Why Is Data Loss Prevention Important For Online Businesses?


In today's digital world, most people use online to expand their business further.  As online business is becoming more and more popular day by day, people have become dependent on online business. However, data loss often occurs online, which is a major source of frustration for online merchants.

Today in this article we will discuss various details about data loss prevention. Today's discussion is definitely very important for you if you are an online trader and online user.

What is DLP?

Data leakage, data loss and extrusion occur at various times, and prevention of these issues is generally referred to as data loss prevention (DLP).

DLP is one component of a data protection strategy that can protect an organization's larger data. You can easily stop unwanted access to your personal data using DLP and keep your data safe by applying various software technologies and data privacy methods. There are several data protection tools and software designed to monitor and filter data in real-time.

data protection

It accomplishes this by applying automatic security controls and classifying different types of content within a single data object. Large businesses and organizations use a DLP plan to maintain regulatory compliance by reviewing and updating their data storage and retention policies. 

Data loss prevention requirements for businesses

If you are an online business, you should definitely use data loss prevention applications because these applications are able to deal with the data used, stored and transmitted within the network and also ensure that no malicious external data enters the company network. Data loss incidents usually occur due to accidental deletion, fire, or system failure.

A company's data loss can expose the company to serious business losses. That's why a company should use data loss prevention for online businesses applications to protect sensitive information from any type of incoming data. 

Let's dive into why data loss prevention is absolutely critical for businesses of all sizes. 

1. External threats and attack possibilities

Day by day with the growth of online businesses, the incidence of data theft is also increasing. That is why the matter should be taken very seriously.  If online trading companies do not prevent the damage, these companies can be subjected to external threats and attacks.

With the advancement of modern technology, data thieves are getting increasingly skilled and resourceful, often coming up with novel methods to gain frequent access to networks. This puts pressure on businesses to actively look for new risks.

2. Inside threats

There are many companies that have disgruntled employees and disgruntled employees can be an internal threat to the company. Data loss prevention strategies must be used to protect essential data from malicious adversaries. Many times disguised adversaries and data thieves take outside help to carry out the attack. This is why data loss prevention is so important for businesses.

Inside threats

Since insiders already have access to data and may know sensitive information about different individuals within the company, their attacks can be more hazardous than attempts at data breaches by outside parties. Hence internal threats are more significant than external threats.

Given that high-ranking executives typically have twice as much access to sensitive information as other employees, this is especially true if the disgruntled employee is an executive.

3. Accidental sharing of information

Sometimes data thieves can steal data without the person's knowledge by using some tricks without harming the person's business or endangering the company's information. An attacker usually first chooses an employee as a victim and researches his target.

They use the technique in such a way that the person discloses personal information without his knowledge. In this case, it is possible to protect essential data from theft by using data loss prevention applications.

4. Lack of adequate security

Adequate security measures are a must in running a business because without adequate security measures, there is a possibility of frequent attacks, and frequent data loss incidents, the company can quickly lose its reputation and the business can deteriorate.

For example, there are many large businesses that have been forced to shut down within six months of losing their data. That is why it is of course crucial to have adequate data security measures in place for businesses using data loss prevention strategies.

In what cases is it better to use data loss prevention?

Data encryption

There are three cases in which you must use loss prevention strategies. Namely: Personal Data Protection, Data Visibility, and IP Protection. Let us know more about these three issues below.

  • Most businesses collect and maintain their own Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Information (PCI), or Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which requires companies to protect their sensitive customer data. To protect this sensitive data it is imperative to use safeguards. You can identify, classify, and identify your company's sensitive material in DLP as well as monitor related activities and events.

  • To what extent a company wants to see more information about data flows needs to be monitored. You can monitor and manage your data on endpoints, networks, and cloud platforms with the aid of an all-inclusive business DLP solution. This will allow you to see how different users in your company interact with the data.

  • At various times business organizations lose their important intellectual property and trade or state secrets. When these are lost or stolen, organizations face risks to their financial health and brand image.
    You can classify intellectual property in both structured and unstructured form with the DLP solution that Digital Guardian uses context-based classification. Better protection strategies protect businesses from the unwanted removal of data, with policies and controls in place.

What type of data loss prevention (DLP) solution should be used?

If you are looking for the best data loss prevention solution to protect your data then this article is for you. Now I will tell you about the best three data loss prevention solutions. There are three main types of data loss prevention software you can use as the best solution: Network DLP, Cloud DLP, and Endpoint DLP.

1. You can use Network DLP as the first data protection solution. Using Network DLP you can monitor and protect all data in use or at rest on your company's network. It also tracks data types such as file transfers, messaging, and email, to identify instances where business-critical data is transmitted against the organization's data protection regulations.

2. The next data loss prevention solution I'll talk about is Cloud DLP.  You can use cloud DLP software to scan data to automatically identify and encrypt your sensitive data before it is loaded and stored in the cloud. It also monitors the data accurately. This software lets you know if someone is accessing confidential, cloud-based data.

3. The last data loss prevention software to talk about is endpoint DLP. It is a data loss prevention solution that allows you to easily monitor all endpoints both on and off the network to prevent data leakage, data loss, or misuse.

It assists in the classification of regulatory, confidential, proprietary, or business-critical data to streamline reporting and compliance requirements. Endpoints comprise any device that is used, transferred, or stores data, such as servers, cloud repositories, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.

How to create a data loss prevention (DLP) policy?

First of all we need to know what is cloud data loss prevention policy. Generally, when an efficient data loss prevention (DLP) technology follows a data loss prevention policy it is called a basic data rule. Data loss prevention is considered when a data breach, data leak or unintentional loss of personal information is detected and stopped by following a data prevention policy. Let us now know how to create a DLP policy:

data loss prevention
  • Cloud DLP security is often challenging to get started which is why you should start with crown jewel data. You should aim to protect the most important data first.  Before starting to create a DLP policy, you first need to know what and where your crown data resides.  

  • That's why you need to find out where your data is located and identify the data you need to protect it. DLP policies automatically identify violations and implement targeted risk-reduction measures.

  • To assist you in selecting the proper security and retention measures, you should next categorize and tag the data as highly as possible. Data categorization offers a system for organizing organizational data based on sensitivity and criticality.

  • The next step is to monitor sequential data movement by collecting data access roles and tiers.

  • Then you need to list corrective measures and get buy-in from the organization's leadership. Meeting the strategy of all departments and functions it impacts requires executive buy-in. Then finally you need to educate and train your workforce.


Finally, data loss prevention is a strategy or process by which data is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. To be a successful businessman and protect your business from data thieves one must use data loss prevention strategies.

You will find various types of data loss prevention solutions, among them you have to choose the best data loss prevention solution according to your needs. I hope you have benefited from my article

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