How to Use Katheryne Bot In Discord (Katheryne Bot Commands)


For the majority of gamers, Discord is nothing short of a treasure, offering accessibility to gaming communities, developers, and most importantly, bots like Katheryne Bot.

In this blog post, we'll be discussing Katheryne Bot, Katheryne Bot Commands, usage, and how it can impact your game. This article is dedicated to the 65 million+ family of Genshin Impact and to all the gamers trying to enhance and optimize their gameplay. 

Based on a non-playable character in Genshin Impact, the Katheryne bot aims to improve one’s gameplay by sharing information about characters & weapons and offering awesome features like Gacha simulation. Let’s not waste any more of our time and get started with the content.

Katheryne bot In Discord 

Developed by a team of Genshin Impact players, Katheryne is dedicatedly created for the people who play Genshin. Like most Genshin bots, Katheryne is a third-party discord mod and isn’t approved or promoted by the official game.  

Discord Katheryne bot

How does Katheryne improve one’s gameplay?

Genshin Impact involves complex systems and mechanics that can be overwhelming, even for experienced players. That's where bots like Katheryne come into play to assist players in enhancing their gameplay by providing a set of tools, including character details, artifact suggestions, and more. 

No more setting alarms for weekly bonuses and events, Katheryne does it all for you, which is why it's so popular among Genshin Impact players.

Let’s take a more in-depth overview of the features offered by Katheryne.

Character & weapon information

Along with basic information, the Katheryne Discord bot can help you find stats like abilities and upgrades that help players get the best out of their characters. Katheryne also aids in elemental reactions by sharing each character’s element and how it may react with other elements within the game.

With insightful features like character comparison, users can compare multiple characters side-by-side based on their abilities and other stats. In addition to character information, Katheryne helps players get essential information about weapons, such as weapon rank, ability, refine requirements, and more.

For those who are starting with Genshin Impact, Katheryne's character and weapon information can help them analyze more data and make informed decisions.

Reminders that Help

Similar to our life, our mobile phones are filled up with major distractions like social apps and entertainment apps like Instagram, Netflix, and more.

These distractions come up with joy and the certainty of forgetting things like gaming events and bonuses. Setting up alarms is a very common practice but no more as Katheryne offers daily reminders of important tasks, bonuses, events, and commissions. 

Artifacts suggestions

In Genshin Impact, artifacts are equipment that can be used by characters to enhance their abilities and stats. Similar to GTA San Andreas cheats, artifacts are grouped into sets that can be used individually or in combination to upgrade your character's stats and abilities.

Katheryne offers artifact suggestions to help players choose the right artifacts based on their character and role. This feature is especially helpful for new players who are unfamiliar with artifact sets and how to use them effectively.

Note: Don’t get confused with the GTA example given above as using artifacts suggestion isn’t cheating.

Gacha simulator

Katheryne's gacha simulator is a tool that is based on the lottery system in Genshin Impact. It allows users to simulate the gacha system and get an idea of the odds of obtaining certain characters, elements, abilities, and other items.

Gacha simulator

The gacha simulator is designed to replicate the code of the actual gacha system in the game. Players can input the number of pulls they wish to simulate and get a list of characters and items that they would have obtained if they had made those pulls in the actual game.

For players who prefer to trust technology over their instincts, the gacha simulator by Katheryne is for you.

Note: Know that the results provided by a gacha simulator are not guaranteed, and they are only an approximation of the actual odds in the game.

Other perks

In addition to the popular features mentioned above, Katheryne Bot also offers some basic yet useful tools. For instance, it provides an interactive map of Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact, which players can use to locate resources and other points of interest in the game.

To manage their resources effectively, Katheryne Bot enables users to track their income, expenses, and more using the Primogem tracker and resin tracker. The Primogem tracker helps players monitor their primogem income and expenditures, while the resin tracker allows them to keep track of their resin usage and optimize their resin expenditure.

Compared to many other Discord bots, Katheryne Bot is easy to use and navigate. It offers a command-based interface where users can input commands and the bot will perform the requested action. In upcoming sections, I will provide a comprehensive guide on how to install and use Katheryne Bot. 

How to add Katheryne bot In Discord?

To be able to use Katheryne, you’ll need to add it to your Discord server. It might sound complex but it is pretty easy to do, just follow the steps below: 

Katheryne bot setup

Step 1: On your device, visit and search for “Katheryne” or just click here

Step 2: Click the Invite button which will redirect you to Discord’s login page.

Step 3: Log in to your account and choose the preferred server where you want to install the bot.

Step 4: Click Authorize and follow the screen prompts/instruction to configure accordingly.

After you have configured the Katheryne Bot settings, it will be added to your Discord server and ready to use. However, using the features I mentioned above will only work if you know the appropriate commands.

Katheryne bot commands | the core

Katheryne Bot commands are a crucial part of the bot's functionality, as they allow users to access its various features and tools.

These commands facilitate the interaction between the user and the bot, making it easier to navigate and use the bot's tools effectively. A player needs to understand the function of each command to get the best of Katheryne. I find it difficult to remember things and if you do too, bookmark this post.

Here’s the complete list of all the Katheryne bot commands:

*char: As the name suggests, this command shares the information of a specific character and includes all the basic details. It includes different variations, such as:

*char (character name) mats - It shares a list of materials required to upgrade a specific character. 

*char (character name) talents - This enables the user to view the talent/ability of a character.

*char (character name) constellations - With this command, the bot displays the constellations of a character.

Constellations are special upgrades that enhance a character's abilities and can only be unlocked by obtaining multiple copies of the same character.

*artifacts: As already discussed artifacts, this command shares the list of all artifacts in Genshin Impact and like the *char command, it has variations too.

*artifacts (name of the set): With this command, you can get information about a particular artifact. It helps users to choose the right artifact as per their character & role. 

*artifacts (sort option): This command sorts the artifacts based on rarity, bonuses, and location. 

*weapons: This command displays all weapons in the game and has two variations similar to artifacts & characters.

*weapon (weapon name): It shares an overview of the weapon that states basic information which can be very useful in the game. With little change in command, you can enable the sorting option based on damage & more — the command is *weapon (sort option)

*wish (banner): Katheryne’s *wish command is used to access the wish simulator of the bot that simulates the actual gacha system in the game to improve the odds of obtaining characters, weapons, and more.

*wish (banner) lucky: With this command, users can make a "lucky wish" with crystals obtained from voting for the bot.

*banners: It shares all the banners within the game.

*daily (server): It lists out the daily materials and in-game domains for the day. It helps players to plan out their day, maximize daily bonus, and keeps the user up-to-date. 

*inventory (user/none): It allows the user to display the user’s inventory.

*leaderboard: It shares the leaderboard of the players with the most wishes. 

*timer: Using this command, the user can set weekly timers for bonuses & tasks.

*crystals: This command displays the number of crystals the player currently owns.

Katheryne bot authorize

These are all the bot commands that you need to excel at Genshin Impact. In case you want to view the full library of commands, please check out the bot’s manual. 

How to remove/uninstall Katheryne bot in Discord? 

“Why” isn’t my concern but it is strange that you want to remove Kartheryne from your server. Anyways, it is pretty easy to do so, just follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the discord account and navigate to the server (from the left panel) where Katheryne is added.

Step 2: In that server, click the “show member list” icon  and find “Katheryne Bot.”

Step 3: Once you select Katheryne, a set of options will appear.

Step 4: Find & click Kick Katheryne.

Once you have completed the above instructions, Katheryne Bot will no longer be a part of your server.

Katheryne bot alternatives // similar bots

There are several bots available for Genshin Impact that aim to enhance the gaming experience, and here are some of the best alternatives to the Katheryne bot.

Kaeya bot

Kaeya is a discord bot and offers similar perks as offered by Katheryne bot. It can help you with essential details of characters, weapons, and more.

Like any other third-party bot, Kaeya bot is easy to install & use. If you are bored with Katheryne, you may give it a shot to Kaeya. 

Paimon bot

While Paimon Bot may experience more downtime compared to Kaeya Bot, it still offers many of the features that a Genshin Impact player might need.

Like Katheryne Bot, Paimon Bot also includes a wish simulator that allows users to simulate wishes without spending in-game currency.

The developer has stated that they are working on rewriting the code for more functionality and stability, so it will be interesting to see what the next update brings.

Artifact rater

Artifact Rater is another discord bot that only rates the artifact against a theoretical perfect 5* and shares a score rating.

Compared to other bots, it is pretty smooth but doesn’t offer any other features. If you want to level up your artifacts game, try Artifact Rater and drop your experience in the comment section below. 

These are some of the popular Katheryne bot alternatives, if you are looking for a complete list of bots click here.

Frequently asked questions

Even though Katheryne Bot is designed to be easy to use, some users may still have legitimate concerns or questions.

Here are some answers to common questions that may help to clear up any confusion.

Is Katheryne bot safe?

While there is limited information available about the specific development team behind Katheryne Bot, it is generally considered to be safe and reliable.


As with any third-party application, there is always some degree of risk involved in using Katheryne as well. Everyone must review the permission the bots ask for and avoid granting any important information.

Is Katheryne bot free?

Katheryne Bot is a third-party application that operates on the Discord API, and as of now, it is completely free to use.

To add the bot to your Discord server, simply click the invite link here and follow the prompts to authorize the bot's permissions and add it to your server. Once the bot is added, you can start using its features and tools right away for absolutely free.

How to use wish with Katheryne bot?

To use the wish feature, make sure you have already invited/added the Katheryne bot to your Discord server.

If yes, use the wish command i.e., /wish or *wish followed by the item you want to add to your wishing list. 


I'm not a gaming enthusiast, but I enjoy enhancing my skills in the games I like to play, and Genshin Impact is one of them. Katheryne Bot is an awesome AI assistant that you can add to your Discord server to analyze and enhance your gameplay.

In this post, I've shared all the relevant and important information related to the Katheryne Discord bot, from installation to bot commands. I've tried my best to share what might be useful to all the Genshin players out there, as this post is dedicated to the 65 million Genshin fam.

If you believe I've missed something important, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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