How To Use Dad Bot For Discord (Dad Bot Commands)


Discord is one of the best social media applications out there these days. It has many features like voice calls, instant messaging, group calls, group chats, video streaming, etc. It also allows server owners to add custom-made bots to automate some tasks or for entertainment and fun purposes to increase user engagement. 

One bot that server owners add to their servers is the Dad Bot. In today’s article, we will see what Dad Bot is, how to invite Dadbot to the discord server, and how to use Dadbot using its commands. So without any further ado, let's look into it. 

What is Dad Discord Bot? 

Dad Bot is a Discord Bot created by Alek Evans. It is an entertainment bot that auto-responds to messages like dads do in a fun way. It responds to messages if the auto-respond option is not disabled. It helps to increase server engagement because it has some pretty great dad jokes that users love reading. 

What is Dad Discord Bot?


Dad Bot is used on more than 3 million servers because of the features that it comes with. 

Here are a few features that Dad Bot offers:

  1. Auto respond: This is the best feature of Dad Discord Bot. If the auto respond is not turned off, and you send a message in a group that contains words like “I am” or a cuss word, then the bot will respond with a message that will be like your dad is speaking to you. It is hilarious most of the time. 
  2. Embarrass your friends or yourself: Another hilarious feature of this bot is that you can use the embarrass command on your friend or yourself and the bot will type an embarrassing message with your account or your friend’s account. 
  3. Send random images: You can use this bot to send random messages of dads dabbing or some cartoon characters. 
  4. Dad jokes: This bot will make everyone laugh with its hilarious dad jokes. 
  5. Open source: The best thing about this bot is that it is open source. This means other users can add some code to the bot as well. 

How to install and use Dad Bot on Discord server? 

Inviting Dad Bot to a Discord Server is the same as inviting any other bot. However, if you have not invited any other bot before, here is how you can install and add Dad Bot to your Discord Server. 

How to Install and Use DadBot on Discord Server

You just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Dad Discord Bot. You can also find the bot on website as well if the official site is not working. 
  2. Then on the official website, click on the invite button. This will take you to the Discord website. 
  3. Select the server where you want to install the Dad Bot and Click on Continue. 
  4. On the next page, click on Authorize to give Dad Bot some permission in your server for it to work. 
  5. Fill out the Captcha to prove you are not a robot and 
  6. Now go to your server. Here you will find out that the bot is successfully added. 

Now you can use Dad Bot commands to have fun in your server. 

Dad Bot Discord commands

Now that you know how to invite Dad Discord Bot to your server, now is the time you learn about Dad Bot commands and their usage. 

Here, we have compiled a list of Dad Bot Commands for you.

Dad Bot Command Name

Command Usage


This command will display the help menu, including the commands you can issue for the Bot. Use the forward, and backward react to cycle through the menu or stop to close the help menu.


The bot will message the channel about the Patreon page of the creator. We’ve included it for you here if you want to support AlekEagle!


Displays the portfolio of Alek Evans, which includes other creations that he made other than Dad Bot!


This command allows you to invite Dad Bot to another server directly.


Issuing this command will allow you to see other available components not natively built into the bot.


Displays the shard info of the bot


Randomly sends a witty dad joke. If you like dad jokes, make the most out of this command!

Example: What do you get when you drop a red hat into the red sea? A wet hat!


You can use this command to get random funny advice. Here is an example of the advice you get - if you're being robbed just say no you can't legayyly be robbed if u say no.


This command will return a picture of Kumiko Oumae from the Anime Hibike! Euphonium


Sends a random image of Mio Akiyama from the anime K-ON!


Want to embarrass yourself or your friend on a server? Use this command and tag yourself or another user. 

The bot will send an embarrassing message with your username or the mentioned user’s username in the server. 


When you enter this command in a channel, Dad bot will send a picture of a random dad doing a dab. 


Allows you to complain anything and everything to Dad Bot; they would even give you a complaint ID!

Example of how to use the command: d!complain life sucks, I wish I had more money!


Works the opposite of the complaint command. Dad Bot will provide a compliment ID as well!

Example of how to use the command: d!compliment I love dad bot so much


Works similar to complain and compliment, however, you’ll now provide suggestions to make the bot better!

Example of how to use the commands: d!suggest more Anime character commands!


Using this command will allow you to delete your feedback, although I have had issues wherein the bot can not process my command upon using this.


This command will give you the info like number of servers using Dad Bot, uptime, number of messages sent, active users, etc. 


You can access the settings of the bot like auto-respond messages. You can change user level settings, channel level settings as well as server level settings if you have the permissions. 


If you type this command, the dad bot will return a random picture of bun with mustard sauce. 

How to remove Dad Bot from Discord server?

If you are bored of Dad Bot in your server, you can always remove it. Removing Dad Bot from your server is pretty easy. 

Follow these simple steps to remove Dad Bot from your Discord server:

  1. Go to the server from where you want to delete the Dad Discord Bot. 
  2. In the members section, find Dad Bot and right-click on it. 
  3. Now click on Kick Dad Bot if you want to delete it temporarily or Ban Dad Bot if you want to delete it permanently. 
  4. Fill in the reason why you want to remove it or leave it blank. 
  5. Finally, click on Kick or Ban. 

This will successfully remove the Dad Discord Bot from your server. 


Dad Bot is a great entertainment discord bot to increase user engagement in your server. The dad humor of this bot is next level. I hope that you were able to install dad bot on your server and also are having fun using Dadbot discord commands. 

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