How to Use Arcane Discord Bot: Arcane Bot Commands


Today we spend a good part of our time on social media platforms and Discord is one of them.

Currently, there are more than 250 million users on Discord that use it to communicate via text, video calls, voice calls, etc. in private chat, or as part of any group/community which we generally name as “server”.

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These servers are like groups where people join to be with like-minded people. These servers are managed by admins and moderators. 

They sometimes use bots as well to make sure the server remains active as well as moderated. Arcane is one such bot that helps in moderation. It also has many more features like leveling that help in increasing the server activity. 

Today in this article, we will talk about What is Arcane Bot, its uses, how to use arcane bot, and arcane bot commands, etc.

What is an arcane bot?

A bot is a software specially designed to perform a specific task repetitively. These bots run when a specific command is given. These bots are used because they are faster and more efficient. 

what is arcane bot

Arcane is a multi-purpose discord bot. It can be used to perform tasks like sending youtube notifications to your discord server automatically, keeping log records, etc.

Arcane is also used by more than a million servers because of leveling and moderation features along with many more features. 

Features of arcane discord bot

These are some of the features that Arcane Bot offers. 

Youtube notifications: A user can use the Arcane bot to send notifications of their youtube channels to their subscribers through Discord so that they can maximize the number of views and also can easily promote their content.

Log records: Arcane bot is good at keeping log records. You can see the users who have joined and left your server. It also keeps a record of chats up to one hour in the free version and up to 12 hours in the premium version

Leveling: By using Arcane Bot, you can appoint different roles, rewards, and leaderboards. This enables the administrator of the server to assign the created custom roles to users as a reward for reaching different levels or completing the goal. 

Administrators can create a leaderboard that displays the rank of users to create a sense of competition among users and make them strive for more similar to some popular games like pubg, Call of Duty, etc which make it addictive and competitive. 

The arcane bot also gives the option to change the leveling system by changing the amount of XP required for different levels, blacklisting unfair ways to gain the XP, and creating many more tasks or setting up rules for XP.

Voice leveling: Arcane bot keeps a record of voice activity also. Using this we can promote active users in a voice conversation as we can easily segregate the inactive, mute, or less active users to make it more interactive. 

Moderation: Arcane bot gives power to the administrator to control the environment of the server via a moderation tool. This tool enables admins to give commands for warning, kicking, muting and even banning anti-social elements. It also prevents swearing, stalking, spamming, etc.

Auto-moderation: While the administrator of the server is inactive, the Arcane bot can do auto-moderation. It works as per the custom rule created by the administrator to maintain the atmosphere of the server.

Reaction role: This feature of the Arcane bot enables users to assign themselves roles by reacting to a message with a specific emoji.

How to install arcane discord bot to a server?

Now that we know what is Arcane Bot and the features it offers, let's see how to install it to our server to be able to use Arcane Bot on our server. 

How to Install Arcane Discord Bot to a Server

You just have to follow these easy steps given below:

  • First of all, we should visit the official website of Arcane bot and click on the “Add to discord” option.
  • It will redirect you to Discord’s login page. There you have to enter your login credentials and click on Login
  • Now another page opens where it will ask you to choose the server where you want to install Arcane Bot. Select the server from the drop-down menu and click on Next. 
  • Now you will be asked to give permissions on your discord server.
  • At last, you will need to solve a captcha to prove you are not a bot, as you verify Arcane bot will be added to your Discord server and ready for use.

List of arcane bot commands

Now if you want to know how to use Arcane Bot, you need to know the Arcane Commands. Because commands are how you interact with bots on a server. 

List of Arcane Bot Commands

Here is a list of Arcane commands and their uses.

  • /roleinfo: This command is used to get information about a role on the Discord server.
  • /serverinfo: This command is used to get information about your server like the number of members, rules, etc.
  • /support: This command takes you to the support page of the bot. 
  • /userinfo: This Arcane bot command is used to get basic information about the user.
  • /avatar: This command is used to see a user’s avatar.
  • /kick: As it's clear by its name this command is used to kick out a user by another user from the server.
  • /mute: This command is used to mute a user on a server either permanently or temporarily depending on the requirement.
  • /unmute: This command works opposite to the mute command. Using this you can unmute the already muted member on the server.
  • /lock: if any channel is provided in your Discord server we can lock it using this command, if any channel is not provided it will lock the current channel.
  • /ban: It can be used to ban any member permanently or temporarily depending on the condition in order to regulate the server and make it user-friendly.
  • /warn: This Arcane bot command is used to issue a warning to a member of the Discord server.
  • /reason: This Arcane bot command is used to update the reason on a moderation log case.
  • /level: it can be used to know the user’s level, XP, and rank. Using this user can see other user’s levels, XP, and rank.
  • /Ib: This command is used to see the top 10 users of the server.
  • /clear: By using this command a user can delete the desired number of messages in the Discord server.
  • /dashboard: Using this command, the admin can go to the dashboard from where you can make edits to the bot settings. 
  • /history view user: it displays mutes, kicks, bans, and warning given to the user on the server.
  • /history reset: Using this command a user can reset hisher history.
  • /history view case: By using this command the user can view a case by ID.
  • /slowdown: This command helps to edit the slow mode value for a channel.
  • /card color progressbar: A user can update or change the color of the progress bar using this command.
  • /card color font: A user can update the card font color using this command.
  • /card image set: A user can set the card image using this command.
  • /card image remove: A user can remove the card’s background image using this command.
  • /card opacity: A user can adjust the card’s opacity using this command.
  • /card reset: A user can reset hisher rank card back to default using this command.

Arcane discord bot not working

There are times when some bots stop working on Discord. Arcane Bot is no exception. If the Arcane bot stops working it may be because of Discord Server Outage or the bot might be offline

To make it work again, check if it has all the necessary permissions needed.

You can also try reinstalling the bot if the bot stops working again and again. 


If you own a server or manage one on Discord, Arcane Bot can come in very handy. It is one of the best bots available to get rid of toxic people from your server along with increasing the engagement on the server by members

We hope that this helped you to successfully understand what Arcane bot is, how to install and use it, etc. If you face any problems, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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