How To Make Reaction Roles On Discord Carl Bot


Did you ever stumble across a discord server where you could see a user’s role in front of their username like admin, mod, or something random like elder, leader, etc? Do you want to do the same on your Discord server? 

Well if you want to add roles in your discord server, then you are at the right place. Discord allows you to assign roles to the users present on a server.

However, if the server is big, you can’t assign roles to each member. In that case, you can use the Carl bot to assign reaction roles

Today in this article, we will talk about what is carl bot, what are reaction roles, how to use Carlbot, how to set up carl bot reaction roles, etc in detail. So let's just jump to the article without any delay. 

What is carl bot? 

Carl Bot is a multi-functional bot created by Carl Barron. It has features like moderation to manage the server, logging to keep a log of messages, sending welcome messages, etc. 

What is Carl Bot

The best feature of Carl bot is reaction roles. Since Discord does not allow members of a server to auto-assign roles for themselves, Carl Bot provides the functionality to members to assign the roles to themselves. These roles are called reaction roles. 

All the admin has to do is invite Carl bot to the server, set it up perfectly which you will learn later in this article, and send a message to which the members can react to. When the members react to the message, they are assigned roles. It is that simple. 

What are reaction roles? 

Reaction roles are the roles members chose for themselves by reacting to a message created by the admin of the server. These roles help to keep the server organized. This is also helpful in increasing server engagement. 

Reaction roles can be used to divide the server members into teams when playing games. Like if you want 4 teams, you can make 4 reaction roles, and then the users can choose among those 4 roles. People with the same rule will be on the same team. 

Reaction Roles can also be used to subdivide the members and then create a more focused channel based on interests. Let’s say you have a server of movie enthusiasts. 

If you want to talk more about indie cinema and mainstream cinema, you can create separate channels. You can ask the members to assign reaction roles to themselves whether they like Indie cinema or mainstream cinema. 

Now you can move indie lovers to the indie channel and mainstream lovers to the mainstream channel. 

How to use carl bot to set up reaction roles?

Using Carl Bot is quite easy. To use the other features of Carl Bot like moderation, welcome messages, games, etc you can simply type the carl bot commands in the server. 

However, if you are wondering how to use Carl bot to set up reaction roles, it is a 3 step process. 

  • Install Carl Bot to your Discord server. 
  • Set Roles in Server from Server Settings. 
  • Create Reaction Roles in the Carl Bot.

How to install carl bot to discord server?

Now that you know what Carl Bot is, it's time that you know How to Install Carl Bot to your discord server so that you can assign carl bot reaction roles to the members of your server. 

How to Install Carl Bot to Discord Server

To install the Carl bot to your server, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Type Carl Bot in Google and visit or you can directly enter the same URL in the search bar. It will take you to the official site of this bot.
  • Now that you are on the homepage, you will find the Log In With Discord button. You have to click on that button to install the bot on your server. 
  • Clicking the button will take you to the Discord login page. You have to enter your login credentials to log in to your Discord account. You will have to fill in the captcha as well, so fill it.
  • Now a dialogue box will appear asking on which server to install the bot. Select the server from the drop-down menu where you want to install this bot.
  • After selecting the server to which you want to install Carl Bot, you will be asked to provide authorization. Select the options you want and leave the options you don't want to permit and click on authorize.
  • After clicking on authorize, you will have to fill out a captcha form. After you have filled it out, you will be taken to Carl Bot Dashboard. This means that the bot is installed on your server. 

Now you can set up reaction roles for the users to choose a role for themselves. 

How to create server roles?

Now that you have installed the Carl bot on your server let's see how you can create server roles to be able to use Carl bot reaction roles.

  • Find the server where you have installed Carl Bot. And click on the drop-down button
  • After clicking on the drop-down button, you will see a few options. Click on the 4th one which is server settings.
  • In server settings, click on the Roles option. After clicking on Roles, you will see the roles that have already been set up. 
  • To create more roles, click on the Create Role button that is blue.
  • On the next page, you have to enter the role name and choose the role color. You can also choose the permissions this role will have. Along with the permission, you can add members to this role as well. 
  • Click on Save Changes and the role is created. 

How to set up carl bot reaction roles? 

Now comes the last part on how to use Carlbot to set up Carl bot reaction roles. 

reaction roles

For this, you have to 

  • Go to the server where you want to set up Carl bot reaction roles. 
  • Copy the message ID of the message you want people to use to assign roles to themselves. You can copy the message ID by right-clicking on a message. There you will find the option to copy the message ID. P.S. You need to enable developer mode from user settings to be able to see the message ID. 
  • Type the command “/reactionrole add message ID emoji role” without using the double quotes and press enter. 
  • Fill in the message ID, emoji, and role name from the already created roles. This is it. When users will react to that message with that emoji, they will be assigned that role. 

You can also create reaction roles from the Carl Bot Dashboard which is relatively easier. Let's see how to do that. 

Create carl bot reaction roles from carl bot dashboard

  • Go to Carl Bot's official website
  • On the homepage, you will find the Manage button. Click on the manage button. 
  • This will take you to Dashboard. Here on the left sidebar, you will find the Reaction Roles option under Utility. 
  • Click on Reaction Roles. Click on the green button that says Create reaction roles
  • Here you will have to select whether you want to use reaction roles on the most recent message, a prefix or, using a message ID. 
  • After you fill that out, you will have to select the channel. After selecting the channel, click on Create. 
  • This will create reaction roles. Users can select the emoji to choose the roles. 

Carl bot commands list

All the bots come with pre-programmed commands that you can use to make the bot perform some task. 

Carl Bot Commands List

Here are some popular Carl bot commands and their uses: 

  • /role allroles - Displays all the roles and their ID. 
  • /autorole show - Shows which roles will be added upon joining. 
  • /autorole add regular - Autoroles are roles that are given to the user upon joining the server.
  • /autorole remove <role> - Removes a role from being auto-assigned.
  • /reactionrole setup - Use this command to set up reaction roles in an interactive way. 
  • role add <user> <role> - This will add a role to the specified member. 
  • role remove <user> <role> - This will remove the role from a specified member. 
  • role removeall <user> - This will remove all roles of the mentioned user. 
  • /censor server - Use this to view the censor settings for the server. 
  • censor words [add|remove] <words…> - You can use this command to censor words in your server. Use add if you want to add the word. Use remove if you want to remove that word from the list of censored words. 
  • /censor display - Use the command to view all the censored words in the server. 
  • /censor clear - If you want to delete all the censored words, use this command. 
  • /welcome <message> - Use this command to set a welcome message when someone joins the server. 
  • /farewell [message] - This command shows the message when a user leaves the server. 
  • /reactionrole add <msg ID> <emoji> <role> - Use this command to add reaction role to a message using message ID. 

How to remove carl bot from discord? 

Sometimes due to some reasons, you may want to delete the Carl bot from your server. Some of the most common reasons for deleting Carl bot reaction roles are:

  • Too many roles make it disorganized. 
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Users get bored. 

Here is how you can delete Carl bot from your server.

  • Find the server where you want to delete the Carl bot. 
  • On the right sidebar, you will find the Carl bot mentioned
  • Right-click on it. You will find a few options. 
  • Click on Kick Carl

This will delete the Carl bot from your server and all the Carl bot reaction roles along with it. 


Carl Bot is one of the best bots available with features like moderation, automod, logging, reaction roles, etc. It helps to organize your server and make it a more fun place. 

With Carl Bot, users can auto-assign roles to themselves. In this article, we learned how to use Carlbot, how to set up Carl bot reaction roles, and some major Carl bot commands. 

We hope that you were able to create reaction roles after reading this guide. However, if you were unable to do so, you can always ask us for help in the comment section.  

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