What Font Does Discord Use for Messages?


Fonts play a crucial role in designing any project, as they have the power to make or break the overall aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're designing a website, creating marketing materials, or simply putting together a presentation, choosing the right font is paramount to creating a visually appealing end product

One font that has gained a lot of attention lately is the one used by Discord. 

If you're wondering what font does Discord use, you're not alone. But font selection is not a one-size-fits-all process, as there are several factors to consider, such as readability, design qualities, calligraphy font use, and website nature, to name a few.

To make the right choice, it's crucial to understand your audience and their preferences. In this blog post, we'll explore the ins and outs of selecting the perfect font and delve into the mystery of what font Discord uses.

What is Discord?

If you're unfamiliar with Discord, it's a versatile chat tool designed primarily for gamers.

What Font Does Discord Use for Messages

It offers audio, video, and text communication, making it easy to connect with fellow gamers worldwide. Best of all, it's free, secure, and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Whether you're looking to chat with friends or coordinate with teammates, Discord has you covered.

It's a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys gaming or wants to connect with like-minded individuals. With over 250 million users, it's no surprise that Discord is one of the most popular communication apps available today.

Not only is Discord free and feature-packed, but it also supports a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Its user-friendly interface and exceptional quality make it a standout choice for gamers and non-gamers alike.

In addition to its impressive chat capabilities, Discord also offers a unique typeface that is used throughout the platform.

This font is sleek and straightforward, making it perfect for the app's user interface. So whether you're using Discord to discuss gaming or any other topic, its clean and easy-to-read typeface will enhance your communication experience.

Discord’s design

It's important to acknowledge that Discord's functionality and communication features are so diverse that it can be difficult to treat it as a singular entity with a consistent design.

Furthermore, the platform comprises multiple subparts, resulting in a varied array of fonts and designs, rather than a single Discord typeface.

Appearance plays a significant role in Discord's appeal as a platform. It's not just about the aesthetics of text, but also how the app looks and feels during usage.

The font utilized for messaging, for instance, can substantially impact how one perceives the platform and their overall experience while utilizing it.

The Discord font

Discord, the popular communication platform, has become a staple of online communities and gaming groups.

One of the key elements that sets Discord apart from other messaging services is its sleek and modern user interface. A crucial aspect of this interface is the Discord font, which contributes to the platform's clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Discord font is a custom typeface that was designed specifically for the platform. It is a sans-serif font with clean lines and a modern feel.

The font is highly legible, making it easy to read messages and navigate the platform's various menus and channels.

One of the unique features of the Discord font is its use of "open apertures." This refers to the empty spaces inside letters like "a," "e," and "s."

The open apertures in the Discord font help to distinguish letters from one another and make them more easily recognizable, even at small sizes.

In addition to its legibility and modern design, the Discord font is also notable for its versatility.

It can be used in a variety of settings, from headlines and titles to body text and captions. This makes it a flexible choice for designers and developers who want to create a consistent look and feel across all aspects of the Discord platform.

The Discord font is available in several weights and styles, including bold, italic, and condensed. This allows designers to customize the font to suit their specific needs and create unique visual experiences for users.

Overall, the Discord font is a key element in the platform's design and user experience. Its clean, modern design and high level of legibility make it an ideal choice for a communication platform like Discord, where clear communication is key.

Whether used for headlines or body text, the Discord font is a versatile and effective tool for designers and developers looking to create a polished and professional look for their Discord servers.

Uni Sans

Uni Sans is the primary font used on the Discord platform, known for its versatility and flexibility. With 14 different weights available, ranging from light to heavy, this typeface can be configured to suit your exact needs

The Discord font

The font also features seven uprights and seven italics, providing a wide range of options for experimentation.

What sets Uni Sans apart is its exceptional readability and effectiveness in all contexts

Although it has its distinct design, it shares some similarities with other powerful typefaces such as DIN and Dax-Uni Sans.

As such, it is suitable for various applications, including logos, headlines, and text blocks that require a bold and impactful font. 

Additionally, it can be used for web design, motion graphics, and branding purposes such as t-shirt designs. Overall, Uni Sans is a highly versatile and reliable font choice that can enhance the visual appeal of any project or application.

Discord font alternatives

Discord is an excellent tool for gamers and people who want to chat with their friends in real time. But if you don't care for Discord's font, plenty of alternatives exist.

Filetto ExtraLight 

Filetto ExtraLight Font is best used for logos, branding, and packaging designs. The font has a modern feel that can create any logo or brand identity. The font is also great for packaging designs because it’s easy to read and looks professional.

The font is used for marketing and other commercial purposes. The font is very modern and can be used in any design project. The designers have also included some extra features which make this font more interesting.

Tepeno Sans Light Regular

Tepeno Sans is a family of fonts designed with a user-friendly appearance, making it ideal for small text sizes on screen and print

Tepeno Sans Light Regular

The family is available in six weights: light, medium, semibold, bold, extra bold, and black. The font has been designed to be legible at small sizes, with a clear structure and consistent stroke widths throughout the family.

Hattori Hanzo 

Hattori Hanzo is a traditional Japanese name that has existed since the late 13th century.

It was also the name of an actual samurai who was considered one of the greatest swords in Japan's history. With all that history behind it, this font is worth checking out!

SF Arborcrest Light

SF Arborcrest Light Font is a beautiful font that will make your work look professional and stylish. It's perfect for any project, from flyers to wedding invitations.

This is an excellent font for projects that need to be formal or elegant, but still have a hint of fun

The rounded edges give it a soft feel, while the serifs give it structure and classiness. The letters are very thick, so you'll get the best results by printing them on thicker paper or materials.

Premium alternatives

Discord font is the number one choice among Discord users.

This is because Discord font is easy to use and provides many features that make it stand out from other Discord fonts. However, many other alternatives available in the market can be used as a substitute for Discord font.

Uni Neue

Uni Neue Premium is a premium font package with over 100 fonts and the standard set in Discord. In addition, it has many options for creating different effects and styles, including drop shadows and 3D effects.


Pero is the best alternative to Discord font because it has many more features than similar fonts

For example, it has emojis that you can use to express yourself better and make your messages more expressive and fun. So if you want to spice up your messages, this is the best place for you!

Accord Alternate

This font has a lot of similarities with the Discord font—it's also monospaced and has a similar style and looks. The most significant difference is that its letters are slightly wider than the Discord font's.

It also has a lot of extra characters that don't exist in other monospaced fonts, which makes it more fun to use!


An excellent alternative to Discord font that allows you to customize your look and make it as unique as your personality. Solomon is available for free for all users and offers a variety of features that will make your Discord experience better


You can change the text's color and size, so if you want a bold font or something more subtle, Solomon has got you covered. You may also select from several pre-set styles that have previously been configured for maximum personalization.

The takeaway

Selecting the proper font for you may be a critical question and one of the most critical challenges a designer may confront.  Before you leave, here are some pointers on how to pick the best font for your project:

  • The font should be appropriate for your content. This may seem obvious, but selecting the right font for your content is critical.
  • Build a size and weight hierarchy. Establishing a hierarchy in your projects is critical; you can accomplish it using sizes and weights.
  • Add some style. This is the final phase, and it is sometimes here that projects progress from good to exceptional. Make your work more "human" by adding a more personal touch.

That's all there is to it. Hopefully, you found this post helpful, and please leave your comments below if you have any questions or ideas on the subject.

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