How To Use Dank Memer Discord Bot (Dank Memer Bot Commands)


There was a time when people used to go to Reddit to find funny and dank memes. However recently, the times have changed. People are finding Funny and Dank Memes on Discord—all thanks to the Dank Memer Bot. 

Primarily built for generating dank memes, Dank Memer Bot has many more features like managing currency, playing games, gambling, etc that can be achieved by typing dank memer commands in the server. 

If you want to Install Dank Memer Bot to your Discord Server to increase server engagement, then you are at the right place. Today we will talk in detail about How to Use Dank Memer Discord Bot and the use of the main dank memer commands. So read the complete guide. 

What is dank memer discord bot? 

Dank Memer is a very popular Discord bot. This has become popular because of two features. One is dank meme creation in the Discord server and the other one is the economy feature

what is dank memer bot

Dank Memer Bot has more than 100+ commands for memes making it the biggest meme bot.

With this bot, you can also collect items and money, trade them, rob your friends or banks to collect more money, play games with your friends, gamble, etc. You can do all this with just a single bot in a Discord server. 

This bot is perfect to increase server engagement. Even if someone does not have any friends on Discord, they can join a community on Discord that has Dank Memer Bot and have fun all day.

How to install dank memer bot?

Adding Dank Memer Bot to a Discord Server is very simple. It is like adding any other bot to your Discord Server. 

However, if you have not added any other bot to your server before, do not worry. You can follow this step-by-step easy guide on how to add Dank Memer Discord Bot to your server without any errors.

  • Go to the Dank Memer Bot Official website by typing in in the search bar or by clicking here.
  • Once you are on the homepage, click on Invite Now
  • This will take you to Discord Login Page. Here you have to enter your login credentials and click on Login.
  • Once you are logged in, another dialogue box will appear asking you to select the server where you want to invite Dank Memer Bot. You can select the desired server from the drop-down menu. 
  • Once you have selected the server, authorize the bot by giving it the permissions it asks for.
  • Now the final step is to solve the captcha to prove that you are not a robot but an actual human being. Once you solve the captcha, click on Solve.
  • Congratulations! The bot is successfully installed on your server. 

How to use dank memer discord bot?

After installing the Dank Memer Bot to your server, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is go to the server where the bot is installed and type in the command for the bot to do something. 

How to Install Dank Memer Bot

You can find the Dank Memer commands later in the article or you can find them on the bot’s official website

Dank memer commands list

A command is an instruction given to a bot to perform a task. It consists of a prefix like “/” followed by a word

The Dank Memer bot has a large set of commands that you can use to entertain yourself or other people on a server. 

Note: Previously, the prefix for the Dank Memer bot was “pls” but after the recent discord update, the prefix has changed to “/”. 

Now let's see a list of Dank Memer Commands and their uses. 

Config commands

  • Alert: With the command /alert you can view the last alert from the developers.
  • Audit: You can use the /audit command to see who has made what changes to the bot settings in your server.
  • Automeme: This is for premium users to set up a channel where the bot will post new memes after X minutes. The command for this is /automeme. 
  • Block: You can use the command /block add @user to block a user. You can use the command /block remove @user to unblock a user. Also to view the list of users blocked by you, type the command /block list. 
  • Disableuse: With this command, the user can disable certain items in a server. 
  • Flow: The command /flow allows a user to use their new flow system which makes grinding easier.
  • Premium: Use the command /premium to manage your premium features. 
  • ServerSettings: Use the command /serversettings to adjust server-specific settings. 
  • Settings: This is used to adjust user-specific settings. 

Currency commands

Currency commands
  • Achievements: /achievements command will show your progress towards achievement. 
  • Adventure: The command /adventure lets you go for an adventure im exchange of a ticket. 
  • Badges: You can view and manage your badges by typing the command /badges.
  • Balance: If you want to view someone’s balance, type /balance @user. You can enter your username to view your balance. 
  • Bankrob: Use the command /bankrob @user to rob someone’s bank balance. 
  • Beg: If you are low on pocket balance,  you can type in /beg to ask for coins from others. 
  • Compare: If you want to compare yourself with another user, type in /compare @user
  • Craft: You can craft different items together to make different items. Use the command /craft for this.
  • Crime: You can earn coins and items by committing fake crimes. The command for fake crime is /crime. 
  • Currency Log: If you want to see a complete log of all your coins and items going in and out of your inventory, use /currencylog command. 
  • Daily: Use /daily to get coins every day and maintain the streak. 
  • Deposit: If you want to deposit your pocket coins into the bank, use /deposit command. 
  • Dig: This command is used to dig the dirt to find coins and other items. 
  • Fish: If you want to go fishing for some items, you need to buy a fishing pole. The command to buy a fishing pole is /fish. 
  • Giveaway: You can create or view global giveaways using this command. 
  • Hunt: Use the command /hunt to buy a rifle and go hunting for some items. 
  • Inventory: To check someone’s inventory, type /inventory @user. Leave the username blank if you want to view your own inventory. 
  • Rob: Use this to rob someone’s pocket. 

Fun commands

fun commands
  • 8Ball: Use the command /8Ball to ask a question. The bot will respond with a funny answer. 
  • XKCD: This command /xkcd gives a snapshot of a random comic book from
  • Clap: With the command /clap [text] you can ask the bot to say anything with sass!

Games commands

  • Fight: If you want to play a game with a user, use the /fight command. 
  • Game: You can play games like TicTacToe, RPS, Connect4, and Petfight with other users on the server. All you have to do is enter /Game GameName @user in the chat box of the server. 
  • Trivia: You can win some trophies by answering some trivia. Use the command /trivia to get the question. 
  • Wager: You can also place bets on two people playing games using the /wager command. 

Images commands

  • Animal: Use the command /animal to get cute animal pictures.  
  • Image: You can use this command to generate images at random. 
  • Meme: Use this command to generate random memes. 

So these were some of the most used dank memer discord commands that you can use to have some fun on the server and keep the group engaged. 

How to delete dank memer from discord server? 

There will be times when you will face problems with the dank memer bot in your server. The problems can be the bot going offline for maintenance, the bot having bugs or you being concerned about the privacy of your server or you being bored of it. 

In that case, you can delete the bot from your server. To delete the Dank Memer Bot from your Discord Server, follow the simple steps:

  • Open the server where the bot is installed and find the dank memer bot icon present on the right side. 
  • Right-click on the bot icon. This will give you different options.
  • Select Kick Dank Memer Bot. A box will appear asking for This will delete the bot from your server but you can reinstall it if you want.  
  • If you want to permanently ban the bot from your server, you can click on Ban Dank Memer. This will ban the dank memer bot from your server. 


In conclusion, Dank Memer Discord Bot is an excellent addition to any Discord server. Its wide range of commands, including currency systems, mini-games, and random image generators, can add humor and fun to any community. 

We hope that by following the step-by-step guide in this article, you were able to install dank memer bot to your server and effectively use dank memer commands to increase your server engagement. 

If you face any issues or were unable to understand how to use dank memer discord bot, then feel free to contact us in the comment section. We will be happy to help.

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