Driver Retention: 12 Effective Strategies To Hire And Retain Delivery Driver


Truck drivers are a crucial part of the supply chain, as they transport the goods from the suppliers to the retailers and end customers. They provide a seamless flow of goods and keep the economy moving. However, the trucking industry is experiencing issues with staffing.

Recruiting and retaining truck drivers is one of the significant challenges, given the fast turnaround and driver shortage. Therefore, businesses strive to create better conditions for the ones looking for CDL driver jobs. How to find good truck drivers and keep them in your company? This post shares detailed information on recruitment and retention.

Challenges in truck driver recruitment

The truck driver shortage is a significant issue in this industry. The professionals retire, and young people are not interested in pursuing a career in this industry. The main reason for this is the misconceptions about the truck driver job

Driver retention strategies

Being alone and driving long hours are the most common stereotypes about this job. Addressing them to provide a clear idea of a truck driver's job is essential. For example, local truck drivers can cover the area and be home the same day. With so many options in this industry, individuals can find the right fit for their preferences and lifestyle.

The high demand for drivers in different industries is another challenge. Other sectors compete for attention, so logistics companies must improve their offerings to stand out.

While recruiting truck drivers is a challenge, it doesn't stop there. Retaining the drivers is another massive challenge in this industry, knowing the high turnover rates. The common reasons are a lack of career options, job dissatisfaction, and low salaries. 

The average age of truck drivers is 46, which is concerning, knowing that they are close to retirement age. Therefore, companies need to attract a young workforce in this industry.

The implementation of new technologies is changing the industry for the better. However, this imposes the need for trained and qualified staff familiar with the advancements. 

Truck driver retention

Truck driver retention focuses on hiring qualified drivers while increasing job satisfaction and retention and developing a retention strategy that validates truck drivers and makes them feel more like partners. 

Companies must build relationships with the drivers based on mutual growth, support, and respect. Trucking companies can experience decreased effects and higher operational costs with low retention rates. 

Therefore, trucking companies need to develop a proper strategy for retaining workers. Besides financial gain, this should extend to other benefits. Firstly, companies need to ensure drivers feel valued and appreciated. They must create a pleasant working environment where the driver's concerns are addressed and their milestones are cherished. 

Practical strategies to hire delivery drivers

Hiring and retaining the delivery drivers will directly impact your business growth. In addition, we share practical tips and strategies you can implement in your company.

Competitive compensation


An attractive salary is the main factor for driver retention. Companies need to provide competitive compensation that showcases the driver's contribution. Bonuses based on performance and transparent salary structure are vital benefits to include. 

Brand identity and social media presence

Creating a solid brand identity that resonates with potential truck drivers is a great place to start. Use your social media to show your driver-oriented approach and company culture. Pay attention to your content strategy and have a social media schedule. Share your company's values and job opportunities with your chosen target audience. 

Simple job application

One of the simple yet effective strategies for improving recruitment is streamlining the job application process. Lengthy applications with lots of requirements can turn away potential employers. A concise online application with an intuitive interface is a great way to get more applications. Provide a streamlined experience for the applicants by implementing timely communication and minimal paperwork.


Establishing partnerships with related stakeholders is an excellent way to source fresh talent. The best place to turn for drivers is driving schools. You can work closely with them and offer mentorship, internship, and training programs for individuals.

Referral programs

Your company's referral program can motivate the existing drivers to help you expand your network. Your delivery drivers can spread the word and share the benefits they enjoy in your company. Offer benefits and rewards for the ones that refer their friends and acquaintances with the required skill set. 

Contract drivers

Providing your drivers flexibility is one of the critical benefits they want. Instead of having full-time employees, go with contract drivers. These individuals or small businesses offer their service to your company based on a contract. This gives you the power to control the demand and turnover rates. 

To enjoy the benefits of hiring contract drivers com, companies need to understand the laws, manage the contracts, and maintain effective communication. 

Practical strategies to retain drivers

Driver assistance systems

Once you are finished defining your recruitment strategy, it is essential to focus on retaining. After all, you must ensure the recruited delivery drivers stay with your company. In addition, we share some strategies to increase driver retention.

Onboarding program

The driver onboarding program should focus on helping new drivers get used to the work quickly. Mentorship and training are necessary for a successful onboarding program that makes the new employee feel valued. Maintain clear and open communication with the drivers to solve any of their questions.

Professional development

Helping your employees grow is a crucial step. Provide training sessions to support your fleet and introduce them to the new regulations in this sector. Also, training them to keep up to date with the latest technology is mandatory.


Investing in safety and improving safety practices is essential to retain your drivers. Proper equipment, safety training, regulatory compliance, and safety measures should be implemented to protect the drivers. 

Enhanced communication

Establishing clear communication between the delivery drivers and management helps them feel validated. Standard methods like focus groups, surveys, and regular check-in conversations help them feel involved.

The company has an opportunity to hear their feedback and answer their questions. Drivers can share more about their working environment, working hours, compensation, and benefits.

Reward program

Celebrating every achievement in the delivery driver's career reinforces their feeling of importance. Offer rewards for exceptional performance, milestones, and safety records. 

Work-life balance

Work life balance

The employer must incorporate practices allowing the delivery driver to achieve a work-life balance. Show that you understand they need time to rest and recharge. Flexible schedule option is one of the ways to give drivers control over their life, showing that you respect their private time as an employer.

Final thoughts

Delivery drivers play a crucial role in the supply chain, so companies must implement proper recruitment and retention strategies. Establishing a solid brand identity and social media presence, competitive compensation, partnerships, and referral programs are some strategies for recruiting delivery drivers.

To keep the employees and reduce turnover, companies should offer onboarding programs, communication, training, recognition, and work-balance practices. These practices increase job satisfaction and decrease the turnover rates in your company. 

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