The Art Of Writing: How To Become A Professional Writer


There is something magical about writing, how the words become more than just random marks on a paper. Since the advent of civilization, humans have aspired to note down major events for the succeeding generations.

Today, it is as important as tweeting about having a meal at the trendy spot! In either case, you need to have a solid foundation of language and grammar to convey a solid message. If you want to become a professional essay writer and earn money and respect, this is the blog for you!

What exactly do writers do?

This is the question that many people ask, especially those who want to pursue a career in writing. Although the whole thing is in the word “writer”, there are still many things that are related to the act of writing. When you become a writer, you not only get to write short and long forms of content but also do extensive research, outline and map out texts, write multiple drafts, and then proofread and edit them accordingly. 

What exactly do writers do

If you had the image of writers from the movies where they are constantly typing away flowery prose, you were mistaken because that would be the role of an essay typer A writer does a lot more than just sit down and blurting out meaningless sentences.

Career paths for writers

When you have a clear picture of what writers do, or a glimpse of what their daily work could look like, the next step is to see what career paths they can follow. This is a crucial thing to consider because your earning potential and overall financial well-being depend on it.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the vocations that are writing-centric. Depending on your aptitude and training, you can pick one or both.

Technical writing

Technical writing is a growing field thanks to the technological advancement we have experienced in the last two decades. If the name is any indication, you know that writers in this field work on technical documents. There are two obvious sides. One is customer-related technical writing where they write manuals, instructions, and other how-to pieces to help users understand services and products better. 

The other one is more complex as it deals with internal communication. This may require technical knowledge such as Computer Science and Information Technology but you can learn it through training and practice.


It was already going strong but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it and brought it to the forefront of modern working. Freelancing opens a whole world for writers as they can easily work and collaborate with diasporic teams. 


Another thing to keep in mind is that it is a mode of working where you work from project to project with the fee and time set both by you and the client. If you want to travel and enjoy life while being steady on your work, this is the best way to go!


The old age of journalism is gone when people used to wait for the next day to hear about the news of yesterday. Today, there are thousands of news outlets and publications looking for energetic writers who can make their mark in the field of journalism. 

They have to be resourceful and attentive toward the changing dynamics of the world to report swiftly on the breaking news. There is a new field in journalism called micro-journalism that requires writers to offer all the important updates succinctly, sometimes no more than a hundred words.

Product writing

Online shopping is the most common way people buy new things and hire services. When they come across a new brand or a new product, they need to see what it is all about and what other users think about it. This is where a reviewer comes to the fore.

Companies hire reviewers to check the products first-hand and then provide clear feedback. This includes pros, cons, alternatives, caveats, and so on.

Legal writing

This is another well-paying field for writers if they are willing to gain some technical knowledge and experience first. In this field, they get to write large pieces of documents of a legal nature, such as contracts, appendices, regulations, compliance papers, and more. There is great scope for growth in both government and private sector and the pay is better than other writing fields.

Book or movie reviewer

If your talents and likings lie in art and culture, you can benefit both financially and intellectually if you choose the field of being a reviewer. Almost all news papers and media outlets have relevant sections for movies and books. You will have to read the books and watch movies carefully and then rate them based on their merits, such as themes, ideas, and execution. 

This is an excellent line of work for those who want to explore the art and see the world of celebrities up close. It will take time to earn a steady income at first but when you have your feet planted, the growth becomes imminent and exponential.

Becoming a professional writer with easy practical steps

Now you have a picture of a writer who is doing many things in and around the act of writing. Still want to pursue a career in the art and craft of writing?

Becoming a professional writer with easy practical steps

Follow these steps to make sure you have the core and soft skills to become a good one!

Look for inspiration

The journey of becoming a writer starts with inspiration. In the beginning, there are always doubts and second thoughts about how you would overcome challenges and adversities. The best remedy for that is to look for other budding and established writers. It will give you a clear view of the difficulties they were facing and how they overcame them to achieve their goals.

Consider the niche of writing

There are countless niches and genres that you can try your hand at. To become a professional writer, it is important to pick something that not only excites you but elevates your sense of being and makes you work hard.

Consider web writing for instance. You will get to write blogs, ad copy, and articles for different brands. Also, email marketing, business writing, and creative writing are solid fields that you can choose.

Become a reader first

Whether you have literary inclinations from the beginning or you are just starting to care about the written word, you need to become a reader first. Some of the best writers we have ever seen have endorsed extensive reading of both classic and modern work.

If you want to become a blog writer, you need to follow at least ten of the most respected creators in that space and study them closely. This will help you learn the ropes with ease.

Get relevant education

By education, we do not recommend getting admission to a college. The best way to get educated in this field is to do short courses from different platforms and then apply the knowledge as you go. There are excellent courses on the internet that you can do at your own pace and then see the gains as you go.

Practice extensively to learn the craft

Once you have the tools and training to get started, it is time to put in daily effort in writing different pieces. Never wait for new clients and orders, rather create new things and show them to potential buyers. This will give them a good view of who you are and what you are capable of. As a bonus, you will grow as a professional thanks to constant efforts.

Get feedback from established writers

Merely writing is not enough for the newbies. The point of following top creators in your niche is to connect with them and try to learn from them as much as possible. The best way to do this is by sharing your pieces with them and asking them to critique them for you. Senior writers are always happy to coach new coach new creators.

Create a portfolio

Create a portfolio

When you have enough pieces of well-researched and superbly-written pieces, it is time to put them together in a presentable fashion to create a portfolio. Now, you are ready to get new clients. Share your portfolio with others and reach out to your potential buyers in the best way possible. This is your time to shine!

Striving is the key!

Writing business is a tough vocation. There are many hurdles to overcome and many challenges to best. But when you are there, you will get your rewards in terms of accolades and money. Till then, keep on following the tips and ideas that we have shared in this blog.

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