How To Decrease Your Snapchat Score (& How It Is Calculated)


Have you had enough of worrying about your Snapchat Score? Do you feel as though your social media usage is controlling your life? Do you want to know how can your snap score go down? If so, you are not alone. 

With millions of users worldwide, Snapchat has established itself as a mainstay of contemporary social culture, and its Score system has grown to be both fascinating and unsettling. 

In this article, we will answer some of the questions related to the Snap score like can your Snap score go down or how the Snapchat Score is determined, why you might want to do it, and some practical advice on how to achieve it. 

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of decreasing your Snapchat Score if you want to cut down on your screen time, prioritize your privacy, or just take a vacation from the social media grind.

What is Snapchat score and how does it work?

“How does snap score work?” is possibly the most asked question by Snapchat users. The Snapchat Score is a number that expresses a user's level of engagement on the site.

How do I view my snap score

The points acquired from various Snapchat activities, including sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and general usage, are added together to determine the score.

It's important to understand that a user's Snapchat Score does not always reflect how "popular" or "successful" they are on the platform. Instead, it only illustrates how active and engaged they are on Snapchat.

These are the point totals for each activity, broken down by category:

  • Sending someone a snap (a photo or video message): 1 point.
  • Being the recipient of a snap: 1 point
  • Snapshot uploading to your story: 1 point
  • Making a photo public on "Our Story": 1 point
  • Using a Snapchat filter or lens to send a snap: extra points, depending on the filter or lens used
  • Frequently using the Snapchat app: periodically given additional points based on usage

A user's Snapchat Score is calculated by adding all of the points they've collected from participating in these activities. The snap score is visible to the friends of the user and can be seen on their profile.

Note that, it can be challenging to determine the specific point values attributed to each activity that goes towards the Snapchat Score because Snapchat does not officially release these points.

The point values given above, however, are widely regarded as accurate estimations based on user reports and observations.

Additionally, Snapchat regularly changes its algorithms and point systems from time to time, which may cause adjustments to users' scores.

For instance, Snapchat might add extra points for using a new feature or might change the point values in accordance with user activity.

How can your snap score go down?

Now that you know how does the snap score work, you might be wondering how to make your snap score go down? Many people wonder if it is even possible to decrease your snap score.

Why you might want to see someone's friends on Snapchat

There are a few strategies you can use to decrease your activity on the platform if you're interested in lowering your Snapchat Score. 

  • Take a break: Leaving the app for a while is one of the simplest methods to lower your Snapchat Score. For a few days or weeks, uninstall the app from your phone, or log out of your account. Your activity will decrease as a result, giving you more time to concentrate on other things.
  • Limit your use: If you don't want to completely stop using Snapchat, you can still cut down on your usage by doing so. Set time constraints for yourself each day or use it only on specific days of the week.
  • Avoid opening snaps: Because opening snaps will increase your point total so do not open snaps sent by others. Use this strategy with caution because it could result in you missing out on the latest updates or fascinating stuff from your friends.
  • Don't post to your story: Publishing snaps to your story gives you points as well, so if you want to lower your Score, you might want to think about not posting there at all. If you want to share something with friends, you may still send them a snap directly.
  • Delete inactive friends: Deleting your inactive Snapchat friends will help you improve your Score. You won't receive or send snaps to these friends, thus you won't earn points for doing so.

There is no official method for decreasing the Snapchat Score. By using Snapchat less frequently or by sending and receiving fewer snaps and stories, users may stop their score from increasing but cannot decrease it.

Lowering your Snapchat Score may have advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the advantages is the pressure and stress associated with keeping a high Score.

Additionally, it might enable you to put other commitments and connections ahead of social media, allowing you to concentrate on other important elements of your life. 

Additionally, reducing your Score may lessen your exposure to particular Snapchat features and potential sources of distraction, assisting you in being more concentrated and effective.

There are some disadvantages to decreasing your Snapchat Score too.

For starters, it can restrict your ability to interact with friends and other people on Snapchat as well as your access to particular features and content. This can make it more difficult to keep up with app trends or stay in touch with friends. 

Your overall social media usage and well-being may not be significantly affected by lowering your Score, as other criteria like frequency and quality of use may also be important.

How to increase your snap score?

Now that we know how to make your Snap score go down, let’s discuss how you can increase the Snapchat score.

Abbreviations and Snapchat

There are a few ways you can try to increase your snap score. Below are the points discussed in detail:

  • Send more Snaps: Like avoiding sending and opening snaps helps to lower down the snap score, sending more Snaps is one of the simplest ways to raise your Snapchat Score. You receive one point for every photo you send to a friend or post to your story, so the more snaps you send, the better your Score will be.
  • Open snaps: You can earn points in addition to sending and receiving snaps by opening them. Try to open every snap you receive in order to increase your score because each snap you open is worth one point.
  • Utilise Snapchat's features: Snapchat has a number of tools and features, like filters, lenses, and stickers that can increase your point total. Try playing with different features to find what works for you. For instance, using a filter or lens on a photo wins you an extra point.
  • Snap regularly: Using Snapchat more often earns you more points, so use it daily or as frequently as you can to increase your score.
  • Add more friends: You can gain more points on Snapchat by adding more friends because you'll have more friends with whom you can send snaps and earn more points for one snap. This will also help when you receive snaps from friends, having more friends and receiving more snaps increase your snap score.
  • Using Snap Map: Snap Map is a cool feature of Snapchat where you can see where your friends are and also users post stories from all around the world publicly. If you feel safe doing so, try using Snap Map and using it to share your location with friends in order to get more points.

These are some of the ways by which you can increase your snap score. It is important to note that trying to increase your snap score can have both advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, a high Score can be a source of accomplishment and pride, and it can let your friends and followers know that you use the app frequently and actively. 

It can be a fun challenge and a technique to inspire yourself to use Snapchat more regularly and creatively.

However, obsessing about your Snapchat Score could have drawbacks as well.

For example, it can be simple to get sucked into the numbers and overlook the deeper benefits of social media, like making friends and expressing yourself creatively. 

Furthermore, being preoccupied with your Score can cause you to use Snapchat more frequently than is beneficial or healthy, which might lead to anxiety, FOMO, or digital burnout.

How to see your and your friends’ snap score?

To see your own snap score you can follow the below steps:

  • Step#1: Open your Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Step#2: From the camera screen, tap on your Bitmoji in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Step#3: This will open up your profile. In the profile, you can see a small Snapchat logo and a number beside it. 
  • Step#4: This is your snap score and when you tap on it you can see how many snaps you have sent and received.

To look at your friend's snap score follow the below steps:

  • Step#1: Open Snapchat on your phone.
  • Step#2: Swipe right to open up the chat. 
  • Step#3: From the chat, tap on the bitmoji of the friend you want to see the snap score of.
  • Step#4: In your friend's profile you will also see a small Snapchat logo and snap score next to it. You can only see the snap score and not how many snaps they have sent or received.

Can you see others' snap scores without adding them as a friend?

No, until you have added someone as a friend and they have added you back, you cannot view other users' Snapchat Scores. You need to be friends with someone on the app in order to see their Score.


Even if you are friends on Snapchat, the person you are friends with can have enabled privacy settings that stops you from seeing their Score. Even though you are friends with them in this situation, you won't be able to check their Score.

You can modify the app's privacy settings to keep other users from seeing your Snapchat Score. This is how you do it:

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Tap on the bitmoji on the top left corner of your screen to open your profile.
  • To access your settings, tap the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
  • In the "Who Can." area, scroll down and click "See My Story" or "Contact Me" to change your privacy preferences.
  • Choose "Custom" from the available choices.
  • In “Custom” tap on the Snap Map option.
  • To stop people from seeing your Score and location on the Snap Map, select the "Who Can See My Location" setting to "Ghost Mode".


In conclusion, using your Snapchat Score to keep track of your app usage and challenge your friends can be entertaining. This article talks about how can your snap score go down, how to increase your snap score, how your snap score work, etc. 

There are numerous methods for how to make your snap score go down and how to increase your snap score that we have mentioned above. Try them out yourself. If you face any difficulties, feel free to ask. 

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