What Happens When You Get Banned On Instagram


It can be challenging being a social media influencer.

It may be challenging to remain on top of things without occasionally messing up, whether the pressure to maintain a flawless aesthetic or the ongoing urge to stay ahead of the game and keep up with trends.

But if you're hoping to break into Instagram as a social media influencer and build up your following, there are some things you need to know about getting banned on Instagram.

So what happens when you get banned on Instagram? And how can you avoid getting banned in the first place? Let's take a look!

What happens when your Instagram account gets banned?

Many small companies rely on Instagram, and most people work hard to expand their networks of followers.

What Happens When You Get Banned On Instagram

HoIver, working hard to develop your Instagram account just to get banned is disheartening. Imagine losing your followers and having to start over.

When you are banned on Instagram, your punishment is determined by the sort of banishment.

But, being banned means you cannot log into your account, upload any material, like or comment on anything on the network.

After you are banned, you must wait for your banishment term to end for temporary bans or contact the support staff if you believe you’re banned unfairly.

Most of the time, Instagram accounts are frequently banned for violating the platform's terms of service.

This essay has described why you could be banned, the many forms of Instagram banishment, what happens when your account is banned, and how to resolve the problem.

Can you get banned on Instagram?

Like many other platforms, Instagram has terms of service that all users must adhere to

Unfortunately, failure to abide by the conditions has resulted in several users losing their accounts and money. You may be wondering what caused your account to be suspended; here are some probable explanations.

Making use of automation software

Those who employ bots or other software that automates their accounts are breaking Instagram's regulations.

Instagram requires users to interact with their followers directly rather than through bots. If Instagram discovers you are using a bot to like and comment on posts, you will be banned.

Violation of their Terms and Conditions

Terms of service violations are the most common reason for Instagram bans.

Violation of their Terms and Conditions

For example, stealing and publishing other users' stuff on your account violates Instagram guidelines. Instagram considers everything someone posts their property, and reposting it might result in expulsion.

Using prohibited hashtags

Instagram users are urged to look for hashtags not prohibited by the network

There are several ways for users to determine whether a hashtag has been prohibited. It is essential to ensure the platform does not ban your account for using forbidden hashtags.

Harsh content

Instagram users must ensure that the content they share is suitable and follows the platform's terms of service.

For example, posting violent content or inciting hate speech may result in suspending your account. Also, nakedness is forbidden and is classified as a hazardous material.

Users' reports

When a user complains about your account, Instagram takes you seriously.

Nonetheless, the majority of user complaints result in permanent bans. In addition, if you are reported for harassing or violent content and show evidence, your account will be banned.

Using third-party software

Most content makers may use third-party tools to assist with mass tasks. HoIver, using such methods to raise your followers or likes increases your chances of being banned.

Instagram bans of many kinds

Instagram bans users in a variety of ways. The platform's most common sorts of bans are blocked action, shadow ban, and ban.

Blocked movement

A blocked action indicates that you cannot do specific actions on your account.

Blocked movement

For example, if Instagram suspects you are using a bot to fast like or unlike posts, they may block you from doing activities such as liking or unliking.

Shadow prohibition

When Instagram enables you to access your account, whatever content you publish will not display on the hashtag pages.

This is known as a shadow ban. This could occur due to using forbidden hashtags or publishing excessive content.


You will be banned when you make the same mistakes and violate the platform's policy restrictions. After you are banned, you cannot access your account or create a new one using the same login or email address.

What happens if your Instagram account is banned?

Wanted to know what exactly happens to an account when it gets banned, how long the ban lasts, and whether there are ways to get back in once your account has been banned.

There are two kinds of bans: soft and hard. Soft bans occur when an account has violated Instagram's community guidelines. For example, by posting hateful or violent content—but aren't technically against the terms of service. 

These soft bans last only ten days and can be removed by deleting the offending post or comment and not posting anything else that violates the community guidelines during that period.

On the other hand, hard bans are permanent and mean you'll never be able to re-access your account unless you contact Instagram directly to appeal for reinstatement—which I'll talk about in a minute.

A hard ban typically occurs after repeated violations of Instagram's community guidelines (like posting hateful comments multiple times) or breaking one or more of their terms.

After Instagram bans your account, you cannot use it for any of its functionalities. The following are some of the consequences of being banned.

You are unable to access your account

When you are banned from Instagram, you cannot use the platform. In addition, you cannot comment or like anything if it is a permanent ban.

You will lose your fans

Instagram profiles that are permanently banned lose all of their followers. Moreover, any content you submit on the platform will be deleted.

You are not authorized to use the same username

When Instagram disables your account, you cannot establish another with the same username, email address, or IP address.

How to resolve a banned Instagram account

Users can use a few tips to get their Instagram accounts back.

First, let it rest for 2-3 days

Leave your account alone for two to three days and see if anything changes. Instagram may lift the ban without alerting you in some situations. HoIver, this only applies to accounts that have not reported any significant policy infractions.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team

If you believe Instagram accidentally banned your account, contact the service and give the facts. You will be asked to complete a form before restoring your account.

Validate your age

When the platform discovers age concerns, it may deactivate accounts without alerting you. As a result, you must show your age to try to regain your account.

Make use of third-party telcos

Often, calling for help will result in a lengthy wait for assistance.


Nevertheless, certain third-party service providers who contact Instagram directly can assist you in resolving the issue swiftly. Do Not Pay and IG Recover are two examples of such service providers.


So there you have it: all you need to know about Instagram bans. Make sure your account is up to date and working properly so you can focus on what you love and create amazing content.

I hope you found this post useful, and I wish you the best of luck as you expand your social media presence!

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