How To Protect Your Instagram Account From Spam, Bots And Negative


Are you reading this article because you are receiving strange comments like “Grow your account with us,” “DM for collab,” or “Send me a message?” Well, these comments are most likely from spam bots on Instagram! 

Wondering who they are and how can you protect yourself from these accounts? Worry not! Though these accounts can trick you in many ways, like fake follows, likes, comments, and DMs, you can avoid these bots easily after reading this guide. 

Let’s find out about bots, where they originate, and how you can stop them from disturbing you! 

What are Instagram spam bots? 

Instagram gives you many opportunities to shine your business and let it grow big! But not everyone thinks as straight as you do! Thus, the bots came into existence!

An automated account on Instagram, deployed to fake likes, comments, and follow-up posts, is what an Instagram spam bot is. 

What are Instagram spam bots?

These spam bot accounts are often controlled by programs that help in performing specific tasks without any human getting involved. 

Wondering what’s the purpose?

Though the objectives of these bot accounts can vary a lot, the threat they produce to more than 1.3 billion users on Instagram remains the same. 

While some use these accounts to increase engagement artificially, others use them to promote links, services, and even products!

These bots disguise themselves as humans across Instagram, but their abnormal activities across the platform often help in unveiling their guise. 

The worst part is that they can comment or like your reels and posts or even click on your ads, damaging the conversion rate! 

What are Instagram spam bots used for? 

Though you have a rough understanding of why these notorious bots are roaming on your favorite Instagram, yet there’s more to it.

Let’s check them:

Grow followers

The primary reason behind using IG bots is to increase followers and engagement. This is done primarily by those who want to grow their accounts quickly.

They are attracted more to the idea of gaining followers and reach. Bots can automatically like posts or comments.

They can even target hashtag-specific accounts. These actions will prompt genuine users to check the bot account or related content, increasing the visibility of the profile linked to this bot. 

Inflate engagement

As these bots like and comment on many profiles, they can also bring changes to engagement metrics. This can make a post fake its popularity more than it genuinely is.

The spam bots can also see stories and click on your links to feign an illusion of increased engagement. They are also capable of meddling with polls and questions, making you believe that they are real users. 

Send DMs

DMs or Direct Messages are a discrete feature of Instagram, and spam bots can disrupt that, too! Automated messages can be sent to target specific user groups and new followers by these bots.

Generally, the content of these messages is promotional, but they can also be deployed for phishing. Thus, you must be aware, or else you might risk your private information. 

Create fake accounts

Almost 95 million Instagram accounts were created by bots and there are many reports supporting this claim! 

It is easy to create fake accounts in seconds using software and those accounts can easily engage in posts. 

Even, with the help of AI, these spam bots can create images and content and create bot-generated influencers on Instagram. They are a serious threat to the original community. 

Click on ads

You must have heard of clickbots, right? Well, these bots are very clever, and they click on links you share on Instagram stories or your ads and sponsored posts. As they click on ads, it shows that the performance of the ad is boosted than it is. 

These false insights can harm the ad campaign as the original user might spend more bucks on the ad hoping that it is performing well, whereas it isn’t! 

Why should you stop spam bots? 

Haven’t you heard of “Stop bots on Instagram!” 

Yes! You must have! 

Now, let’s do a reality check on why you should stop spam bots!

Account banning

Instagram is strictly against spam bots and their use of it on the platform and have mentioned it in their community guidelines. 

So, if you are caught using spam bots for engagement or engaging with spam bots on your profile, strict actions can be taken! The severity of the action might also lead to banning your account. 

Bad user experience

When too many spam bots get into your followers list feigning high followership, the real followers might get disappointed.

Bad user experience

There might be two consequences - one when these bots start engaging with your followers, and second, discovering that they are unreal and sourced from your account, your followers might get disappointed in you and unfollow you. 

At times, these fake and automated accounts also get involved in harassing and threatening users. You will lose credibility in case people find out that, knowing or unknowingly, the source of this is you. 

Damaged brand image

Slowly, when most of your followers discover that you are using fake followers to artificially feign a strong engagement, your brand reputation will be damaged. There will be serious trust issues from your customers regarding your product or services as well. 

You will lose the authenticity that you once had. At times, spam bots are also involved in spreading wrong information and are associated with promoting scams and phishing. These also pose a serious threat to your clientele.  

Unfollows and no engagement

Another serious threat from the bots is low engagement. Although you have a huge number of followers they might not engage with your content properly. This downfall in engagement is not only disturbing but also a pressing issue for the IG profile. 

Similarly, unfollowing becomes very common. If you don’t have genuine followers, after a certain period, when the audience can’t relate to your posts or sees there’s not much reliable voice to believe - they can start unfollowing you. 

How can you recognize spam bots?

Bots go unnoticed mostly and that’s the reason they have thrived so much these days. They can fake themselves to such an extent that you feel they are behaving like a real profile does. 

Even some of these automated accounts post regularly to avoid getting flagged. But how can you recognize them? Well, doing that is difficult yet some signs can help you in understanding which are spam accounts!

  • Trivial usernames: If you notice usernames that are followed or preceded by random words or numbers or have names that explicitly promise followers or likes are more likely to be spam bot accounts. Also, look out for profile names that use popular trend names or random nonsensical usernames. 
  • Generic and nonsense bios: Often, bot accounts have bios that are generic or nonsensical. The common sign is that they are short and explicitly declare to get some work done - like getting followers by following. Beware of such accounts that use too many emojis and hashtags in their bios or ask the DM for collabs. They might also have suspicious links on their bio which will lead you to malicious websites. 
  • Profile pictures: Spam bot accounts use AI-generated pictures or stock images as profile pictures. At times, they also steal profile photos from other accounts and use them. So beware of profiles that look fishy to you. 
  • Follower and following ratio: A real account always has a balance follower and following ratio, but a spam account will have a disparity. They might follow a huge number of people but have a very small number following them. Often, they also post less about their personal life and put on generic posts to mask their identity. 
  • Fishy comments and DMs: You must have seen this and that’s the reason you are here, reading this article! “Send me a message”, “DM for collabs’’ or “Send pic’’ are a few common comments these spam bots use on Instagram. Whenever you see such notorious and nonsensical comments and DMs, you must comprehend that these accounts are not real for sure. 

How to protect your Instagram account from spam bots?

Protecting your account from spam bots is really challenging. Still, there are some measures you can take to stop spam bots from interfering with your profile.

Here they are:

1. Filter comments

You can customize your settings on Instagram and filter comments to block and avoid spam.

Doing this is very simple:

  • Go to your “Settings and Privacy” option on Instagram. 
  • Then head to “Hidden Words.”
1. Filter comments

  • Once you are there, turn on the “Advanced Comment Filtering” option. 
  • After that choose “Manage custom words and phrases.” Now add the words you want to click on “Add.”
1. Filter comments_2

2. Limit comments

Another easy way to tackle spam bots is limiting the commenting domain.

You should always limit comments to followers or people you follow so that others don’t get a chance to interact uselessly on your post. 

You can easily restrict comments by going to the “Comments” menu on the “Setting and Privacy” option. 

3. Limit hashtag use

Who is not fond of hashtags? Well, they are beneficial and it’s undeniable! But, you must restrict the use of hashtags too in order to limit access to spam bot accounts meddling with your profile.

Avoid using popular and very generic and common hashtags like “fashion”, “love”, “nature”, “best photo” and so on. You make it easier for bots to target you and spam on your profile. Try to use specific hashtags that are relevant and not far-fetched. 

4. Turn off “similar account”

When you turn off “Similar Accounts” you don’t know what a great thing you are doing!

This setting will not allow your account to be suggested to random people on Instagram who can be potential spam bot profiles. 

All you need to do is, go to “Edit Profile “ and untick the option “Show account suggestion on profiles.”

5. Go private

You can also choose to make your account a private account. This enables you to check who is following you. You can easily bar anyone from commenting on your profile as well. 

6. Block and report

Have you received a spam message or a fishy comment on your post? Then don’t waste your time! Immediately block the account and report it to Instagram. This enables you to get rid of the account and contact you further in the future. 

However, you need to do this manually. It’s easy though - Go to the user you want to block and report and tap on the three dots near the profile. Select “Report,” and that’s all! 

7. Use third-party tools

The trustworthy and permanent solution to avoid spam bots is using third-party tools. Softwares like CommentGuard, Statusbrew and Sprout Social offer advanced spam-blocking facilities that can help you with this problem.

To end with

Spam bots are a serious threat to your profile, and it’s cancerous! If you don’t take proper steps to limit their access to your account, you may end up in a mess!

The enticement of more followers in a short time is risky, and you never get original followers. The key is to go slow - remember the old phrase?

Slow and steady wins the race! So, don’t rush! Be sensible and use the techniques to prevent spam bots on Instagram from harming your account. 

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