How To See And Log Unwanted People Out Of Your Streaming Service?


It is common to share your Hulu or Netflix password with a friend and forget about it. Allowing others to use your streaming subscriptions is good as long as you are in touch with them. But often, this isn't the case.

Usually, people share their subscriptions more widely than they admit. As a result, their account credentials continue to remain with those with whom they have long lost contact. This undesired account sharing isn't good for your privacy.

Moreover, if you have shared your password with many people, it can be hard to remember all of them. Luckily, there's a simple solution. You can easily check and log out people with whom you are no longer in contact or with whom you don't prefer to share the password of your subscription.

Why should you log out people from your streaming service?

It's important to regularly check how many people are using your streaming subscription. This is essential for several reasons.

The first reason is your online privacy. Sharing passwords to let someone access your streaming service account can expose them to your data. They can glean everything, such as your history and even the payment information. Moreover, if you use a password for varied accounts, they can come to know about that as well.


The other reason is related to the cost. Streaming content online through these services is getting more expensive by the day. It is one reason why people resort to rooting and jailbreaking their Android devices like Fire Stick and Roku.

Through these processes, they can get past the restrictions placed on their devices. It then becomes easy to access apps that are otherwise inaccessible.

Those who discover Firestick jailbreaking methods gain access to free streaming apps like Cinema APK and Cyberflix TV. These allow them to stream content without paying a subscription fee.

Finally, if too many people are logged into your streaming service, it can disrupt the entire experience. This is because most major services only allow a specific number of screens to stream content at once. Sharing your password with too many people, most of whom are logged in can leave you with a blank screen.

Logging out users from Netflix

Netflix password sharing is the most common. Use these steps to check and log out unwanted users.

Step-by-step guide to signing out of Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

1. Access your Netflix account and tap on your profile.

2. Next, choose 'Account.'

3. Tap 'Manage access and devices' in the 'Security & Privacy' section.

4. You will see all the devices using your Netflix subscription.

5. Tap 'Sign out' on any of the entries in this list.

6. To log out of all Netflix sessions on every device, tap 'Sign out of all devices.' This is present below the 'Manage access and devices' section.

At this point, you can go ahead and change your password.

7. To do so, go to the Account screen and tap 'Change password.'

8. Input another password.

9. Check the box 'Require all devices to sign in again with a new password.'

Log out unwanted users from Disney Plus

If you want to sign out unwanted users from your Disney Plus account, use these steps:

1. Launch Disney Plus on your web browser.

2. Tap your profile image.

3. Now, click the 'Edit profiles' option.

4. Now, tap the profile of the unwanted user.

5. Select 'Delete profile.'

6. The profile of the unwanted user has been removed.

POINT TO NOTE: If someone knows your password, you will need to create a new one to eliminate their access. Visit your Account page and edit the password. Create a new one so that no one whom you don't know can use your account to stream content.

Sign out unwanted users from Hulu

On Hulu, you can only log out users using the service's website. It is not possible to sign people out of this streaming service on its mobile app.

Understanding Hulu's advertising model

1. Head to Hulu on the web.

2. Put your cursor on your profile and choose 'Account.'

3. Now, select 'Manage devices.'

4. You will see a list of devices logged into your Hulu account.

5. Here, you can also view the date when you added them.

6. Tap 'Remove' beside any device on this list.

Log out people from Max

Logging unwanted or freeloaders out of Max (formerly HBO Max) is pretty straightforward. Follow these steps.

1. Access your Max account and tap on your profile.

2. From the menu, choose 'Profile.'

3. Now, tap the 'Edit profile' button.

4. Input your password twice.

5. Now, return to the profile menu and choose 'Manage devices.'

6. Tap the button, 'Sign All Devices Out.'

Log out users from Amazon Prime

You can see and log out unwanted users on the Amazon Prime Video website and the mobile app.

amazon prime

1. Tap the gear icon on the Amazon Prime Video website.

2. Select 'Settings' followed by 'Your devices.'

3. Now, you will see a device list using your account.

4. You will also see the Amazon services that all these devices are using.

5. If you find any suspicious items in this list, tap 'Deregister' to remove them.

To remove devices on the Amazon Prime Video mobile app, tap 'My stuff' followed by 'Registered devices.'

Unfortunately, there isn't any way to change your Amazon Prime Video password alone. To do so, you have to change the credentials of your Amazon account.

Log out users from Peacock TV

Peacock does not give you the option to log out particular users or devices from your account. You can sign out all the devices at once.

1. Log into your Peacock account and tap your profile icon.

2. Choose 'Account' followed by 'Devices.'

3. This list will give you all the devices signed into your account.

4. Tap 'Sign out all' to remove all these devices.

5. If you prefer to change the password, go to the 'Settings' tab and tap the 'Reset password' link.

Log out users from Apple TV Plus

Anyone who has your Apple ID credentials can use it to watch Apple TV Plus. To find out who is using your account, follow these steps.

apple tv +

1. On the Apple TV app, go to the 'Watch now' tab.

2. Tap 'See all' besides 'Recently watched.'

3. Here you can find the names of all the movies and shows that have been watched from your account.

4. If you don't recognize some of them, it is likely that your account is being used by another person.

5. Go to 'Account' on the Apple TV app, and choose 'Account Settings.'

6. Now, tap 'Manage devices.'

7. To remove a device, tap the 'Remove' button beside it.

8. At this point, you may change your password as well. Go to 'Password & Security' and tap 'Change password.'

NOTE: Changing the password will log you out of all your Apple devices. 

Wrapping up

Sharing the credentials of your streaming subscriptions can best be justified if it involves only a handful of individuals whom you fully trust. But sharing your password with many people and getting busy with life will risk your privacy.

This article has covered the process of logging out users from almost all popular streaming services. If you use any one or more of them, use the relevant steps to sign out unwanted users and keep your account and data secure.

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