How To Fix Attachment Unavailable On Messenger?


Are you sick of Facebook Messenger displaying "Attachment Unavailable" when you try to view pictures, videos, or other media that has been sent to you but they won't load? It might be annoying.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can do to resolve this problem and restore access to your Messenger attachments

What does “attachment unavailable” mean on messenger

In this article, we are going to explain how to recognize the typical reasons why an attachment is unavailable and provide you with step-by-step directions on how to resolve the issue.

Read on if you want to stop getting the message "Attachment Unavailable" and again start enjoying your Messenger conversations.

What does “attachment unavailable” mean on messenger?

The "Attachment Unavailable" message on Facebook Messenger means that a message's attached file or media could not be opened or downloaded. Several factors, like network problems, software bugs, or privacy settings, could be the reason for this.

What does “Attachment Unavailable” mean on Messenger

Users of Facebook Messenger can transmit a variety of attachments, including documents, photographs, videos, and audio files.

The "Attachment Unavailable" warning that appears when you receive a message with an attachment typically indicates that the item was either not downloaded completely or has been removed from the server. 

Sometimes a file may be too big or its format might not be accepted by Messenger.

A privacy setting is another frequent cause of Facebook attachments unavailable. If the sender of the attachment selected their privacy options to "Only Me" or "Custom," you won't be able to see the attachment. 

You can either request that the sender change their privacy settings or resend the attachment in this situation.

How to fix attachment available on messenger?

Below are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot the attachment unavailable messenger problem. 

Is my phone’s storage causing this problem
  • Check the Internet Connection: Ensure a strong internet connection for your device. Downloading files and media may experience problems if the connection is slow or unstable.
  • Refresh Your Chat: To make the chat to reload, swipe downward on your screen. This can help redownload any attachment that was not fully downloaded.
  • Clearing the cache: Sometimes cache memory can create this issue. Make sure you clear your Messenger app's cache regularly. To clear cache:

On Android: Go to Settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage > Clear Cache. 

On an iPhone: Select Offload App under Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messenger.

  • Update Messenger: Check whether you have the latest version of the app on your phone. Running the latest version helps to avoid any bugs that may have been in the older versions. Check the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for updates.
  • Changing the Privacy Preferences: If the sender of the attachment set their privacy preferences to "Only Me" or "Custom," you won't be able to see the attachment. Ask the sender to change the privacy settings or send the attachment once more.
  • Reinstall the App: You can try reinstalling the Messenger app if none of the previous steps were successful. This can assist in resolving any data or configuration problems with the app.
  • Contact Facebook Support: If you have followed all of the above instructions but are still having problems with attachments not being available, contact Facebook support for more help. They might be able to offer more in-depth troubleshooting instructions or take care of the problem themselves.

These are pretty much all the steps you can try to troubleshoot the “Attachment Unavailable” problem. If none of these work you can always ask the sender to resend you the attachment to any other social media platform.

Is my phone’s storage causing this problem?

Yes. The storage capacity of your phone may limit your ability to read Messenger attachments. You might not be able to properly download or see attachments that have been sent to you over Messenger if your phone's storage is full or nearly full.

Is my phone’s storage causing this problem

The Messenger app will download any attachments you get so you may read them when you receive them. There may not be enough room for the attachment to download if your phone's storage is full. 

You may only be able to view a portion of the attachment as a result, or you may receive "Attachment Unavailable" problems. 

Go to your device's settings and seek the storage option to check your phone's storage. You can see here how much space is free and how much is being utilized on your phone. There are various ways to free up storage if you're running out of space:

  • Delete Inactive Apps: Look through your phone and remove any apps you aren't using anymore. This may create a large quantity of room.
  • Clear Cache: Storage space can also be increased by clearing cached data. To do this, open the settings on your phone and choose "Storage," followed by "Cached data." The cache can then be cleared for specific apps or for the entire device.
  • Delete big files: Your storage may run out of space if you have a lot of space being taken by large files. Look for these files that you may not need anymore and delete them.
  • Move files to Cloud Storage: If you do not feel like deleting any files, think about moving them to Google Photos or iCloud. By doing this, you can make room on your phone without losing any important data.

By following the above steps you can download attachments in Messenger and avoid facing the “Attachment Unavailable” problem.


In conclusion, there may be a number of causes for your Facebook Messenger "Attachment Unavailable" issues. It could be caused by issues with network connectivity, faulty or old versions of the apps, or even privacy settings.

However, there is a very common problem that is sometimes disregarded and it is how much storage space your phone has will affect your capacity to read Messenger attachments

You may experience "Attachment Unavailable" problems when your phone's storage is full or nearly full since it will prohibit you from correctly downloading or displaying attachments.

By following the above steps you are certain to not face this issue anymore. We hope you find this article helpful. Share with your friends who may be facing this problem. This was all from our end. Have a great day ahead!!!

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