How to Use Bongo Discord Bot (Bongo Bot Commands)


Have you been a card games fan when you were a kid? Kids in the 90s used to be huge card game fans. They used to collect cards to show them off to their friends. 

These days, you can collect these cards and show them off to your Discord friends using Bongo Bot. This bot has more than 70,000 Gacha characters that you can spawn into cards. 

There are many more features that this bot offers. If you own a Discord Server or manage a Discord, you can install Bongo Discord Bot to the server and start collecting cards and doing other things like playing music, memes, etc.  

And If you need to learn how to install and use Bongo Discord Bot, and about Bongo Commands then no problem, you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will look at how you can use Bongo Bot, which is, you will learn how to use Bongo Bot Commands. So let us start. 

What is a Bongo Discord Bot?

Bongo Discord Bot is a bot that combines gaming with music. It has various features such as music, games, memes, etc. 

bongo discord bot

Using this bot, you can play music in audio channels from multiple sources such as YouTube, control their volumes, and more. These are also responsible for assisting you game with your friends on Discord, which makes it an integral part of the application. 

Bongo is a moderation bot in Discord which has a library of commands that can be used for various features, as we mentioned above. 

It has interactive features with over 300 commands and 70,000 characters. 

Now that you have understood what Bongo Bot is, let us dive into the main question; how to use Bongo Discord Bot?

How to use Bongo Discord Bot 

We hope you now understand what Bongo Discord Bot is and how it can enhance your experience on Discord. So without any delay, let's look at how to install the Bongo Bot to your Discord Server. 

How to invite a Bongo Bot?

To use the Bongo Bot, you must first know how to invite it, and therefore the first step we will take in the process is to invite the Bongo Bot into your Discord server. 

  • The process is simple: go to the official Bongo page and look for Invite. You can use this link to invite it as well. 
  • You will be taken to the Discord Login Page. Use your Login Credentials to invite Bongo Music Bot to your Discord Server. 
  • Now you will have to select the discord server where you want to install the Bongo Bot. Then Click on Continue. 
  • Now to complete the process, Bongo Bot will ask for a few permissions, select Authorise, and answer the captcha. Open Discord, navigate to the server you have invited Bongo Bot to, and you are ready to go!

What are Bongo Bot commands and how to use them?

You now have successfully installed Bongo Bot on one of your Discord servers following the step above; now it's time to learn what are Bongo Commands the use of Bongo commands.

What are Bongo Bot commands and how to use them

Commands are instructions that you type in the discord server with a prefix that is “/” followed by a set word. After you type this command, the bot will do what you want. 

List of Bongo commands

As promised, we looked at where you can find the Bongo Bot Commands; now, we will list the most basic commands and help you understand each of their purposes.

  • /character: With this command, Roll a random character on Discord within a time limit and claim them.
  • /buywaifu: If you want to purchase a waifu character and view the required points for the transaction, use this command.
  • /buywaifulist: Use the command to see the list of waifus you have purchased.
  • /cooldowns: View the cooldowns for various commands if you are repeating commands, 
  • /disablecharacterlist: This will display the list of disabled characters in the bot. 
  • /disableseries: Disable a series from character rolls.
  • /enableseries: To enable a series from the disabled series list, use this command.
  • /guesswaifu: Enjoy a guessing game by receiving a random character with a hint and image.
  • /imagedump: Access a gallery of images of a specific character.
  • /nicknamelist: View all the nicknames associated with a character.
  • /nicknamelistspoilers: Display the spoiler nicknames for a character.
  • /play: This command adds music to the queue and plays it on Discord audio channel. 
  • /back: Use the command to play the previous song in the queue.
  • /bass: Adjust the music settings by manipulating the bass of the song. 
  • /pause: This command will pause the song that is playing. 
  • /removedupes: Remove duplicate tracks from the music queue from the audio channel. 
  • /replay: Replay the previous song with this command.
  • /resume: Resume the music player after pausing in the audio channel. 

Bongo Bot also has a few unique commands such as to obtain a reaction. 

  • /attack: With this command, your Bongo Bot will react to an attack by you through an image. 
  • /bite: This command will react to you getting bitten. 

Complete set of commands

You might have already noticed that to make a command work, you have a specific term for each task and you add /as a prefix to it. Here is the full set of commands for various functions. 

bongo music


With Bongo Music Bot, you can play music in the background of your audio channels. Here are all the music commands for bongo bot. 

  • /back: Play the previous song in the queue with this command. 
  • /bass: Adjust the bass of the music or track with this command.
  • /fastforward: Use this to fast forward the current song.
  • /goto: Move the song to a specific time in hours:minutes:seconds.
  • /join: Join a voice channel.
  • /jumpqueue: Jump to a particular song in the queue with this command. 
  • /lastplayed: This will list the most recently played songs.
  • /leave: Leave the music channel by using this command.
  • /leavecleanup: Remove songs requested by users who left.
  • /loop: Change the loop setting for the queue or repeat.
  • /lyrics: Show the lyrics of the current song.
  • /move: Swap positions of two songs in the queue.
  • /nightcore: Enable or disable nightcore mode.
  • /nowplaying: View the currently playing song.
  • /pause: Pause the currently playing song.
  • /play: Add a song to the queue to be played next.
  • /playlist: Create a playlist and perform related functions.
  • /playnext: Add a song as the next song in the queue.
  • /playskip: Skip the current song and play the requested song next.
  • /queue: List the songs in the queue.
  • /radio: Play music from preset radio stations.
  • /replay: Replay a recently played track and add it to the end of the queue.
  • /resume: Resume playing the paused song.
  • /rewind: Rewind the current song.
  • /search: Search for a song or track.
  • /shuffle: Shuffle the songs in the queue.
  • /skip: Skip the current song.
  • /stop: Clear the queue and stop playing music.
  • /swap: Swap the positions of two songs in the queue.
  • /voteskip: Vote to skip the current song (adjustable in music settings).
  • /volume: Adjust the volume intensity.


  • /buy: Purchase characters, claims, discounts, waifus, and more.
  • /buy claim: Reset your claim using this command.
  • /buy rolls: Reset your rolls for 30,000.
  • /buysuperrolls: Purchase super rolls with this command.
  • /buywaifu: Buy global waifus if you want to.
  • /buywaifulist: View the waifus that you have purchased.
  • /character: Roll any character.
  • /characterall: Roll all character rolls continuously.
  • /cooldowns: View the list of cooldowns.
  • /customwaifu: Add, remove, update, or search for custom waifus.
  • /disablecharacter: Disable a character from your rolls.
  • /disablecharacterlist: View your disabled character list.
  • /disableseries: Disable a series from your rolls.
  • /disableserieslist: View your disabled series list.
  • /divorcewaifu: Remove a character from your waifu list.
  • /enablecharacter: Enable a character from your disabled character list.
  • /enableseries: Enable a series from your disabled series list.
  • /favorite: Mark a waifu as your favorite or purchase a new waifu.
  • /forcedivorceoldclaimers: Remove characters of old claimers.
  • /forceremoveoldwishlist: Remove wishlists of old claimers.
  • /forceremovewishlist: Force the removal of a wishlist.
  • /forceremovewishlistleavers: Remove wishlists for leavers.
  • /forcewaifudivorce: Force a waifu divorce.
  • /forcewaifudivorceleavers: Divorce waifus of leavers.
  • /guessseries: Receive a series to guess.
  • /guesswaifu: Get a waifu to guess along with an image and hint.
  • /husbando: Roll male or unknown gender characters.
  • /husbandoall: Roll all husbando rolls continuously.
  • /imagedump: View all images of a specific character.
  • /loot: Get a chance at rolls, claims, or points every 10 minutes.
  • /nicknamelist: View the nicknames for a character.
  • /nicknamelistspoilers: View spoiler nicknames of a character.
  • /sellboughtwaifu: Sell a bought waifu.
  • /seriesinfo: View information about a series.
  • /setimage: Set the image for a character.
  • /snapwaifus: Randomly snap a percentage of characters in your server.
  • /superroll: Roll the top 2% rank of unclaimed characters.
  • /superrollall: Roll all of the super rolls without interruption.
  • /topbuywaifu: List the top bought waifus.
  • /topwaifu: List the top characters by specified rank.
  • /trade: Trade or give points, series, or characters.
  • /unfavorite: Remove a waifu from your favorites or unbuywaifu.
  • /upgrade: Access the upgrade shop.
  • /usebankrolls: Use bank rolls received from voting.
  • /waifu: Roll female or unknown gender characters.
  • /waifuall: Roll all waifu rolls continuously.
  • /waifuinfo: Look up information and images of a character.
  • /waifulist: View your waifu list.
  • /waifuremaining: Show the number of remaining waifus.
  • /waifuseries: Search for characters by series.
  • /wishlist: Manage public or private wishlists, add or remove waifus or series.


  • attack: attacks!
  • bite: bites...?
  • blush: blushes 
  • bonk: BONK!
  • boop: boops
  • cookie: give or get a cookie
  • cringe: wow big cringe
  • cry: cries
  • cuddle: cuddles owo
  • dab: dabs
  • dance: dances
  • delet: delet this
  • die: die
  • dodge: dodges
  • donut: give or get a donut
  • fbi: FBI OPEN UP!
  • fuel: give or get some gamer fuel
  • hide: hides
  • hug: give or get a hug owo
  • b: kidnap
  • kill: kill someone
  • kiss: kisses OwO
  • lewdno: that's too lewd
  • lewdyes: that's lewd, but I want more.
  • lick: licks, rero rero rero rero
  • nobulli: pls no bulli
  • nom: noms
  • pat: pats uwu
  • pizza: give or get pizza
  • pout: pouts, hmph
  • protect: must protecc
  • ramen: give or get ramen
  • rekt: boom roasted - get rekt
  • slap: slaps
  • sleepy: yawn...
  • smile: smiles 
  • smug: smugs
  • spank: spanks
  • stares: stalks
  • sugoi: Wow! Sugoi!
  • thot: B E G O N E T H O T
  • wasted: wasted
  • weebalert: W E E B A L E R T
  • wtf: bruh, wtf


  • america: american flag gif... America!!
  • blurpify: blurpifies an image
  • bobross: happy little accidents 
  • colorify: Colours an image (similar to blurpify)
  • communism: communism gif. It's our image.
  • dateline: take a seat over there...
  • deepfry: deep fries an image
  • dio: KONO DIO DA!
  • elonmusktweet: elon really tweeted this
  • halloweenify: halloweenifies an image
  • hot: awww, that's hot, that's hot
  • jail: jail time
  • jojokira: Kira started feeling something
  • jojoshock: Yukako is shocked at this image!
  • jojosmile: Jotaro smiled at this 
  • jojowallet: I keep this in my wallet at all times
  • pengu: pengu has something to show
  • pregnant: they are... pregnant?!?!
  • rdog: use this when someone says something dumb
  • smartcrop: smart crop your image
  • sonicsays: sonic really said this
  • triggered: REEEEEEEEEE
  • trumptweet: trump really tweeted this
  • vsauce: Hey! Vsauce here.
  • water: I'd choose this text over water
  • wtfpikachu: pikachu is creeped out by this


  • /addclaimemoji: Use this command to add an emoji to use for rolling purposes.
  • /blacklist: With this command, you can view the list of blacklisted items or users.
  • /claimemojilist: To view the list of emojis that have already been claimed, use this command.
  • /delete: Delete a specific number of messages from a user.
  • /haremcopy: Patrons can copy their harems from one server to another.
  • /musicsettings: Type this to update the music settings for the server.
  • /mysettings: If you want to update your personal settings.
  • /removeclaimemoji: Remove a claimed emoji from the list.
  • /serversettings: Update the server's overall settings.
  • /whitelist: View the whitelist and remove entries from the blacklist.

BOT Bongo commands

The commands in this category are mostly based on creating characters and related items. 

  • /addcharacter: Create a new character and add them to the bot's database.
  • /addimage: Upload an image to associate with your character.
  • /addseries: Define a series and link it to the bot for reference.
  • /changelog: View the recent changes made to the bot.
  • /donate: Support the bot and gain perks by donating at
  • /help: Get assistance on using various commands. Use the command name as an argument for detailed help.
  • /id: Display your user ID.
  • /invite: Request an invitation to invite the bot to your server.
  • /stats: Show statistics about the bot.
  • /tag: Create custom commands or access existing ones.
  • /tags: List all the custom commands and server commands available.


  • /avatar: Use the command to display the user’s avatar.
  • /daily: Claim daily rewards with this.
  • /footer: use the command to edit the footer on a character.
  • /friend: If you want to make friends, use this. 
  • /friendlist: shows the list of friends.
  • /leaderboard: use this to check the leaderboard of the server.
  • /marry: You can marry a user with this command. 
  • /marrylist: shows a list of marriage lists. 
  • /note: use the command if you want to write a not for some user. 
  • /pokedex: Displays a random Pokemon 
  • /pokemonlist: Displays a list of Pokemon
  • /stones: Displays a user's infinity stone collection
  • /trivia: Take part in a trivia game
  • /unfriend: unfriend another user
  • /unmarry: end your marriage with a user with this command.
  • /user: Get information about a user with this command.
  • /usestones: Make use of your stones.
  • /usestonesteal: Use an infinity stone to steal by using this command.

How to uninstall Bongo Bot from Discord?

Are you not enjoying the Bongo Bot in your Discord server, or you just do not feel its use? Well, worry not. You can easily delete the Bongo Bot from the server where you had previously installed it. 

Just follow these simple steps and the bot will be completely removed. 

  1. Open the server where the Bongo Bot is installed. 
  2. Click on the members in the right corner of the server. 
  3. Find Bongo Bot in the list of members and right-click on it.  
  4. You will find a few options. Click on Kick Bongo. It will open another dialogue box asking if you really want to delete the bot. 
  5. If you are sure, click on Kick. This will get you rid of the Bongo Bot from your Discord Server. 


We have now reached the end of this article, where you learned how to use the Bongo Discord Bot. We started with understanding what Bongo Bot is and how it works for your Discord server.

Further, we understood how to invite a Bongo Bot and what commands to use for each function. A list of all commands has also been listed, so if you need clarification, you can refer to these, and you will have the best experience using Bongo Discord Bot.

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