How AI Video Summarization Elevates Your Social Media Strategy


Picture this: Your customers are juggling and balancing their lives and jobs. Amidst their busy schedules, they take time to see their social media profiles, only to log out. 

Why? They were searching for a project management tool but found a long product video you posted. 

Will the customer have time to review all the details, especially when the audience on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and even YouTube is habitual with short videos?

Instead of reducing the length of your video, you can create a summary of your video using tools like AI video summarizers.

These tools understand the crux of any content within seconds, saving your customers from long reading or viewing hours.

With 500 hours of video uploaded every hour on YouTube, including video summaries on your social media platform can change your social media strategy forever.

1. Ensures SEO optimization

The AI video summary you add to your social media platforms can influence whether your video appears in the search results.

Google crawls your video summary to understand the topic and determine whether it meets the customer’s search intent. If you’re hosting videos on YouTube or any other platform, use the AI video summarizer to create a detailed summary.

In fact, longer summaries are often better on YouTube because they allow you to include relevant search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. Searchable text enhances your video’s discoverability, helping your audience find and use your content.

Video summaries act as your page copy, giving search engines more indexable text to rank for relevant search queries.

2. Engages your social media followers

A compelling summary serves as a magnet for drawing your social media followers to your content. Well-written video summaries pique their interest and grab their attention. 

Ensure your summary highlights the most important aspect of your video. Giving your followers a sneak peek into what they can expect works as a teaser, encouraging them to watch your full video.

Engages your social media followers

Alter the length of your summary based on the platform you’re sharing your information on. For instance, keep your summary concise, as people on Facebook and Instagram prefer bite-sized summaries. People on these platforms like digestible and easy-to-use information. 

What’s more interesting is that these summaries include interactive elements, like quizzes or polls, based on the video’s content. 

For instance, if you’re sharing a video about the features of your project management tool, add a poll asking the question, “Which features impressed you the most?” Including such interactive elements encourages your audience to actively participate rather than passively consume information.

3. Increases your social media shares

So, how do you create content that travels, ticks, and takes off across social media? Creating content that goes viral isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

But with video summaries achieving virality goals becomes somewhat easier. 


The ability to summarize complicated and large stories into short and interesting text brings you one step closer to your customers.

Increases your social media shares

You need to create content that triggers an emotional response. Understanding your customer's emotions—whether amusement, inspiration, anger, awe, surprise, or joy—keeps you going. 

Interesting, relevant, and concise content sparks conversations among your social media followers, helping you reach your target audiences organically. When your customers become your brand advocates, your content's reach increases and becomes viral. 

In short, video summaries turn your passive customers into active ones.

4. Makes your video content more watchable

With 69% of customers watching videos on the go on their smartphones, AI-generated video summaries provide these customers with useful insights about your video. 

Your summaries are helpful, especially when customers are on the move, waiting at their grocery checkout line, traveling, or in between tasks. 

Most video watching is sporadic, and customers don’t watch them religiously like they watch the Euro Cup, glued to their mobile phones without moving an inch. 

Video summaries help customers concentrate and follow your content, making your videos more skimmable.

While summaries are not flashy and won’t make your content visually appealing, they increase the reason people watch an entire video from beginning to end. 

Sometimes, making your content easier to follow and watch is all you need to make it shareable and likable on social media.

5. Saves time and money

Lack of time and appropriate skills is why you fail to create summaries when running a social media campaign.

That’s where AI video summarizers come in. Automating content summarization using these tools reduces the time and effort required to obtain concise and coherent summaries. Also, when you use these summarization tools, the need to hire professional writers reduces, allowing you to use those resources for your social media strategy. 

After understanding the benefits of AI video summary to your social media strategy, let’s explore some tools to help you achieve these goals.

The best AI summarizer tools in 2024

Here are some AI summarizer tools to consider in 2024:


Notta is a feature-rich AI video summarizer that helps you create summaries from your audio and video content. The tool quickly converts your lengthy videos into actionable summaries that offer your customers insights into your video. 

What sets Notta apart is the variety of AI templates and prompts that fit your business needs. The key benefits of Notta are time and cost savings. Notta eliminates the need to listen to the entire video and generate a summary from scratch. 


Notta’s intuitive interface and collaboration features make it a must-have tool for your social media strategy. The tool offers a free plan and a pro-plan, which you choose based on your requirements.


Jasper is another popular tool large enterprises and teams use to create summaries. Using Jasper, you create concise and engaging summaries within a few minutes. After entering the YouTube script, with a single click of a button, you generate a compelling summary of your videos. The summary generated by Jasper offers key benefits, main points, and key takeaways, helping you entice your readers. 

Jasper is one of the best tools because it supports 29 languages and provides Grammarly support to ensure your summary is free from grammatical and spelling errors. Compared to other tools, Jasper offers a much faster and more accurate turnaround time than others. 


Additionally, you can use Jasper for all your writing needs. On the downside, Jasper doesn’t offer a free plan, and its paid plans tend to be costly in the long run. Another reason Notta outclasses Jasper is its ability to summarize highly technical content.


Descript summarizer is another AI-powered tool that analyzes your videos and audio files to generate highly precise and accurate summaries. The summaries created by Descript identify the main ideas and translate them into effective summaries.


You edit the summary using Descript to include your keywords and other essential elements. After making the desired changes, add the summary to your YouTube description box or social media posts. The tool offers a free plan but lacks a mobile app. 

What to look for in a good AI video summarizer?

It can be tempting to be active on all social media platforms, but that isn’t the right course of action. The same applies to video summarizer tools. Choosing the right summarizer tool is equally important. Adding the wrong tool to your tech stack can jeopardize your tech stack because inefficient tools can produce incorrect or biased summaries of your content. 

Here’s what to look for in a good AI video summarizer:

  • Accuracy: A good video summarizer tool identifies and highlights the main points in the summary. 
  • Speed: While accuracy is paramount, the speed with which your tool processes your videos and creates summaries is equally important.
  • Ease of use: An easy-to-use tool makes summary generation a breeze. A tool where you constantly struggle to generate videos or change the language isn’t worth all your efforts. 
  • Language support: When you cater to a wide range of demographics, you often create videos in multiple languages. So, ensure the tool you use supports multiple languages. 
  • Customer support: A robust customer support differentiates a good tool from a mediocre one. Tools with reliable customer support help you resolve any issues that may arise while you’re trying to generate summaries.
  • Free trial: Prefer a free trial because it helps you test the tools and verify the user-friendliness and functionalities. As a result, you can test the tool before committing to a purchase.
  • Pricing: Research various tools and choose one offering reasonable pricing. Don’t fall into thinking only costly tools are worth it. Analyze and compare various video summarizers to make an informed decision. 

The art of creating compelling video summaries

AI video summarizers are on the rise, and this innovative technology is slowly changing how compelling and interesting summaries are produced. You can break lengthy videos into bite-sized summaries and use them on various social media channels. Besides improving SEO, video summaries make your content watchable and save you a lot of time.

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