How To Hide Post From Someone On Instagram


When you post a photo on Instagram, it's not just visible to your followers. It's visible to anyone who follows you and anyone who's tagged in the photo. If you're not careful, you could be sharing something with everyone that you don't want everyone to see.

A lot of Instagram users have been asking how to hide your posts from someone on Instagram. And while there are some workarounds, it's not exactly easy to do.

With this guide, you'll learn the best ways to hide posts from people you don't want to see.

Can you limit who views your posts?

Yes, you can use the private account feature of Instagram to limit who sees your Instagram posts

How To Hide Post From Someone On Instagram

Only people who follow your account will be able to see what you post, and others won't be able to view it even if they're searching for that hashtag or location.

There are many ways you can limit who views your posts on Instagram, but it can be tough to find the settings that will work for you.

If you're looking to hide your post from someone specific, there are two main controls you'll want to check out:

  • You can set your profile page to private, which means only people who follow you will be able to see it. If a person doesn't follow you and tries to visit your profile, they'll see an error message that says "Private Account."
  • You can also make sure that only people who follow both you and the person whose post you're hiding will be able to see it. This is called "Restrictive Content," and it can be found under "Settings" on Instagram.

Can I hide my post from someone on Instagram?

The answer is: yes. You can hide your post from someone—but only if you're an admin of the account

If you're not an admin, then you can't see who's hiding their posts from you (and they can't see who's hiding their posts from them). So if you want to avoid someone seeing one of your posts, don't make it public!

To hide a post, go into the "Posts" section of Instagram and tap on the post you want to hide.

Then tap the three-dot button on the top right-hand corner and select "Hide." That's all there is to it! The person who posted before you won't see your post, but they will still be able to see other things on your feed.

How to hide a post from someone without blocking them

If you don't want to block someone but still want to hide your posts from their feed, there's a workaround.

It takes some steps, but it's worth it if you don't want to lose touch with them completely. If you're not a fan of the idea of blocking someone but still want to avoid seeing that person's posts, there are two options:

Method 1: Make a close friend group that you want to see your posts

The Close Friends List is one of the coolest features on Instagram. When you use it, you can share your photos and videos only with people who have been hand-picked by you to follow your account

Unfortunately, this feature doesn't offer an option for hiding posts from specific followers directly.

Here is how you create a Close Friends List:

  • To visit your profile section on Instagram, click the "Profile" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the app.
  • Click the “Menu” icon.
  • Click the "Close Friend" option in the dropdown list.
  • Now you can choose the people whom you want to share your private stories with.
  • You’re now ready to set up your friend list.
  • If you want to keep your story private but still share it with friends, you can select the option that says "close friends."
Method 1 Make a close friend group that you want to see your posts

When you complete these steps, your story will only be visible to the people on your close friends list. However, this method does not hide posts; it only hides stories.

Method 2: Put your account on private

If you want to hide posts on Instagram, you can put your account private. This means that only people who have been approved by you can see your content.

Hiding your posts doesn’t prevent them from being liked or commented on; it just makes them invisible to other users unless they are approved by you first.

Here's how you can put your account on private:

  • Open the app on your phone and go to your profile.
  • Go to 'Settings.'
  • Click on the privacy options in the dropdown menu.
  • Click the toggle to the On position, and then switch to a private account.
Method 2 Put your account on private

Once you've made your account private, only followers will be able to see any of the posts or stories that you share.

In order to make your account more private, you can add only selected people as followers. Alternatively, if you want better privacy still, remove unwanted followers from your list.

How to hide your post without un-following anyone

If you're one of those who think that hiding your posts from someone on Instagram is the same thing as unfollowing them, you're wrong.

Hiding your posts simply means that they won't be able to see your posts anymore—they won't know if you've posted anything new, and they won't be reminded to go follow you again.

It's a great way to keep up with friends without being bothered by them every other day. It also gives you time to post without feeling pressure to respond right away or meet any deadlines!

When hiding your posts on Instagram from someone, you can either remove that person from your follower list or else block the person. To do so:

  • Open up Instagram on your device, and navigate to the profile you want to block.
  • Next, tap the three-dotted icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  • You can tap the Block button or, if you prefer, choose the Remove option.
  • Block their current account or block them from creating new ones in the future.
Block Someone on Instagram

Can you hide a post from a follower?

No, you can't hide your posts from your followers on Instagram

However, you can remove people who aren’t following you back by going to the list of people following and removing them manually or by clicking “Unfollow all” at the top right corner when viewing their profile.

If you choose to unfollow all, this will remove them from your following list. You can also block people who are following you but not following back.

How to hide your posts from non-followers

If you have a post that you don’t want to be seen by anyone but your followers, there are ways to hide it from non-followers.

You can do this by making sure that only people who follow and like your account can see the post

Once you have set this up, people who aren't following you won't be able to view it on their newsfeeds even if they try searching for it using hashtags or keywords.

If you change your account settings to make it private, only people who are following you will be able to see the content that you post. Non-followers will not be able to view any of your posts.

Hide your post on Instagram

In conclusion, hiding your posts from someone on Instagram is a great way to keep your privacy and control your privacy settings. It allows you to have space in your life where you do not want to share everything about yourself with everyone.

If you want to hide your post from someone on Instagram, all you need to do is go through the process of blocking that person.

This will make it so that they cannot see any of your posts or even send you messages. This is also a good idea if they are harassing you or making fun of you in any way.

While this may seem like an extreme measure, it is one that can help keep things peaceful and private in your life.

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