7 Effective Ways To Make People Open And Read Your Email


Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to sell things. However, with time, people are seeing fewer results with Email Marketing because of emails landing in spam and people deleting emails without opening them.

If you are facing a reduced delivery and response rate, you must change how you write emails. Your email must attract the attention of the reader so that they open your email. You must also make sure that the email filters dont mark your email as spam. 

In this article, we will share 7 tips that will make people open and read your emails. All you have to do is follow these tips while you write your next email and your delivery and read rate will skyrocket and bring in more conversions. 

Tips to get people to read your email?

Email Platforms are getting smarter these days. They detect bad cold emails and send them to the spam folder. If you get lucky and the email lands in the user's inbox, there are chances that the receiver will send it to the trash without opening it.

Tips to get people to read your email?

According to a report, the average open rate was 19% and the average CTR was 2.69%

However, you can still run a successful email marketing campaign with the right email. 

Here are 7 tips to write a compelling email that is read by people. 

Create an attention-grabbing subject line

Before people read your emails, they must open them. 

The subject line is the first thing a person notices in your email. A generic, long, and boring Subject line will make the user send it to the trash without even opening it. 

So if you want people to open and read your emails, create a subject line that creates curiosity and a sense of urgency. 

For example:

Hey, Want to try my Link Building Services? 

How I Increased the Traffic by 3369% in Just 2 Months?

Which Email would you read? The second one right? I will choose it too because since I am into SEO, this takes my attention and creates a curiosity in me to read how the guy achieved these results. 

An attention-grabbing subject line will always make people read emails that you send. If the users are getting your emails and still not opening them, keep improving your subject line. 

Here’s how you can improve your subject line:

  1. Keep the subject line short. 
  2. Create Urgency or Scarcity in Your Subject Line. 
  3. Use Numbers. 
  4. Test Different Subject Lines. 

Hook readers with the first sentence

Many a time, people open an email but then delete the email immediately. That’s because they think that the email is spam, a sales pitch, or not relevant to them. 

Email Marketing

Make sure that you get the full user attention when they read the first line of the email.

Dont just start with Hey Dear. I hope you are doing well. Most people go back after seeing these words and mark them as spam.

Start with something fun and relevant and then explain to them what this email is about. You can use a free email AI writer to generate the first line or the whole email for you. This will make them read the whole email if it is something that interests them. 

Personalise your email

Many email marketers complain these days that cold emails dont work anymore. Well, they dont if you send the same email to anyone. Email Detectors detect mass emails and send them directly to the spam folder

If you want people to read your emails, you should make them feel like you are not sending this to 1000 others but just to them. Personalization has proved to increase the deliverability and read rate of emails. 

Here are a few tips on how to personalize emails:

  1. Use First Name in the subject line.
  2. Talk about their interests. 
  3. If writing outreach emails, then talk about their website page. 

Dont make it too long

The attention span of people has been reducing with time. Now no one likes to read long emails. 

So to make sure that people read your emails after opening them, convey your message as soon as you can. 

Also, dont use long sentences and paragraphs. Make your email short and appealing. Break it into pieces. Use headings, lists, and numbers to make it more attractive for readers. 

Ensure that your emails are delivered in inbox

Wonder why your emails are not converting. Maybe they are not getting delivered at all or landing in the spam folder. 

Ensure that your emails are delivered in inbox

In that case, your hard work is going to waste. 

To make sure that your emails are being delivered and read, verify the email data using an email checker tool

Cold mass emails will blacklist your email address and your emails will land in the spam folder leading the chances of it being read to near zero.  

If your emails are landing in the spam folder, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Set up a business email to send emails. 
  2. Regularly respond to the emails that you receive.
  3. Let your email cool down. 
  4. Personalize when sending emails. 
  5. Dont send many emails to unverified emails.
  6. Dont write bad generic emails based on a template. 

Send your emails at the right time

One of the best ways to make people read your email is to send it when they are at their work desks. 

Sending the email at the right time surely helps in increasing your conversion rate. 

Here is when you should send emails:

  1. Weekdays from Monday to Friday(Till noon only). 
  2. Office hours. 
Best time to send emails

Here is when you should not send emails to people for a better read rate:

  1. Monday morning. Most people are busy with all the emails they receive over the weekend. 
  2. Friday after noon. Most people dont check their email after Friday noon. 
  3. Lunchtime. 
  4. After office hours. Most times, people read your emails on their phones and forget about it if you send the email after office hours. 
  5. Holidays. 

Following up

There are multiple occasions when people receive your emails but fail to read them because they are busy or out of laziness. 

If you follow up on that same email, it will appear on top of their inbox and will remind them to open and read it. 

Note - Follow up only 2-3 times after 3-4 days. Dont overdo it otherwise the person will think of it as spam.


Email marketing is still one of the cheapest ways of marketing. However, lately, there has been a downfall in conversions because of the spam people do over emails. Most people dont open cold emails thinking of it as spam. 

If you send emails and your read rate is declining, read this guide to make people start reading your emails.

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