How To Use Mudae Bot Discord (Mudae Bot Commands)


In the last couple of years, we have witnessed how drastically the developers & tech have revolutionized the gaming industry.

From consoles to smartphones, we are lucky to experience the change, and the best development in gaming is Discord —- a social platform dedicated to gamers. 

In addition to social connectivity, Discord also supports the use of third-party bots that offers a wide range of functions and features that can enhance the overall user experience. And today, we are going to discuss more about one such Mudae Bot Discord.  

If you struggling to increase the engagement of your server, Mudae is surely the best bot that you can add to your server.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the Mudae discord bot and how it became popular amongst gaming enthusiasts. 

What is Mudae Bot Discord? 

Mudae is an entertainment discord bot that offers a wide range of games and enables its users to collect anime & mange based characters and play games. 

Active on more than 300000+ servers, Mudae is rated as the #1 discord bot on and upvoted by 2.2M users worldwide. 

Mudae Bot discord

Mudae was created in 2017-18 by Saya Akdepsksal for discord users as a character (waify & husbando) collection bot but later, it evolved and hosted a variety of command-based games. 

The design & interface of the bot appears to be Yuki Nagato —- a character from a popular Japanese novel called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. But that doesn’t limit it to the Japanese users as it offers language translations which are pretty good and enables people from all over the world to use it.  

The character collection is based on a slot or gacha system that enables users to roll and get manga & anime characters on a luck basis. Apart from this, users can play games and get more characters or even customize the characters that they hold.

Because of its unique concept and large database, Mudae has become very popular. Let's take a closer look at its features.

Features | why Mudae Bot Discord?

If votes aren't enough to convince you to try the Mudae bot discord, here are some possible reasons why you should. 

Vast database

As per, Mudae Discord Bot has a vast database of over 95,000 waifu and husbando characters from various anime, manga, comics, and video games.

Such a huge database promises the users with new exciting characters that increase the traction and engagement in the server. With such a density, it becomes competitive & challenging for the users to get popular characters of their choice. 

Language translation

Language translation is one of the reasons that the Mudae bot is hosted on over 3M servers. It can be translated into any language you wish to access it in, but this won't change the characters, as most of them are from manga and anime based in Japanese.

So, if you believe that language could be a barrier to leveraging the full potential of the Mudae bot, then you're mistaken.

Trivia games

As the name suggests, Trivia games in Mudae are Q&A-based games where the user is asked questions related to anime and manga. It is one of the most popular games in Mudae, as it targets anime and manga fans, and the trivia questions increase engagement and a sense of competition.


If you're tired of organizing fun activities, Mudae's trivia can surely help you with that.

Increases Connection

A discord server might have thousands of users within a server but most people hardly even know 5% of these users. 

Mudae’s competitive events, and custom character designs drastically increase the social connection between the users. For people who are looking out to make friends can join a Mudae-based server and connect with new people with the same interests. 

Here are some popular Mudae Bot Discord Servers:

  1. Mudae World
  2. Mudae World Custom Emoji Servers

Apart from these features, it allows users with 450+ commands which makes it more intriguing for the users. 

Mudae Bot Commands List 

With the Mudae discord bot, users can access & use commands to moderate, customize their characters, trade, and execute more functions.

To help you understand better, I have mentioned all Mudae Bot commands below in a structured manner.

Note: I am using a hyphen sign (-) instead of / to eliminate any confusion between the abbreviations and the slash commands.

Gacha/Roulette Commands

As the name suggests, the below-listed Mudae Bot Commands are used to roll animanga (anime & manga) and gaming characters from Mudae’s library. 

mudae bot command lists

$waifu - $w - /wx: As the name suggests, this command is used to roll for a random waifu i.e. female animanga/gaming characters from the database. 

To claim a character, the user needs to quickly respond with the heart (❤️) emoji. 

Other important commands that fall under this are: 

$wa - /wa: Use this to roll for a random animanga character from the database.

$wg - /wg: Use this to roll for a random gaming character from the database. 

$husbando - $h - /ha: Similar to the $w (waifu) command, this command is used to roll for a random husbando character i.e., a male animanga/gaming character from the Mudae’s database.

To claim a husbando character, the user needs to quickly respond with the heart (❤️) emoji.

Other $husbando commands: 

$ha - /ha: Use this command to roll for a random husbando character from anime and manga series specifically.

$hg - /hg: Use this command to roll for a random husbando character from video games specifically.

$marry - $m - /m: It can be used to roll for a random character irrespective of its gender from the bot’s database.

Other related commands are: 

$ma - /ma: Use this command to roll for a random character from anime and manga series specifically.

$mg - /mg: Use this command to roll for a random character from video games specifically.

Collection arrangement (Harem) & customization commands

Harem is the collection of waifu and husbando characters that a user has claimed or married and customized within the bot.  

$mymarry - $mm - /m: Using this command, users can view the collection of characters in their harem. 

$marryexchange - $me: It enables users to claim characters (exchange) from other users in the server.  

For instance, $marryexchange <@username> <charactername> —- swapping username and character name with actual user and character, users can claim character from the user’s harem. 

Optionally, the user can also get in-game currency called Kakera ($ <number of ka>) at the end of the syntax to add Kakera with the character. 

$give - /collection give: Using this command, users can gift character(s) to a specific user.  

Instance, $give <@usenamer> <charactername> —- swap username & charactername with relevant entities. Any user can accept a gift every 12 hours but there’s no restriction, if both the receiver and the one gifting have spent over 8000 Kakera over badges

$firstmarry - $fm - /collection firstmarry: First marry command is used to set a specific character (waifu/husbando) as your favorite waifu/husbando. 

The character you choose using this command will always be displayed first when you use the $mm or $pr commands to display your harem.

Instance, $firstmarry “Itachi” — you can switch Itachi with any character you prefer, although I highly doubt that you would want to do so. 

$sortmarry - $sm - /sortmarry: It helps the user to sort characters as per their choice. 

Instance, $sm <character to sort at the 1st position> $ <character to sort at the 2nd position>, and so on. 

Other related commands:

$sm$mm <flag>: Use this command to sort your harem by flag.

$sm note <note to sort first> $ <note to sort second> and so on: Use this command to sort your harem by note.

$sm series <series to sort first> $ <series to sort second> and so on: Use this command to sort your harem by series.

$sm abc: Use this command to sort your harem alphabetically.

$sm reverse: Use this command to sort your harem in reverse order.

$changeimg - $c: Using this command, users can choose or change the first image of their characters. 

To do so, $changeimg <charactername> $ <Image position> 

$addimg - $ai: Users can use this command to add a custom image to their existing characters.

To execute this command, the user needs to be a moderator and the custom image should be hosted at

Here’s an example: $addimg <charactername> $ <imgur link> and to add multiple custom images, you’ll need to separate the links by $ sign.

$note - $n - /n: Using the note command, users can add a text message next to their character.

Additional commands:

$noteseries <series>$<message>: Use this command to add a note for all the characters of a series from your harem.

$notepage <page(s)>$<message>: This command enables the user to add a note to all the characters displayed at a specific page of your harem ($mm).

$notenote <note(s)>$<message>: Use this command to renote existing note(s).

$note$mm<flag> <note>: Use this command to add a note to everything listed with the harem flag.

To remove a note, leave it blank after the $. To remove all notes, use $noteremoveall.

$fn: FN stands for Find Notes and this is used to find existing notes.

$fnp <text>$<character(s)>: Using this command, use can search notes by character name.

$fne <text>$<tag(s)>: Enables user to search by tag.

$fnq= <text>: Use this command for an exact match.

$fnq+ <text> (or $fnq- <text>): Use this command to only search for notes containing a part starting (or ending) exactly as per commands. 

$divorce: An unfortunate command, used to remove the character and get its value in Kakera.

Other divorce commands: 

$divorceseries <series>: This removes all your characters from a series.

$divorcepage <page>: Use this command to divorce all your characters displayed on a specific page of your harem ($mm).

$divorcenote <note>: This enables the user to remove characters as per their $note.

For multiple characters, series, pages or notes, separate them with a $.

$divorce$mm<flag>: Use this command to remove everything listed with the harem flag. An instance, $divorce$mmh will divorce all your husbandos.

To remove all your characters or a major chunk of them, use $divorceall OR $divorceallbut <character(s) not to divorce> OR $divorceallbut page <$mm page(s) not to divorce>. 

$profile - $pr - /pr: This command displays the personal stat of a user. 

Other profile commands: 

$profilebadge - $pb : It enables the user to change the badges/mudapins displayed on your profile.

$profilearrange - $pa: Helps in arranging the order of the categories on your profile.

$pokeprofile - $ppr: Use this command to display up to 12 Pokémon on your $profile.

$profile serv: Use this command to display your profile from another server. For example, $pr server name.

$colorpr: This command is used to embed the color (sideline) of your $pr and can be unlocked with $kt.

$noteimg - $n: Using this command, users can add a note to any image they want.

$ni <name of the character> $ <image position(s)>: It is used to remove a note from an image.

$noteimglist: This lists all the images with their set notes.

$alias - $a: It can be used to swap the main name of an available alias —- instance, $alias <charactername>

$alias2: It is used to change the secondary alias with any custom text of the user’s choice. 

Custom characters

It is the smallest set of commands from Mudae’s command library. 

Custom characters mudae

$addcustom - $ac: This enables the user to add custom characters to your server and to execute this, the user should be a moderator. 

Here’s an example: $addcustom name$gender$type of rolls$imgur link.

Additional Information:

  • To replace genders, enter f for female, m for male, or fm for both/genderless.
  • To switch rolls, replace type with animanga, game, or both.
  • Use $imgcustom (or $ic) to change or add a custom image.
  • Use $namecustom (or $nc) to change or add a name.
  • Use $gendercustom or $typecustom to change gender or roulette.

To delete the character, use the $deletecustom command.

$givecustom / $gc: Similar to the gift command, it enables the admin to gift a custom character to a user.

Pokemon commands

Mudae offers a wide range of games and Pokeslot/Pokemon is one of the most popular in its database. Here are all the commands that you need to know to excel Pokeslot.

$pokemon: Launch the slot machine to earn new Pokemon at the Rocket casino.

$pokedex: Check out your collection of Pokemon. You can use different options like rare, sumrare, id, abc, full, shiny, leg, beast, gen#, double, emoji ($pde), <page>, and <@User/user ID>.

$shinyhunt: Go on a hunt for shiny Pokemon.

$release: Release your Pokemon for new tries. Use $release without arguments to see your stock.

$pokeprofile: Choose the Pokemon you want to display on your $profile.

$pokelike: Like your Pokemon ($pokelikelist) and immunize them for the $autorelease command. Use $togglepokelike to not immunize them.

$autorelease: Release all doubles from rarity 1, 2, and 3 for new tries.

$sortpkm: Sort your Pokemon by double, abc, rare, id, or shiny.

$pokerank: See the global top 100 Pokemon. Use $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast) to see the top legendary, shiny, or beast Pokemon.

$pokeserv: See the top Pokemon in your server.

$pokemode: Adjust the animation and ping options for your Poke commands.

Utility commands

Utility commands are crucial commands that are used to configure, moderate, and manage the bot. 

$marryup - /rollsutil marryup - $mu: It displays the time left before your next claim.

$rollsup - $ru - /rollsutil rollsup: Using this command, a user can view the rolls left before the next reset. 

$timersup - $tu - /rollsutil timersup: It shows all the roulette timers merged into one single result.  

$tus: Use this command, to get a direct message of your $timersup. 

$tuarrange - $ta: It enables the user to arrange the categories of the timersup command.

$wish - /wish add: Similar to our wish list or notify when in stock e-commerce feature, the wish command is used to add characters to your wishlist to get alerts when it rolls out. 

To add multiple characters, separate the characters with a $ sign. Here are some other wish-related commands:

$wishlist - $wlt: It is used to view characters in your wishlist.

$wishremove: To remove characters, use this command. Instance $wishremove <charactername> and use $wishremoveall to remove all characters from the wishlist.

$wishsort: This is used to sort the wish list in alphabetical order.

$wishpurge: It is pretty useful as it removes the already claimed or duplicate characters from the wishlist.

$disable - $d - /disable add: It removes a series of characters from your rolls, for instance, $disable <series name to disable>

$disablelist - $dl: This shares a list of disabled characters from your roll.

$antidisable - $ad: It is the reverse version of disablelist as it removes specific series from the list. 

$antidisablelist - $adl: This shares the characters that were marked before by the antidisable command.

$limroul: Only available in the Mode 2 of the game, Limroul enables the user to define the number of characters that a user can roll in each roulette. 

Instance, $limroul <$wa limit> <$ha limit> <$wg limit> <$hg limit> —- here you can set a limit for each series. 

$togglewestern - $tw: Requires mode 1 and using this command will completely disable the western animanga characters for your future rolls.

$toggleirl: It can disable/enable the series with real people for your rolls and it also, required mode 1. 

$preset - $q: It is used to back up a user’s current disable/antidisable list, wishlist, and other server information.

Additional commands: 

$qs <wl/wl2/dl/dl2/adl/adl2>: To save your wishlist, disablelist, or antidisablelist to a preset slot.

$ql <wl/wl2/dl/dl2/adl/adl2>: One can use this command to load the wishlist, disablelist, or antidisablelist from a preset slot.

$qw/$qw2/$qd/$qd2/$qa/$qa2: Enables the user to view your wishlist, wishlist 2, disablelist, disablelist 2, antidisablelist, and antidisablelist 2, respectively.

$qs full: To save all the lists in a single command. 

$selfreset: It includes a set of self-reset command as follow:

$selfresetalias: Using this command, the user can reset all aliases to the default value for ALL YOUR characters ($a) —- means that any custom aliases you've set for your characters will be removed and they'll have their default aliases.

$selfresetalias2: Similar to the one above, it is used to remove all the custom secondary aliases for ALL YOUR characters ($a2). 

$selfresetimg: To reset all image positions to the default value for ALL YOUR characters ($c), use this command. 

$selfresetcustimg: Enables the user to remove all the custom images for ALL YOUR characters ($ai). In case you've set any custom images for your characters, they'll be removed and they'll have no custom images.

$noteremoveall: This command removes all harem notes for ALL YOUR characters ($n). If you've added any harem notes for your characters, they'll be removed as well.

$wishremoveall: As the name suggests, it cleans your $wishlist — that means the characters in your wishlist will be removed and it'll be empty.

$enableall: Use this command, to clean your $disablelist. 

$antienableall: It cleans the $antidisablelist. 

$selfresetkeys: Use this command to clean all the keys for ALL YOUR characters (notsoul keys). Any keys you've set for your characters will be removed and they'll have no keys.

$divorceall: This removes ALL YOUR characters from the harem. If you've married any characters in your harem, they'll all be removed/divorced as well.

$rolls - /rolls: It resets all your rolls from the current hour. 

$daily - /daily: It enables the user to collect a roll reset. 

Moderation commands

These commands are designed dedicatedly for the admin of the server and all commands require the user to be the admin. 

$thanos: Inspired by the Marvel character, it randomly removes half of the harem characters of any user within the server —- for instance, $thanos <@whosamad>

$thanosall: Pretty horrifying but it removes half of the harem characters of all the users in the server.

$forcedivorce: It removes an owner's character without any credit of kakera. 

$cleanuser: Use it to divorce characters and clean the wishlist of any user within the server.

$userdivorce: It removes all the characters from the harem of a user with a specific character. Instance, $userdivorce <Sakura>

$bitesthedust: This command is used to divorce all characters of everyone in the server. 

$clearnotes: Admins can use this command to clear a user's character notes in the server.

$clearwishes: It is used to clear a user's character wishes in the server.

I have mentioned all the essential Mudae bot commands but this isn’t all and to view all use the $help or $channelhelp command that’ll directly send you all the command list in your inbox. 

How to add Mudae Bot to your discord server?

To add the Mudae bot to your discord server, follow the below-mentioned steps:

How to Add Mudae Bot to your discord server

Step 1: In a browser, log in to your Discord account where you have the server to which you want to add the Mudae bot.

Step 2: Once done, on the same browser, invite the Mudae bot via any credible site or use this link.

Step 3: Now, choose the server where you wish to add Mudae and click continue.

The Mudae bot will be added to the server once you are done following the above steps.

Note: It is essential to check on the permission any bot requires before we add/invite them.

Remove/delete Mudae Bot from your server

It is unfortunate that you don’t want Mudae on your server, follow the steps to delete Mudae from your server.

Step 1: Log in to your account where you have the server with the Mudae bot.

Step 2: From the upper menu, click the show member button.

Step 3: Right-click on the Mudae bot from the member list.

Step 4: From the sub-menu, click the Kick Mudae button.

Step 5: Add reason (optional) and click Kick.

Once done, you’ll no longer have Mudae in your server. 


Mudae is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer Discord bots out there, as it can significantly increase server engagement with its exciting games and features. With Mudae, you can get the best out of your users and enhance engagement on your server.

I hope this article has helped you understand the perks of having Mudae Bot and other bots in your Discord server. If you believe that I missed out on something, kindly drop a comment below.

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