How To Use Koya Bot Discord (Koya Bot Commands)


Technology has been evolving over the years. We have seen social media sites like Orkut, Facebook, etc. Nowadays the trending social media platform for gamers, nerds, and also normal people is Discord. 

Discord is a social media platform where you can connect with people you know and also join gaming, coding, movies, etc communities where you will find people with the same interest as yours. 

Discord is a fun app. To make it more engaging, Discord allows the use of third-party bots that you can install on your Discord Servers to make it more fun. One such bot is Koya Discord Bot. It is a Multipurpose bot that has multiple features like moderation, mini-games, social interaction, image manipulation, etc. 

Bots like Koya help manage discord communities very easily. If you have a discord server and want to know how to install and use the Koya discord bot, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, I will explain how you can install the Koya bot to your discord server, its features, and how to use Koya bot commands. So read the full article. 

What is Koya Discord Bot? 

As already stated, Koya is a multipurpose discord bot that you can use for its various features like sending welcome messages, server moderation, playing games, etc.

koya bot discord

Koya Discord Bot was launched in 2020 by Koyamine, a developer. It was so loved by the users that it is considered one of the best moderation bots according to 

Over time, the Koya Discord bot has gained immense popularity and is used by more than 2.6 million Discord servers for various purposes. 

Features of Koya Discord Bot

Koya Discord Bot is just one bot but it can be used for various purposes like sending welcome messages, social interactions, mini-games, etc. This is the reason it has got so many users. 

Here is a list of all the features that the Koya Bot has: 

1. Custom welcome message:

With Koya Discord Bot, you can set a custom welcome message for a user when they join your Discord server.

koya welcome messages

You can use text, images, or videos to greet someone. You can set this up in the Koya Bot dashboard. 

2. Server moderation

There are times when you will see spamming in your server, or people doing misconduct. In that case, Koya’s moderation feature comes in handy. With this feature, you can kick someone, mute someone, ban someone, ban specific words in your server, etc. 

You can also set a limit to the number of messages using the moderation feature.

3. Image manipulation

With the use of Koya Image Manipulation commands, you can edit images. For example, you can blur an image, increase its brightness, invert the colors of an image, etc. 

Or, let's say, you want to compress image to 20kb, there are different external tools for that.

koya image manipulation

Koya Bot has more than 25 image manipulation commands which we will know about later in the Kota Bot Commands List section.  

4. Fun activities and mini games

Koya Bot increases user engagement in a server because it has several fun activities like mixing two usernames, asking magic ball questions, finding the love percentage between two people, etc.

koya discord fun and mini games

You can also play games on the server as well. Some games that you can play with Koya Bot are hangman, rock paper scissors, Russian roulette, bingo, etc.

5. Social interactions 

You can interact with random people or your friends on Discord Server using the social interaction commands that the Koya bot has. 

With social interaction commands, you can hug someone, kiss someone, tell them that you are blushing, confused, etc

You can view all the Koya Bot Social Interaction Commands in the later section of this article. 

6. Information gathering

You can also use the Koya Bot to find some info about a user that is in the same server where Koya Bot is installed. 

With Koya Bot, you can look at someone’s full-sized avatar, banners, server icons, etc. 

You can also look up their server roles, emojis they have set, channels, invites, etc.  

7. Search and Utilities

This is one of the most fantastic features that Koya Bot has. It is fantastic because you won't have to exit the server and can do many things. 

Using the search commands, you can search for a Youtube Video without leaving the server, you can search for info about a Fortnite player, covid stats of a country, etc. 

With the utility feature, you can do a calculation, set a reminder, create quick polls, translate your text, etc without leaving the server with the help of a command. 

8. Subreddit Update

This is another unique feature that Koya Bot has. You can set up Koya Bot and receive notifications from the subreddit on your Discord Server. 

How to Invite Koya Bot to Discord Server? 

Now that you know about the Koya Bot and the features that it offers, you might be wondering how you can Invite Koya Bot to your Discord Server. Well, the installation of any bot on your server is very simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you will have Koya Bot added to your Discord Server. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to inviting Koya Bot to Discord: 

  1. First of all open Discord on a browser and sign in to your Discord account. 

  2. Now open another tab and search for or you can click here to access Koya Bot’s official website. 

  3. Now you will find the “Add to Discord” Button on the homepage. Click on that. This will lead you to Discord. 

  4. Now select the server where you want to install the Koya Discord Bot and click on “Continue”. 

  5. Now another dialogue box will open up asking for some permissions for Koya Bot. Click on “Authorize” to give permission.

  6. Now fill in the captcha and click on verify. 

  7. Congratulation. You have successfully installed Koya Bot on your Discord Server. 

Koya Bot Command-List

As stated earlier, you can use various features like games, utilities, and social interactions in Koya Bot using the commands. 

koya bot command lists

Commands are programmed instructions to which the bot listens and then responds. A command for a bot is divided into 2 parts. One Prefix is mostly a symbol and one suffix that is mostly a word. 

Koya Commands have prefixes as ^^ and some preprogrammed suffixes. You can change the prefix from the Koya Bot Dashboard if you like. 

Now here is a list of Koya Bot Commands: 

Administration commands

^^announce_channel: Use this command to edit the Announcement Channel when someone joins or leaves. 

^^auto_nick: With this command, you can add or remove nicknames to members that join your server. 

^^ban_image: This command is used to ban the image.

^^ban_message: Manage ban message.

^^channels: Use this command to manage channels in the server.

^^ignore_channel: Add or remove channels from the ignored list. (Except admins and mods)

^^ignore_role: This command adds or removes roles from the ignored list. (Except admins and mods)

^^ignore_user: If you have added a member to ignore list, use this command to add or delete them from the ignore lost. (Except admins and mods)

^^image_channel: If you have created image channels where only images can be sent, use this command to manage that channel. 

^^Join_image: With this command, you can select the image to show when a member joins. 

^^Join_message: With this command, you can select the text message to show when a member joins. 

^^leave_image: You can set an image when someone leaves using this command. 

^^leave_message: Set a custom message for someone who leaves the server. 

^^logs: Check the usage of the log using this command. 

^^prefix: You can change the prefix of the bot with this command.

^^reddit: Use this command to access Reddit features. 

^^roles: Manage roles in the server, create, delete, or edit roles with this command.


Adventure commands

^^achievements: This command will show you achievements and progress.

^^action: With this command, you can perform some action. 

^^adventure: Use the command for Adventure mode usage. It will also start the adventure, check the context, or change the language of your adventure.

^^balance: You can send your balance to someone with this command. 

^^battle: You can start a battle with someone using this command. You can also check the status of the battle. 

^^boatUse or upgrade your boat, start expeditions and accost in time and recruit crew members.

^^casino: You can play in the casino with this command. 

^^chapter: Use this command to check your progress in a chapter. It is also used to move to a new chapter.

^^checklist: Preview or edit your adventure checklist using this command. 

^^colosseum: You can have a fight in the Colosseum of Rome using ^^colosseum command. 

^^daily: Type this command to collect your daily reward.

^^dendenmushi: Be the first to catch the Den Den Mushi!

^^dice: Bet on a roll of two 6-sided dice.

^^event: 🎭 Used for in-game events, there are no events running right now.

^^events: 📚 Displays your event history.

^^fish: Do your fishing.

^^jackpot: Shows current jackpot amount.

^^lootbox: Open or list your lootboxes.

^^mail: Check your emails with this command. 

^^premiumadventure: Displays information about the Adventure Premium subscription.

^^profile: Shows your own or someone’s profile, or customizes it.

^^rank: Shows your ranks.

^^rep: Give a reputation point to a player.

^^tavern: Get HPs by using the tavern.

^^top: Shows player's leaderboard.

^^train: Improve your weapons and weapons mastery.

^^vote: Vote for the bot and receive a reward.

^^wanted: Sends a wanted pic of your own or mentioned user’s avatar.

Fun commands

koya fun commands

^^bingo: Play a game of Bingo. 

^^chinese: Change the text to Chinese. 

^^choose: Random choice from options.

^^clap: This will make the text clap. 

^^cowsay: Use this command to make a cow say something. 

^^8ball: Ask a question that 8 ball will answer. 

^^f: Press 🇫 to pay respect to someone. 

^^fml: This will generate an Fml story. 

^^flip: Use it to flip your text upside down. 

^^hangman: Play a hangman game.

^^lovecalc: Calculates love percentage between two users.

^^memes: Get some random memes. 

^^minesweeper: Use it to play Minesweeper on the server. 

^^mixnames: You can mix two usernames. 

^^mocking: Applies sponge mock effect to your text.

^^nocontext: Generate no context pictures.

^^octogone: Octogone sans règles.

^^owofy: For all of your owo and uwu needs

^^pokefusion: Use it to fuse Pokemons. 

^^print: Prints your image to ASCII.

^^rps: Duel the bot or your friend with a rock paper scissor game.

^^rate: Rate you or mentioned user.

^^regional: Regional Emote Text

^^reverse: Reverses the text that you have written. 

^^roll: Rolls random number with optional minimum and maximum numbers (Default max is 100).

^^roulette: Random winner of the roulette title.

^^russian_roulette: Play a game of Russian roulette.

^^say: Talk with the bot.

^^smallcaps: Turn the text into smallcap. 

Image commands

These commands are used to generate images. 

^^aborted: All the Reasons I Should Have Been Aborted image will be generated.

^^adorable: Shows adorable images from the user or text is given.

^^affect: No it doesn’t affect my baby meme generates.

^^art: Shows Art from Imgur.

^^aww: generates cute animal pictures.

^^banned: Sends a preview of the banned image announcement.

^^beautiful: This command generates Oh, this? This is a beautiful popular photo. 

^^beer: Will send a beer picture.

^^bird: This will give a photo of a bird. 

^^blur: Sends a blurred pic of your own or mentioned user’s avatar.

^^bob: Sends a bob painting of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.

^^brazzers: Sends avatar or image given with brazzers logo.

^^brightness: Adjusts image brightness.

^^cat: Random cat picture with optional text.

^^cheat: Who is cheating on that poor girl?

^^convolute: Applies a convolution kernel matrix to the given image.

^^deepregret: Deep Regret …!

^^delete: Delete meme.

^^distortion: Applies distortion effect to the given image.

^^dog: Random dog picture.

^^earth: Random earth picture.

^^everywhere: X, X Everywhere.

^^explode: Applies explode effect to a given image.

^^flat: Applies flat effect on the given image.

^^flipimage: Flips a picture horizontally or vertically.

^^food: Random food picture.

^^fox: Random fox picture.

^^gif: Shows gifs by search.

^^goodbye: Shows goodbye image message.

^^greyscale: Removes color from the image.

^^hue: Adjusts the color tint of an image.

^^implode: Applies implode effect to given image.

^^invert: Sends an inverted pic of your own or mentionned user’s avatar.

^^kms: Kill myself.

^^magik: Sends a magik pic of given image.

^^mirror: Applies mirror effect to given image.

^^mix: Mix image with RBG colors.

^^opacity: Adjusts opacity of an image.

^^paint: Applies a paint effect to an image.

^^picture: Why is everyone taking a photo of that picture?

^^pixelate: Pixelates an image.

^^pokecard: Create a custom Pokémon card depending on what you want.

^^rat: tema la taille du rat.

^^religion: Applies the given image to the “What’s Your Religion” meme.

^^robot: Shows robot image from user or text given.

^^rotate; Rotates a pic.

^^saturate: Applies saturated effect to the given image.

^^sepia: Applies Sepia effect to a given image.

^^tvhead: Applies TVHead effect to the given image.

^^tobecontinued: Applies to be continued effect to the given image.

^^trigger: This will trigger the given image.

^^waifuinsult; Insult your waifu.

^^welcome: welcome message in image. 

^^wide: Increase the width of image.

^^yugioh: Create a custom Yugioh card depending on what you want.

Info commands

^^avatar: View your full-sized avatar or a user’s. 

^^banner: Display the banner of a member. 

^^channelinfo: Get info about a channel. 

^^dashboard: Send a link to the web dashboard.

^^discrim: You can find a list of users with a discriminator. 

^^donate: View the bot’s donation options.

^^emoji: Use this to manage server emojis. 

^^help: You can view all commands of Koya Bot. 

^^info: Get info on Koya Bot. 

^^invite: Gives you the bot invite link. 

^^inviteinfo: Gives invite link information.

^^membercount: Gives you the number of members in the server. 

^^myid: Gets your user ID and server ID.

^^owner: Tells you about the owner of the bot. 

^^patreon: Sends Koya’s Patreon.

^^ping: View the bot’s ping with this command. 

^^premium: Displays information about Koya’s different Premiums.

^^premiumserver: Displays information about the Premium Server subscription.

^^premiumuser: Displays information about the Premium User subscription.

^^roleinfo: get info about server roles. 

^^serverinfo: get info on the server. 

^^serverpicture: View Server picture. 

^^shard: Shows shard information of Koya.

^^uptime: View Koya Bot Uptime. 

Moderation commands

^^ban: Use this command to ban a user for a specific time or permanently from the server. 

^^clean: Clean all the bot messages. 

^^clearwarns: Clear user or server warnings.

^^customcommands: With this, you can add or delete a custom command. 

^^kick: You can kick someone with this command. 

^^modlogs: Retrieves the list of mod logs for a user.

^^modstats: This will show the moderation statistics of a moderator.

^^moderations: Shows server moderations.

^^move: You can use this to move a user from one channel to another. 

^^mute: Use this to mute someone. 

^^purge: Allows to purge/clean the channel with specific content, number is optional and is 100 by default.

^^reason: Add a reason for moderation.

^^role: Toggle user roles.

^^setnick: You can set a user’s nickname. 

^^slowmode: Update or disable the slowmode for the channel.

^^softban: Use this to delete a user’s all messages. 

^^timeout: Timeout a user from your server.

^^unban: You can unban someone using this command. 

^^unmute: Use this command to unmute someone you muted. 

^^untimeout: Untimeout a user with an optional reason.

^^vc: Get a link to the voice channel where a user is.

^^warn: Use this to warn a user. 

^^warnings: Show, remove, or manage the server warnings.

Social commands

^^baka: You baka.

^^bang: You can bang a Discord user. 

^^bite: Use it to bite a user. 

^^blush: React with blushing at someone with this command. 

^^confused: This will show that you are confused.

^^cookie: Send someone a cookie. 

^^cry: this is used to cry alone or together with someone.

^^cuddle: You can show someone that you are cuddling them.

^^dab: Do a dab.

^^dance: Dance alone or with a user.

^^everyone: Who the hell pinged @everyone again?

^^feed:Use this to efeed a user. 

^^greet: Use this command to greet a user. 

^^handholding: Hold the hand of the mentioned user. 

^^highfive: You can use this command to give a high five to a user. 

^^hug: Want to hug someone? Use this command. 

^^insult: Use it to insult someone. 

^^jojo: Jojo memes.

^^kiss: Use it if you want to tell a user that you want to kiss them.

^^lewd: Lewd to someone.

^^pat: Pat the bot or mentioned user.

^^poke: Poke someone.

^^poutUse this command to pout at someone. 

^^punch: Use this command to punch someone. 

^^shrug: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ shrug at someone. 

^^slap: Use this command to slap a user online. 

^^sleepy: This command will let others know that you feel sleepy. 

^^smile: You can use this to smile at a user.

^^smug: Use this command to give a smug look to a user..

^^stare: If you want to stare at someone, use this command. 

^^thinking: This command shows to others that you are thinking. 

^^tickle: If you want to tickle someone online, use this command. 

^^wasted: Wasted yourself or someone.

Utility commands

^^afk: You can set AFK status for yourself. It will show when someone mentions you. 

^^anime: Show anime information.

^^appstore: Look for apps in the apple app store. 

^^character: Look up a character.

^^color: Gives info on the given color. 

^^createinvite: gives you invite link of the server. 

^^define: This will define the given word. 

^^discord: Get the link to the official support server.

^^faction: Join and manage factions in your server.

^^fortnite: Check any Fortnite player statistics.

^^google: Search something on Google with this command.

^^imgur: helps you to upload images on Imgur. 

^^lmgtfy: Sends a lmgtfy search.

^^language: Change the language of Koya Bot. 

^^lyrics: This will give you the lyrics of a song. 

^^manga: Get information on Manga with this command. 

^^map:You can view the google maps image of the given location. 

^^math: This will do mathematical calculations for you. 

^^osu: Shows osu! play stats.

^^playstore: Look for apps in the Google PlayStore.

^^poll: Start a poll in your server. 

^^radio: You can use radio with this command. 

^^remindme: Set something to remind.

^^roleme: You can join or leave roles that can be self assigned. 

^^strawpoll: Creates a Strawpoll with your options.

^^translate: You can translate something using this command.

^^weather: This will give you information on the weather.

^^wikipedia: If you want to search for something on Wikipedia, you should use this command.

^^youtube: You can search for a youtube video from the server using this command. 

How to delete or uninstall Koya Bot from Discord Server? 

There might be a time when you would not want to use Koya Bot on your Discord Server. Maybe you found a better Discord bot or you got bored of it. Whatever the reason, it's good to uninstall a bot if you do not want to use it. 

uninstall koya

In that case, follow the steps given below to uninstall Koya Discord Bot:

  1. Open the Discord website or app.

  2. Find the server from where you want to uninstall the Koya Bot. 

  3. Find the members area and search for Koya. It will be under Online members. 

  4. Now right-click on Koya. A drop-down menu will appear. 

  5. Click on Kick Koya if you want to remove it temporarily. 

  6. Click on Ban Koya if you want to ban it from your server.

  7. You just have to state your reason why you want to remove the bot from your server and click on Ban or Kick whatever you have chosen. 


Koya is one of the best multi-purpose bots that are developed for Discord. The Features like mini-games, social interactions, utilities, etc make it very special. 

I hope that you were able to install the Koya Discord Bot on your server after reading this article and also you were able to make the best use of the Koya Bot after reading the Koya Bot Commands List. 

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