Discord Bot Tatsumaki Commands


Are you a Discord user and have a server of your own? If you do, then you know how tough it is to moderate the server to avoid spam. You also need to keep the engagement in your server high so that the server does not die and people do not leave it. To combat these problems, we have Tatsumaki Bot. You can Install the Tatsu Discord Bot in your server for moderation and also to make it a fun place. 

Bots respond in the server to specific commands. In this article, we will talk about all the Tatsu Commands that you and other members can use in your server along with the usage of those commands.

Tatsumaki Discord Bot features

Before we jump to the usage of Tatsu Bot Commands, let's have a look at the features that make Tatsumaki Bot so popular among the Discord community. 

Here are all the features of Tatsu Discord Bot:

Role management

With Tatsu Bot on your server, you can assign roles to members of your server. With Tatsu Bot, you can send a message in a channel, and different users can auto-assign roles for themselves by reacting to the message. You can also assign roles to new members that join your server. These roles can be used to grant access to different channels and specific permissions to different users. 


This is one of the top features of the Tatsumaki Bot. You can set up currency on your server. Members can earn credits, tokens, and server points by engaging in the server. These credits can be used to rank the members in the server as well as other servers using Economy. These currencies can be used to buy homes, furniture, pets, etc from the shop. A user can also exchange rewards for specific roles as well. 


One of the major features of Tatsu Bot is moderation. You can use Tatsu Bot to ban, kick, and purge people from your server. You can also purge messages from the server. Tatsu bot can also be used to flag certain messages from being sent in the group. 


With Tatsu Bot, you can collect, claim, and buy pets for yourself. You can use Tatsu Pet Commands to interact with your pet, play games, walk them, etc. You can also level them up using your currency. There are more than 100 pets that you can own.  


Leaderboard is a lucrative feature of Tatsu Bot that increases the engagement of your server. Every member who sends a message to the server receives XPs. The more XP a user has, the higher the rank he will have in the leaderboard. You can also compare XP of members from other servers that use Tatsu Bot. 

How to setup Tatsu Discord Bot?

Before jumping to the section on how to use Tatsu Commands, let's have a look at how to set up Tatsumaki Discord Bot on your server. 

How to setup Tatsu Discord Bot

Inviting a Discord bot to your server is very easy. Follow the below steps to invite Tatsu Discord Bot to your server. 

  1. Go to the official website of Tatsu Bot to invite it to your server or click here.
  2. On the homepage, you will find the “Add Tatsu” button. Click on it. 
  3. You will be redirected to Discord. Login to your account. Select the server where you want to use Tatsu Bot and click on “Continue”. 
  4. Now give the bot the required permissions by clicking on “Authorize”. 
  5. In the next step fill in the captcha to prove you are a human. 

Congratulations. You have successfully added Tatsumaki Bot to your server. Now you can use the features of Tatsu Bot by using Tatsu Commands given below. 

Tatsu commands list

Bots are programs that respond to certain messages. These messages are known as commands. 

A discord command consists of a prefix and a suffix. For Tatsu Commands, the prefix is / However, after the recent discord update, you can also use / prefix. 

Now let's have a look at all the Tatsu Bot Commands, their usage along with examples. 

Basic – Tatsumaki Discord Bot commands






You can use this command to address a message to tatsu bot. 

@Tatsumaki hi

/help [command ]

This will return with all the commands and their usage on Discord Server.


/help profile




Use this command to check if Tatsu Bot is online or offline. 



Use this command to post something in the support server. 




You can check the changelog of Tatsu Bot using this command. 






Manage Server

Displays Tatsumaki’s statistics.


/avatar <[user 1 ] [user 2 ] [user 3 ] [user 4 ]> <server>

You can have up to 4 member avatars using this command. Use the “server” flag to get the server’s icon.


/avatar cove

/avatar server


Get information about a server like member roles, region, etc.




/channel [#channel ] [topic ]

Shows info about the current channel such as channel ID. The command also displays notifications enabled, plugins disabled & whether persistence is disabled. Mention channels to get their info, or use the “topic” flag to get the topic of the channel.


/channel topic

/channel #general

/channel #general topic



/info [user ]

Get information about a user like joining data, user ID, etc with this command. 


/info Renada




/role [@role ]

Want information about a certain role in a server? Use this Tatsu Command. 

/role Tomato



/shared [user ]

You can check which servers you or another user share with Tatsu. 


/shared Peter

/usage <command/server> [command ]

You can check the usage of a command in your server as well as globally with this command. 

/usage server dice

/usage profile


Social – Tatsumaki commands





/profile [@user ]

Check a person’s profile card on the server using this command. 


/profile @David

/rank [@user ]

Check your or other user’s Tatsu Rank in the server and global leaderboard. 


/rank @Pyraxo

/top [global | server ] [page ]

You can use this command to show you the member with the most XP points. 


/top server

/top global 2


/dailies [@user ]

You can collect daily rewards using this command. You can also gift your daily rewards to someone using this command. 


/dailies @Phoenix


/reputation [@user ]

You can award reputation to a user in your server using this Tatsumaki Bot Command. 

/reputation @Falzar


/phonebook [call | list | pickup | decline | hangup ]

Allows for inter-server phone calls (text chat). You can call a random server or link up two servers.


/phonebook call



Manage Server

You can manage server phonebook using this command. 



/credits [user ] [amount ]

You can check your credit balance using this command. You can also send someone credits using this command. 


/credits @Pisang 9001


/setinfo [text ]

You can set info about your profile using this command. The info should not exceed 125 words. It will be shown when someone opens your Discord profile. 

/setinfo This is my info box tex/


/settitle [text ]

You can set a title for your profile. It will be shown below your profile name. 

/settitle The Chicken Man



You can change your profile background using this command. 




Fun – Tatsu Discord commands





/image <subreddit > [–nsfw] [–day | –week | –month | –year | –all]

Get a random NSFW image that is hosted on Imgur. 

/image awwnime --month


/dice [(rolls) d(sides) ]

Ask the bot to roll a dice. 


/dice 2d12




/choose <option > | <option > | [option ] | [ … ]

You can ask the Tatsu Bot to choose an option for you. 

/choose Sleep | Discord

/8ball [question ]

Ask the magic 8 balls a question.

/8ball Is the 8ball magical?


Play a coin flipping game. 


/coin 12



/rps [rock | paper | scissors ]

Play Rock Paper Scissor. 

/rps rock

/numberfacts [number ]

This command will tell you random facts about numbers.

/numberfacts 42



This command will tell you random facts about cats.




Sends a random cat image. 


/cookie <@user >

Use this command to give a user cookie. 

/cookie @Rahul

/psychopass <@user >

Have the Sibyl System check someone’s crime coefficient.

/psychopass @Lion


/reverse <text >

This is a fun command. Anything you say will be written backwards. 

/reverse racecar

Utility – Tatsumaki Discord commands





t@rss <add | list | remove>

Manage Channels

You can add or remove RSS feeds on your server with this command. 

t@rss add

t@rss list

t@rss remove

/vote <start | check | end> [t:<topic >] | <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ]

You can start a vote with this command. You can also vote for something with this command. This command is also used to check the votes of users. 

/vote start t:Doge is laif | Yes | No

/vote 1

/vote check

/vote end


/urban <Search Terms >

You can look for the meaning of words on Discord using this command. The bot will return results from urban dictionary.

/urban obama

/strawpoll <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ]

You can create a poll in the server with multiple options using this command. 


/strawpoll horse | car | plane

/wiki <Search Terms >

Without leaving Discord, you can search for a wikipedia page.

/wiki chickens

/stocks <Stock Symbol >

You can send a stock image in the server with this command and the bot will give info about the image. 

/stocks AAPL


/weather <City/City,Code> or <ZIP/ZIP,Code>

Get the weather data of a city, country, locality, etc using this command. 

/weather London

/weather 10016,NY

/shorten <Link URL> [Vanity URL ]

You can shorten long links using this command. 

/shorten www.geekcited.com/unregister-blink-camera-without-account

/todo [ add | remove | clear | list ]

You can create a todo list in Discord using this command. 

/todo add Go outside

/todo remove

/todo clear

/todo list

Anime – Discord commands





/anime <Search Terms >

You can get info about an anime using this command. 

/anime The Devil is a part-timer!

/manga <Search Terms >

You can get info about a manga from MAL with this command.

/manga Nana

/schoolidol [Idol name ]

Fetches LLSIF cards.

/schoolidol Maki


/osu [ sig | profile | best | recent ]

Searches osu! profiles, plays and signatures.


/osu sig Obama

/osu best shaneoyo

Memes – Tatsumaki Discord commands





/beautiful [someone ]

If you want to tell that someone is beautiful, use this command. 


/beautiful @ronda








Manage Server

You can setup a custom prefix for your commands using this Tatsu Command. 



Manage Server

You can disable all or some specific commands in a channel or a sever. 

The commands wont work unless they are reenabled. 



Manage Server

This command enables the command to work again on a channel or server if they were previously disabled. 



Manage Server

Tatsu Bot allows you to set auto roles for server members. With this command, you can set auto roles. 



Manage Channels

This command will make the bot ignore all the commands on a certain channel. 



Manage Server

Toggle the bot speaking menu with this command. 



Manage Server

You can set up a welcome message for someone when they join your server using this command. 



Manage Server

You can set up a goodbye message for someone when they leave your server using this command. 



Manage Channels

Whenever a member joins or leaves the server, a voice call is started, you get a notification from Discord. 

You can disable those notifications using this command. 



Manage Channels

Open the persistence menu with this command. In this menu, you can enable or disable XP points on your server. You can also turn off the level up message. 



Manage Server

You can setup the server timezone using this command. Using this, the timestamps will be based on your region timezone. 



Management – Tatsu Bot commands





t@help [command ]

This command will show you all the commands along with their usage. 


t@help scores



t@scores [add <@user > <score >]

Manage Server

You can manage ths score of your server members using this command. 


t@scores add @Ian 9001

t@prune <1-1000 > [user ] | [“string” ] | [ bots | images | mentions | links ]

Manage Messages

You can delete a number of messages from several users from your server using this command. 

You can also flag messages from being sent.

t@prune 23

t@prune 5 @pyraxo

t@prune 20 "Donald Trump"

t@prune 30 images

t@prune 10 bots

t@kick <@user > [kick message ]

Kick Members

Kick a member from your server using this command. 

t@kick @ron

t@kick @ron Too many spam links. 

t@ban <@user > [ban message ]

Ban Members

Use this command, to ban a member from a channel or server. You can also give  a reason for banning them. 

t@ban @ron

t@ban @ron Spamming NSFW images. 

t@blacklist <add/remove/clear > [id ]

Ban Members

With this command, you can add a user in the blacklist using their user ID. You can also remove them from the blacklist using the same command, 

t@blacklist add 140912052657979392

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) – Discord commands






Manage Server

You can enable or disable NSFW image search on a server or a channel using this Tatsu Command. 


/image <subreddit > –nsfw

You can use this command to view NSFW images from subreddits that are hosted on Imgur. 

/image gonewild --nsfw


/gelbooru [tag 1 ] [tag 2 ] [ … ]

This command will return a random image from the Gelbooru image board. Use a tag for a specific image


/gelbooru mushoku_tensei roxy_migurdia

/yandere [tag 1 ] [tag 2 ] [ … ]

This command will return a random anime image from Yandere image board. Use a tag for a specific image


/yandere mushoku eris_greyrat

/danbooru [tag ]

This command will return a random image from Danbooru image board. Use a tag for a specific image. 


/danbooru sylphiette_(mushoku_tensei)

Tatsu Discord Bot alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to Tatsu Discord Bot that you can try. 

1. Bastion Discord Bot

Bastion Discord Bot

Bastion is a great alternative to Tatsu Bot. It has all the features like Moderation, incentives, and small games that increase user activity on the server. The best thing about Bastion Discord Bot is that it is open source. Users can add code to it.

2. Koya Discord Bot

Koya Discord Bot

This is another Tatsu Discord Bot alternative that has multiple functions. Like Tatsu Bot, Koya also has features like moderation, small mini-games, RSS feeds, autorole, etc. Koya also has special features like image manipulation. With this command, you can create manipulated images. 

3. Arcane Discord Bot

Arcane Discord Bot

Arcane is a powerful Discord Bot used on more than 1.5 million Discord servers. It has features like leveling, moderation, auto role setup, reaction roles, notifications, etc making it a great alternative to Tatsu Bot. 

How to remove Tatsu Bot from Discord? 

Are you bored of the Tatsu bot from your server? Have you found a better alternative? You can easily remove the bot from your server.

Follow these steps to delete the Tatsu Bot from your server:

  1. Open Discord and go to the server from where you want to delete the Tatsu Bot. 
  2. Go to the members section and find Tatsu. 
  3. Right-click on it. A menu will appear. Click on Kick or Ban.
  4. Give a reason why you want to Kick or Ban. 
  5. Finally the bot will be removed from your server. 


Tatsu is a great bot for moderation and fun activities on your server. It helps to increase user engagement in your server. There are tons of Tatsu commands because of which more than 1.3 million servers use this command. In this article, we shared the top Tatsu Commands you can use on your server along with their usage. 

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