How To Set Up Zira Bot On Discord


Discord is a social media app that comes with many unique features. Discord communities also known as servers are one such thing that makes Discord so popular. However, these servers are not easy to manage. 

To manage these servers, the admins assign roles to the members. In big servers, it becomes a little difficult. To make it easy, servers use Zira Discord Bot. This bot helps automate the process of assigning roles. 

If a server admin sets up Zira Bot in their Discord Server, the members can auto-assign roles for themselves. It is a very easy-to-use bot. And if you are wondering how you can set up Zira Bot on your Discord server, then worry not. 

In this article, we will talk about what is Zira Bot, how to invite it to your server, how to set roles using Zira Bot, Zira Bot Commands, etc

What is Zira Discord Bot?

Founded in 2017, Zira is an auto role-assigning bot. With this bot on your server, you don't need to care about assigning roles to members. 

What is Zira Discord Bot

You just set up Zira Bot and the members can assign roles for them by reacting to a message. 

It has many features. You can set her to assign roles to new members without them needing to react to a message. You can select 4 different types of roles: Once, toggle, remove, and normal role. 

Zira Bot can also be assigned to send welcome or leave messages in a channel when a member joins or leaves. 

Zira Bot has a premium version as well which has many premium features which you can avail of by buying the premium version from the official site. 

How to Invite Zira Discord Bot to your server?

Inviting Zira Discord Bot to your server is very easy just like any other bot. However if you have not invited any other bot before, here is a step-by-step guide on how to invite Zira bot to Discord. 

Step 1. Go to the official Zira Bot site. You can click here to go to the official site. 

Step 2. Click on the Add to Server button. It will be blue in color. 

Step 3. You will be redirected to the Discord App or Web version. Here, select the server where you want to install Zira Bot and Click on Continue. 

Step 4. Now a page will open asking for permissions. Select the permissions you want to give to Zira Bot and click on Authorize. 

Step 5. After this, fill out a captcha to prove you are not a robot. 

After filling in the captcha, you can go to the server where you installed Zira Bot and find in the members list that Zira Bot is successfully there. 

How to set reaction roles using Zira Discord Bot?

After inviting the Zira Discord Bot to your server, it is now time to learn how to set reaction roles in your Discord Server. 

zira reaction roles

Follow these steps if you want to set reaction roles using Zira Bot: 

  1. Go to the server settings by right-clicking on your server and clicking on settings. 

  2. Now click on Roles. This will give you the settings for roles. 

  3. Click on Add Role and create a few roles that you want. 

  4. Now go back to the server and create a new channel. You can create a new channel by clicking on the + sign in the left pane under your server name. 

  5. Now in the channel send /channel. This will set this channel as active where users will be assigned their role.

  6. In this step, type /message send [content] and press enter. In the [content], write whatever you want where users can react to get the role. 

  7. In the final step, type /add [type] [emoji] [role]. In the type, select the kind of role you want to assign(normal, once, remove, toggle). In the emoji select the emoji with which people should react and in the role, select the role they will be assigned. 

Now the members can come to this channel and react to the set message with an emoji and they will be assigned a role of their choice.  

Zira Bot commands

Commands are messages that you send to a server to which a bot responds. Each bot has a unique set of commands. 

Here is a list of Zira Bot commands that you can use: 


/normal – used to set normal roles to the currently selected active message.

/once – used to add a one-time reaction role to your currently selected active message.

/remove – adds a reaction role that removes a role from a user to the currently selected active message.

/toggle – adds a toggled role to the currently selected active message.

/timed – will give a user a role a set amount of time after joining the server.

/delete – removes reaction roles from a message.

/delete all – will remove all reaction roles from a single message.

/autorole – will automatically set roles for users and bots upon joining the guild without the need to react.

/list – shows all the current reaction roles set up for your guild.

/voice – adds roles to users based on their attendance in a voice channel automatically.

/dm – toggles the ability to send users a direct message whenever they react to a reaction role.


/log – allows server owners to set a logging channel for Zira reaction roles.

/join – allows Zira to send join messages to a specified channel.

/leave – allows Zira to send leave messages to a specified channel.


/suggestion – used to set up a suggestion system with Zira.

/suggest – allows users to submit suggestions to the suggestion system.

/approve – used to approve a suggestion and if configured, move it to the approved suggestion channel.

/deny – used to deny a suggestion and if configured, move it to the denied suggestion channel.

/maybe – used to potentially approve a suggestion and if configured, move it to the potential suggestion channel.

/invalid – used to mark a suggestion as spam or invalid and if configured, move it to the /invalid suggestion channel.


zira discord bot commands

/config – provides users with miscellaneous configuration commands.

/rooms – allows users to create private voice channels.

/colors – used to create 8 color roles in your guild.

Zira Bot not working

There will be times when you will see that the Zira Bot is not responding to commands or not assigning roles. If in case, Zira Bot is not working, you can try these fixes. 

  • Not Responding to Commands: This issue occurs if the bot is missing read, write, embed, etc permissions. You can fix this issue by giving Zira Bot the required permissions. 

  • Zira Stopped Adding Reaction to Messages: This issue arises when you forget to set the active channel and the message. You can fix this by setting the acting channel using /channel [channel name] and the message using /message send [content] command. 

  • Zira Bot Not Assigning Roles But Adding Reactions: If you are facing this issue in your discord server, it is because either the Bot does not have Manage Roles permission or the role the bot is assigning is higher than itself. 

Remove Zira Bot from the server

If you want to get rid of Zira bot from your server, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the server from where you want to delete Zira Discord Bot. 

  2. Go to the members list and find Zira Bot.

  3. Right-click on it. A menu will appear. 

  4. Select Kick Zira if you want to delete it temporarily or else click on Ban.

  5. Next Dialogue box will ask for a reason. Leave it blank and click on Kick or Ban. 

This will remove Zira Bot from your server. 


Zira Bot is a very easy-to-use Discord bot that makes reaction roles very easy. It is the only bot that you will need for role assignment. 

After reading this article, I hope you were able to invite the Zira Discord bot to your server and set it up for people to self-assign reaction roles. 

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section. 

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