social media user or even a goldfish, you have a lot less time to capture their attention.

So, on TikTok, placement is everything! This applies to video ads too.

To sum up: Suggestions for creating powerful TikTok video ads to boost your business strategy

If millennials or members of the Z generation are your target market, TikTok may be the ideal platform for you to grow your company using only your skills and imagination.

Gen Z users of TikTok and the majority of millennial users are notoriously impatient, especially when it comes to advertisements. If your advertisements do not capture their attention in the first two to three seconds, you have already lost them. In order to capture your viewers’ attention in the pivotal two to three seconds prior to their scroll onto another video, you must create intriguing TikTok ad hooks for your campaigns

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