Effective Service Management: FSM Software Essentials For Handyman Services


Handyman services is a frequently ordered and skilled offering provided by field service businesses. With frequent interaction with the customer at the job site, it becomes important to train field service technicians to provide exceptional service experience. 

Manually keeping track of workers doesn’t give you the required visibility on how field service technicians are executing the jobs assigned to them. For this, field service management software becomes a handy tool for businesses to ensure your workers deliver quality service – read more to learn how.

What is field service management software?

Field service management software is a specialized tool to help field service providers, including handyman businesses to automate and streamline their operations.

What is field service management software

Here are five features of FSM software that are useful for handyman services business:

  1. FSM mobile app: helps access workers' location and communicate with them in real-time via notifications or advanced messaging options.

  2. Digital payments: helps handymen technicians collect payments digitally on job completion, which helps reduce payment cycles.

  3. Customer portal: allows customers to choose any add-on services, or reschedule within a few steps, and access past service information or bills via the customer service portal.

  4. DIY maintenance: with a comprehensive knowledge base creation, it is possible to enable your customers with DIY maintenance procedures.

  5. Collect, analyze, and store data: FSM software should provide the ability to access historical data related to worker performance and customer feedback received, or create customer personas to align marketing campaigns.

How does FSM software help improve the handyman business’s service delivery?

Here are four ways in which you can adopt field service management software to streamline and improve service delivery:

Scheduling and dispatching

Field service teams have to coordinate with workers on multiple service requests for assigning tasks and sharing updates. The constant back and forth can result in the wrong skilled worker being dispatched for the job. Optimizing routes can also get daunting, leading to increased fuel costs and time spent on travel.

All this can be done by FSM software which uses algorithms to match the right job with the right skilled technician who is nearest to the job site. Using GPS, it will share an optimized route to the job site to save time and fuel costs.

Fill up communication gaps

Lack of real-time communication between customers and service providers can lead to misunderstandings or delays. For example, delay in conveying rescheduled requests to assigned workers can lead to a waste of travel time.

Fill up communication gaps

FSM software provides real-time communication avenues via instant messaging and notifications. Customers can speak with support teams via the FSM mobile app for any service request or dispute resolution. They can also track the real-time location of assigned workers or check the job’s progress via a dashboard. Thus, FSM software significantly reduces communication gaps and keeps everyone on the same page.

Workforce training and safety

It is necessary to train your field service technicians with the required knowledge and skills to ensure they can follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for your services. This also includes following safety instructions and taking necessary steps on the job to avoid the same.

The FSM mobile app provides a way for workers to access your knowledge base for equipment manuals, SOP documents, checklists, construction drawings, etc. VR-enabled FSM software also helps in virtual training sessions to combat emergencies.

Inventory management

Tracking and managing inventory for different service requirements can become cumbersome when done manually. It can lead to lost sales due to unavailability of equipment.

FSM software helps maintain steady inventory levels by aligning itself to the market demand. This means, that if it expects a surge in service requests as per its forecasts, it will automatically place orders of necessary equipment or materials. Your handyman business always remains available with automated reordering, reduces unnecessary expenses, and also reduces bench time.

Elevate your handyman service quality with field service management software

Zuper is a leading field service management software provider enabling the handyman service industry to provide a seamless customer experience. 

Elevate your handyman service quality with field service management software

It not only automates your entire handyman business operations, but also allows access to the latest technology via artificial intelligence, chatbot, IoT, and data analytics in a single platform – book a demo today.

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