How To Set Up ZeroTwo Bot On Discord


Discord is a social media application used mostly by young generation. These youngsters come there to hang out with people to pass the time. They join communities also known as Discord servers where they find people with the same interests as them.

These servers are managed by admins and moderators. Sometimes, when these servers grow very large, admins and mods start using Bots like Zero Two to manage the servers as well as to keep the members engaged because Zero Two bot has many games and other interactive features that the users can use without getting bored. 

If you are a server admin and want to Set Up Zero Two Bot on your Discord Server, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will show you how you can easily invite Zero Two Bot to your Discord Server in a few simple steps. So read the full guide.  

What is Zero Two Discord Bot?

What is Zero Two Discord Bot

Bots are programs created to be used by the user by giving a command. They help in automating tasks in a server like sending a welcome message, moderation, etc. Discord bots also help in increasing engagement because they come with various features.

Zero Two Bot is a multi-purpose discord bot created by CloverWorks based on the character Zero Two from the anime Darling in the FranXX. It was created in 2018 and since then more than 1.2M+ servers have been using it because of its features. 

Zero Two Bot has multiple features like server moderation, role settings, card games, role play, marriages, etc. We will look at more features of Zero Two Bot later in this article.


Here is a list of features that Zero Two Bot offers that make it one of the best bots:

  1. Moderation - Zero Two bot helps you in moderation. With this bot, you can ban someone, set some rules, blacklist words, etc.
  1. Role Play - With Zero Two Bot, you can do things like clapping, pouting, staring, etc. This is a good feature when you are interacting with users and having fun.
  2. Card Games - This is a popular feature of this bot. You can play card games on the server with others, You can use credits in the game which you can earn by doing work like voting, watching ads, etc.
  1. Server Role - Manage and create server roles that the members can choose for themselves. It helps categorize the server.
  2. Marriage - You can marry someone using this bot. You have to use /marry command to ask someone to marry you in the server. 
  3. Mini Games - It comes with many mini-games like Rock Paper Scissor, Minesweeper, Dice Games, etc to keep the members engaged. 
  4. Greeting Messages - Set up custom messages when someone joins or leaves the server using the Zero Two Bot. 
  5. Economy - You can set up a shop from where users can buy things. You can also check how much money you have, check your inventory, etc.

How to setup Zero Two Bot on Discord server?

How to Setup Zero Two Bot on Discord Server

Now that you know about what Zero Two Bot is, and what features it offers, let's have a look at How to Setup Zero Two Bot on your Discord Server in a few simple easy steps.

Just follow these steps and you will have zero two bot in your server. 

Step 1.: First of all, log in to your Discord App. 

Step 2.: Now go to the official website of Zero Two Bot by clicking here.

Step 3.: On the homepage, you will find “Invite” Button. Click on it to add it to your discord server. 

Step 4.: Now you will be asked to select the server where you want to install this bot. Select the server and click on Continue. 

Step 5.: In this step, the bot will ask for authorization of some permissions. You can check whether you want to authorize some permissions or not. It is recommended to give all the permissions and then click on Authorize. 

Step 6.: In this final step, the bot will ask you to fill in a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. Fill in the captcha and click on verify. 

Congratulations! You have successfully added Zero Two Bot to your Discord Server. Now you can start using it by giving commands to the bot.

Zero Two Bot commands list 

Zero Two Bot Commands List

After you have set up Zero Two Bot on your server, you and the other members can start using it by typing the commands in a channel. 

Here is a list of commands you can give the bot: 

Info commands

  • /helpUse - The command to know how the bot works. 
  • /inviteInvite - The bot to a channel with this command.
  • /support - Go to the support server. 
  • /premium - Find details about Zero Two Premium. 
  • /avatarCheck - Another user’s avatar. 
  • /pingCheck - If the bot is online.
  • /language - You can change the bot language with this.

Moderation commands

  • /settings view - View server settings
  • /settings moderation setup - Simple setup command! Creates a category, 2 channels & Balanced preset
  • /settings moderation presets - Choose your Moderation preset
  • /settings moderation log_channel - Choose a channel to log moderation actions
  • /settings moderation detection_channel - Choose a channel to log moderation detections that may need your attention. Option to choose a notify role.
  • /settings moderation whitelist - Whitelist Channels & Roles from the moderation system

Welcome & role select 

  • /settings view - View server settings
  • /settings welcome_channel - Choose a channel to welcome new users in
  • /settings leave_channel - Choose a channel to wave goodbye to server leavers
  • /settings welcome_leave_messageSet - The join/leave messages
  • /role select setup - Setup reaction Role Select in your server
  • /role select edit - Edit & Delete an existing Reaction Role Select embed

Card game

  • /card upgrade - Sacrifice duplicate cards to upgrade a card to a new tier!
  • /card list - List all of your cards or another user’s
  • /card show - View an image of a card
  • /deck create - Create your deck of cards
  • /deck battle - Battle another user with your deck
  • /deck edit - Edit your deck
  • /deck view - View your deck
  • /deck rename - Rename your deck
  • /deck delete - Delete your deck
  • /klaxo spawn - Team up and defend your server from Klaxosaurs for rewards!

Economy & shop

  • /voteUpvote - ZeroTwo, get reminders & receive rewards
  • /watchWatch - Videos for rewards
  • /balanceView - Your balance or someone else's
  • /payTransfer - Another user some Credits or Sentiment
  • /shop view - View the items in the shop
  • /shop buy - Buy an item from the shop
  • /inventory - View your inventory
  • /useUse - An item from your inventory


  • /profile edit - Edit your profile
  • /profile background - Select a background for your profile
  • /profile view - View your profile or someone else's
  • /marry - Marry someone, find love
  • /divorce - End a relationship... awks
  • /timezone set - Set your timezone
  • /timezone view - View someone's timezone


  • /games coinflip - Flip a coin
  • /games rps - Play Rock, Paper, Scissors against me
  • /games minesweeper - Avoid the mines!
  • /games double_dice - Roll 2 dice

Emojis & Stickers

  • /emote manager - Set a role to manage Emojis & Stickers, that bypasses default access permissions (Manage Emojis & Stickers)
  • /statsShow - Emoji and Sticker stats
  • /filterApply - filters to Emojis & Images like B&W, Sepia & Mirrored
  • /role_icon - Change the role icon of a role
  • /delete_all - Delete all stickers and/or emojis
  • /emotes - Show all emojis in the server
  • /emote add - Add an emoji to the server
  • /emote delete - Delete an emoji from your server
  • /emote rename - Rename an emoji in your server
  • /emote big - Get a big version of your emoji
  • /emote import - Import emojis to the server via .zip file
  • /emote export - Export all emojis
  • /stickers - Show all stickers in the server
  • /sticker add - Add a sticker to the server
  • /sticker delete - Delete a sticker from your server
  • /sticker rename - Rename a sticker in your server
  • /sticker big - Get a big version of a sticker
  • /sticker export - Export all stickers

Roleplay commands

  • /ask - Use this command to ask the bot questions
  • /bite - You can tell people that you are biting someone
  • /blush - This command tells that you are blushing 
  • /clap - Start clapping
  • /cry - Shows that you are crying 
  • /cuddle - Use it to tell someone that you want to cuddle them
  • /dance - This shows that you are dancing
  • /facepalm - Facepalm
  • /glare - STARE
  • /greet - Ohayo
  • /highfive - Up top!
  • /hug - Hug monster #2!
  • /kiss - Smoooooch :*
  • /laugh - *Giggle*
  • /lick - Lick
  • /patpat - Pat
  • /poke - Poke someone
  • /pout - Begin pouting
  • /purr - Meow
  • /run - Naruto run
  • /sad - Sadge
  • /shipsee - How compatible people are
  • /shrug - Shrug confused
  • /shy - Shy uwu
  • /slap - Slapppp
  • /smile - Cheeeeeese
  • /stare - Stare at a user
  • /wasted - Shows that you are wasted
  • /zerotwo - Ohayo Darlings

Remove Zero Two Discord bot from the server

Remove Zero Two Discord Bot from the Server

If you want to remove Zero Two Bot from your Discord Server, follow these steps.

Step 1.: Go to the server from where you want to delete the Zero Two Bot. 

Step 2.: Now in the members list, find Zero Two Bot and Right Click on it. 

Step 3.: You will see 3 options now. Click on Kick Zero Two. 

Step 4.: In this final step, the bot will ask for a reason. Write any reason or leave it blank and click on Kick. 

This will remove Zero Two Bot from your Discord Server. You can set up Zero Two Bot again by following the above steps if you want. 


Zero Two Bot is a great multi-purpose bot that you can install on your server for moderation, automation and to increase engagement on your server. You can set roles for members, play card games, set moderation rules in the server, etc using Zero Two Bot. 

If you want to set up Zero Two Bot on your Discord Server, read the above-given step-by-step guide. After following it completely, the bot will be added to your server which you and the members can use by giving it commands. You can also find the Zero Two Bot Commands above in this article. 

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