How to Use Nekotina Bot Discord (Nekotina Bot Commands)


Do you use Discord to hang out on different servers when you have free time? If yes, then you might know how fun and engaging these online communities are. Discord allows installing bots on servers which can automate many things. These bots come with many features that increase server engagement. 

Nekotina Bot is one such bot that helps to increase server engagement because of features like roleplay, mini-games, economy, etc. If you manage a Discord server and looking for a multi-purpose bot that can automate a few things and also increase server engagement, then this is the bot you should use. 

However, if you do not know how to use Nekotina bot, then worry not. In this article, we will talk about its features, how to invite it to your server, Nikotina Bot Commands and their usage, etc. So if you are interested, read the whole article carefully and you will know everything about Nekotina Bot there is to know.

What is Nekotina Bot? 

Developed in 2018, Nekotina is one of the biggest Spanish bots used in more than 3.2M servers. It is an entertainment bot that has multiple features. This bot has more than 600 commands that the users can use in their free time to have fun.

What is Nekotina Bot

You can play music on your server with this bot, play games, buy and sell items, earn coins, etc. Even though it offers so many functionalities, it is very easy to use and can be used by anyone.

Nekotina Discord Bot features

Let's have a look at all the main features Nikotina Discord bot comes with:

Set custom welcome message

With Nikotina Bot on your server, you can set a custom message for users when they join the server and leave the server. This makes them feel some warmth in your server. 


Nikotina bot has a very large bundle of anime gifs that you can use to show people how you are feeling. It has more than 10,000 gifs ranging from rage, hugs, kisses, etc. Along with this, it also has a counter that keeps count of how many times you have been kissed, hugged, slapped, blushed at, etc.


It is another feature of the Nekotina bot that makes it so engaging. You can set up a shop where users can come and buy or sell their items or pets. You can earn rewards by doing quests, and daily tokens which you can check in the inventory. 

Nekotina Discord Bot features

You can also check your items and pets as well in the same inventory. You can use coins to upgrade these pets and items as well. The bot has a leaderboard where you can climb by earning more money. 


With Nekotina Bot present in your server, you can play music by staying on Discord only. You don't have to go anywhere else. All you have to do is enter a voice channel, give /search [music name] command and the music will start playing if it is available on Apple Music. 


Nekotina Bot has many other features as well. It has moderation features using which you can ban, kick, and mute members. You can also ask the bot to translate audio to text, ask for something and AI will answer, etc. 

You can use Nekotina Bot for automation as well. You can set a channel where you can set the bot to send messages or images after a certain time interval. 

Nekotina has many more features that we have not talked about here. You will know of them eventually when you start using the bot. 

How to invite Nekotina Bot to a Discord server? 

Now that you know what you can use Nekotina Bot for, let's have a look at how you can invite it to your Discord server. 

How to invite Nekotina Bot to a Discord server

Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1.: First of all, go to the official Nekotina Discord Bot website by typing in your browser or by clicking here.

Step 2.: Now on the homepage, you will find the “Añadir a la bot” button in red color. If you do not know Spanish, translate the page to English and click on “Add to Bot” button. 

Step 3.: You will be redirected to Discord. Here select the server where you want to add the Nekotina Discord Bot and click on Next.

Step 4.: Now select the permission you want to give to Nekotina Bot, and click on Authorize. 

Step 5.: In the final step, you have to fill a captcha to prove you are a human. After you have done that. You will see a congratulations message. This means that the bot is added to your server. 

How to use Nekotina Bot in English?

Nekotina Discord Bot was made by programmers from Spain and for Spanish-speaking people. Despite it being so popular in English-speaking regions, officially there is no English language added to Nekotina Bot.

However, you can use it in English by adding a translating bot along with Nekotina. Here’s how to do this:

  1. First of all invite iTranslator Discord Bot to the same server where you want to use Nekotina Bot in English. 
  2. Now type the following command /autotranslate add [source_channel] [target_channel] [target_language]. Set the target language in English. 
  3. Now everything that Nekotina Bot says will be auto-translated to English immediately. 

Nekotina Bot command list

Commands are words using which a person operates a bot. A command consists of a prefix like / followed by a word. Each bot has different commands. 

Here is a list of Nekotina Bot commands with their usage in English: 

Action commands



/baka [Member]

You can mention someone to tell him that he is a Baka.

/bang [Member]

Use it to show that you want to shoot the mentioned member. 

/bite [Member]

Tells that you bit the mentioned user. 

/bye [Member]

Use if you want to say goodbye.

/cheeks [Member]

show your cheeks.

/claps [Member]

Clapping for someone.

/cook @member

Cook something.

/cUDDLE [Member]

Tells that you want to cuddle them. 

/feed <member>

Feed somebody. 

/gaming [Member]

Play a video game alone or with someone.

/glare [Member]


/handholding [Member]

Hold a user’s hand.

/heal [Member]

Heal or revive a loved one.

/hi [Member]

Say hi to someone.

/hug <member>

Use this command to hug someone.

/kickbutt [Member]

Kick somebody. 

/kISS <member>

Use this to kiss the mentioned user. 

/kisscheeks <member>

Kiss someone on the cheek.

/knockout <member>

Leave a server member out of combat

/laugh [Member]

Shows that you are laughing. 

/lick [Member]

Lick somebody.

/pat @member

Pat someone on the back. 

/poke [Member]

Bother someone from the server.

/punch [Member]

Use it to punch the mentioned one.

/scared [Member]

Shows that you are scared. 

/smack [Member]

Hit someone.

/spank [Member]

Spank somebody with this command. 

/splash <member>

Pour water on someone.

/spray <member>

Sprinkle your favorite substance to a member.

/stare [Member]

Stare at somebody.

/tickle [Member]

Tickle someone.

/tsundere [member]

Be tsundere towards someone.

/highfive [Member]

Use it to high five someone. 

/slap <member>

Slap someone using this command. 


Anime commands




Gives a za warudo anime gif. 

/waifu <subcomando>

Vote for your favorite waifu and help her to climb in the ranking/


Bring images of random traps> w <


Rero Rero anime gif. 


Gives a random image of REM.


Gives an image of Yuudachi.


Gives a random nekotina image.


Gives gif of a random cat girl.


Gives an image of a random cat girl.


Gives a nani gif. 


Images of characters with Kawaii ears


Gives a gif of jojo posing. 

/husbando <subcomando>

Vote for your favorite husband and help it climb in the ranking/


FBI Open UP gif.


Shows the last anime episode published by Crunchyroll



/anisearch <name>

Search about an anime. 


Allows you to configure the channel to receive notifications of emission episodes already available.


Music commands




Stop the song and clean the playlist.


Randomly mix the playlist.

/seek <time>

Find a specific time within the duration of the song.

/search <name>

Find a song.


Remove the pause of the song and the party continues.


Repeat the song that is playing.


Remove one or multiple songs from the playback tail.


Add a radio to the music list.

/play <link, search or file>

Play music in your voice channel.


Pause the ongoing song.


Show information about the song that is playing.

/move <song number> <new position>

Move a song to another position

/lyrics <name of the song>

Look for the lyrics of a song.


Block the playlist to repeat indefinitely.


Block the ongoing song to repeat indefinitely.


You invoke me to the voice channel. Owo


Clean the playlist


Club commands



/clubadmin <user>

ADMINS can prohibit, expel and accept applications.

/clubapply <club>

You must meet the minimum level requirement and you cannot be on the Bans list.


List all users who have postulated to your club. You must be official of the club to use this command.

/clubban <User | number> [-i image url]

-i url of an image where the infraction is seen.


List all users with a prohibition of entry to the club.

/clubcreate <name>

Create a club. The use of this command requires not belonging to a club.

/clubdep <amount>

Deposit your money to the club’s bank to be sure.

/clubdesc <descripción>

Establish the description of the club.


Dissolve the club of which you own. This action is irreversible.

/clubicon <link>

Establishes the club icon.


You can add -p page to see a specific page.

/Clubkick <User | number> [-i image url]

kick user from the club


It shows the accumulated experience of club members (weekly).


Leave the club in which you are currently.

/clublevel <level>

Establishes the minimum level to apply for the club. You cannot establish this number below 3

/clubmanager <user>

Assign or remove the sublide role to the club member.

/clubmember [número]

Show the information of a club member to whom you belong.

/clubreject <user>

Reject the request for admission to a user.

/clubrename <name>

Modify the name of the club.


Clubskills command

/clubtransfer <user>

Transfer the property of the club to another member of the club.

/clubunban <user>

Remove the prohibition of entrance to the previously prohibited user club.

/clubwd <amount>

Remove money from the club bank. Requires club administrator permits.


Economy commands



/buy <item>

Buy something from the little store.

/claimcode <code>

Rent a promotional code for rewards/

/craft [-p page] <item> [anvil]

Create items or check the list.


If something goes wrong, you’ll end well …


Receive your daily coin injection.

/deposit <amount>

Deposit your coins to the bank so that they are safe.

/event [page]

It will show you the current event and its rewards.

/fish [name or level number]

For more details, you can write: /fish info

/gift <member> <item>

Give an item of your backpack to a server member.

/guide [page]

Show all information about the economy module.

/iteminfo <item>

Show information about an item.

/leaderboard [category]

Show the global rankings.

/market <subcomando>

Interact with the market.

/mine [Name or level number]

For more details, you can write: /mine info

/mix <item1, item2>

Items entered must be divided by commas (Item1, Item2).

/nekodex [Member] [page] [-I Pet number]

You can improve your nekodex with/ Nekodex upgrade

/nekoshop [page]

Temporary store with exclusive event.

/profile [user] [-p page]

Show your profile or other users.


Show the Quest list available for today.

/rank [user]

rank user

/repair <item>

Repair one of your tools


Show my regulation.

/sell <item> [amount]

Sell one of your items and get some coins.


Adjust the user’s specific configuration.

/share <Member> <quantity>

Dona Coins to a member


The little store shows the catalog for sale.

/slots <amount>

Bet your coins for an opportunity to multiply your balance.

/use <item>

It consumes an item from the backpack.

/withdraw <amount>

Remove your bank’s coins.


You can do it every 1 hour and you will win between 100 and 500: Coins:.


Fun commands



/reputation <member>

In addition, a level 8 profile is required to give and receive charisma.

/banana [User]

How much is your banana?


Bonk Bonk hits a member with the bat

/choose <option 1> <option 2>

Ask Neko and choose from one of the options.

/confess <texto>

You can add -n for your name to appear.


Delete command


Guess command


Bring a random image of a cat. :3


Try your luck with a fortune cookie

/magik [Member]

Transforms the avatar of a member.

/match <Member 1> <Member 2> [Member 3] [Member 4]

Generate an embed with up to 4 avatars/


Bring a random image of a dog. :3

/roll [maximum]

Throw the dice and return a value between 1 and 100.

/rps [Member]

Play with me or with a paper member paper or scissors.

/say [option] <text>

I will send a message that you write to the current channel.

/ship <user> <user>

Calculate the percentage of loving compatibility between two people.


Boast your stonks.

/trivia [category]

The Trivia Reset option allows you to restart the server trivias leaderboard.


Information commands




Donate to support me.


Show the list of available commands or information about a specific one.


You receive a link so you can invite me to any server you manage.


It shows the most faithful communities to Nekotina. : Nekouwu:


Show the prefix configured on this server.


Show my technical statistics.


Marriage commands



/acceptmarriage <usuario | id>

Accept a marriage proposal

/divorce <user | tag | posición>

It allows you to divorce you from someone.

/help declinemarriage

Rejects a marriage proposal

/letter <member>

Send a love letter to a special person.


List your marriages

/marry <member>

You propose marriage to the mentioned member.


Show your list of propositions.

/teammate <member>

Proposes one of your marriages as a life partner


Administrator commands




Set a member’s nickname. 

/rolecolor <role> <color hex>

Change the color of a role

/removerole <miembro> <rol>

Remove a role of a member in your server. 

/lock [-C Channel] [Reason]

Block a text channel so that the role @Everyone cannot send messages.

/unlock [-C Channel]

Unlock a text channel so that the role @Everyone can send messages.

/slowmode <interval> [-c channel]

Edit the paused channel mode.

/purge [option] [-C channel] [-m quantity messages]

Delete a number of messages from a channel using this command. 


Moderation commands



/warn <member> [reason] [-i image url]

Warns a member.

/updatecase <id> <reason>

Update the reason for a sanction.

/timeout <member> [reason] [-i image url]

Isolates a member. 

/softban <member> [reason] [-i image url]

Softban someone from the server. 

/hardmute <member> [reason] [-i image url] [-t time] [-d days]

Hardmute someone in the server for given days. 

/forceban <id> [reason] [-i image url] [-t time] [-d days]

Forceban a user

/clearwarns <member>

Clear a member’s warnings.

/case <member id | case id>

Check the sanctions that a user has received.

/ban <member> [reason] [-i image url] [-t time] [-d days]

Ban a user from your server.

/unwarn <member> [reason] [-i image url]

Remove warnings of a member.

/untimeout <member> [reason] [-i image url]

If you have set timeout from someone, use this to remove that sanction.

/unmute <member> [reason] [-i image url]

Unmute a member using this command. 

/unban <user> [reason] [-i image url]

Unban someone from server. 

/mutelist [page]

Shows the list of muted members.

/mute <sert> [reason] [-i image url] [-t time]

Mute someone using this command.

/moderations [page]

Shows the list of active sanctions (pending expiring).

/kick <sert> [reason] [-i image url]

Kick the mentioned user from server. 


Reaction commands




Use it to blush.




Show that you are bored. 


You’re confused.


Why are you crying?


Makes a dab.


Dance command


If you mention someone you will understand that you have fallen in love with that person


You are disgusted?




Eat something.




You have failed.


Encourage your flight to unknown skies.


Show your happiness with a smile.


Express that you are lascivious.


You like.


You do not like.


Peek command


You make a pot.




SAD command




¯ _ (ツ) _/¯


Do you sing




Smug command




A thinking gif. 


Trick and treats during halloween.


Vomit gif. 


This will give a cat wagging gif. 




Keep your way already.

Nekotina Bot not working

Sometimes Nekotina Bot will stop working. This happens if the server is down or if the bot does not have the required permissions. If the server is down, you can not do anything. However, if it misses the required permissions you need to remove the Nekotina bot from the server add it back again, and give it the required permissions at the time of adding. 

Remove Nekotina Discord Bot

Do you want to remove Nekotina Discord Bot from your server? Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to the server from where you want to delete the bot. 
  2. In the members list, scroll down and find Nekotina Bot. 
  3. Right-click on the bot and select Kick Nekotina. 
  4. Now a dialogue box will open asking the reason why you want to kick the bot. Write down a reason if you want to otherwise leave it blank and click on Kick. 
  5. The bot is deleted from your server now. 


Discord bots come in very handy when you want to automate some tasks in a server and also to increase user engagement. Nekotina Bot is a great Spanish Discord Bot when it comes to playing mini-games, music, roleplay, auto messages, etc. 

In this article, we explained how to invite Nekotina bot to Discord, usage of Nekotina commands in English, etc. I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. If not, you can ask us in the comment section.

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