How To Use OwO Discord Bot (OwO Bot Commands Examples)


Discord is a wonderful free app where you can chat with people, and join different servers that excite you where you can find new people. On these servers, you can talk to new people, learn from them, and also have fun. 

Discord lets server owners install bots on the servers which makes the server more fun. One such bot is OwO Bot. This bot makes a server more fun and interactive because of the features it has. 

If you have a server and want to know How to Install Owo Bot to Discord, How to Use OwO Bot Commands, then you are at the right place. Today, in this article, we will talk about how you can easily do all of that. 

What is OwO bot? 

OwO Bot is a Discord Bot used by millions of servers to increase user engagement in their servers. 

What is owo bot

OwOBot Discord is primarily an animal-hunting bot where you can hunt animals to keep them in your zoo which you can use to show off to other users showing how many rare animals you have hunted. 

OwO Discord bot also lets you go on a battle against your friends. You can team up with other players to go into battle. You can climb the leaderboard if you win these battles. 

Owo Bot also has its currency, Cowoncy that you can use to buy weapons for going into battle. 

There are many more things that you can do to make the discord server more fun using OwO Bot Commands like gambling, memes, etc which we will learn later in this article.

How to install OwO bot on discord 

Now that you know how fun servers are with Owo Bot on Discord servers, let's see how you can install it on your server to make your server more interactive. 

If you have never installed a bot before on your server, worry not. It is a very easy 5 step process that anyone can follow. 

Step 1. Visit the official site of OwO Bot. The URL is You can visit it by clicking here

Step 2. After reaching the homepage, you will see the INVITE ME! button. You just have to click on that. This will redirect you to Discord’s official website. 

Step 3. If you are not already logged in, enter your login credentials and click on Log In. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to select the server where you want the OwOBot Discord bot to be installed. After you have selected the server, click on Continue

Step 4. On the next page, OwO Bot will ask for a few permissions on your selected server. Click on Authorize

Step 5. Fill in the Captcha to make sure you are a human and not a robot. Once you have filled in the captcha, the OwO bot is completely installed. You can access the server and use OwO Bot Commands to make the bot work. 

How to use OwO bot?

Now that the OwO Bot is completely installed on your server, you should know how to properly use it to make the best use of it. 

Bots are programs programmed by developers. You can interact with them by giving them the commands that they are programmed to listen to. 

Below are a few major OwO Bot Commands and what they do. 

OwO bot commands list

The prefix of owobot is by default owo. So before every OwO Bot Commands, use owo. 

Commands list
  1. Owo top - This will show the rank of the top 5 in the server.

  2. Owo my - This command shows your rank in the server. 

  3. Owo help - By typing this command in the server, you can view all the acceptable commands that you can use to interact with Owo bot. 

  4. Owo kiss @user - With this command, you can kiss a user virtually. All you have to do is change @user with the username of the person you want to kiss.

  5. Owo daily - Use this command to receive free Owo currency which is cowoncy that you can use to hunt animals, buy items from shops, etc. You can use this command every 24 hrs. 

  6. Owo claim - Use the command to claim all the rewards available for you at the time.

  7. Owo cowoncy - Check the money that you are left with, with this command. 

  8. Owo give - You can use this command to give your cowoncy to another user. 

  9. Owo checklist - This command shows you the things that you are yet to do. This refreshes every 24 hrs. 

  10. owo shop - This command is used to access the shop. Here you can see the list of items that you can buy using cowoncy. All the items listed also have the price listed in front of them. You can buy items if you have cowoncy with you. 

  11. Owo buy - Use this command to buy something from the shop. Just type owo buy item number. Replace the item number with the item number present in the shop.

  12. Owo hunt - Use the command to hunt animals that you can store in your zoo. Each hunt costs you 5 cowoncy. 

  13. Owo Zoo - With this command, you can check all the animals that you have hunted till now. It also shows the number of animals present and also if they are common, uncommon, rare, epic, or mythic. 

  14. Owo battle - Use this command to get into a battle with your enemies. Make sure that you have a team of good animals and have good weapons with you. If you go into battle with a weaker team, you will surely lose and lose XPs and lose your winning streak. 

  15. Owo ab - If you want to check pending battles, type in this command in the server chat box. 

  16. Owo crate - Use this command to open the crate where you will find weapons to use in battles. 

  17. Owo slots - If you want to play a slots game to try your luck and win big cowoncy, use this command. 

  18. Owo coinflip - Use the command to play coinflip and try your luck. 

  19. Owo sell - If you have extra animals or are low on currency, you can use the sell command to sell your animals to make some money. 

  20. Owo team add animal - You can not go on battles without making a team. So before going to battle, check the best animals you have in the zoo and then add them to your team. Let's say you want to add a tiger to your team. You type owo team add tiger in the server and your team will be created. 

  21. Owo weapon - With this command, users can see the weapons they have. They can equip a weapon to use with an animal, unequip a weapon if they don't want to use it. They can also sell a weapon if they want. 

  22. Owo lootbox - Use the command to open a loot box to find loot like gems, cowoncy, etc. 

  23. Owo censor - You can use owo as a moderation bot as well. After this, bad words will be censored from the server. 

  24. Owo marry @user - Use this bot to marry someone. All you have to do is buy a ring for the proposal which you can buy from the shop. Just replace the username and you are good to go. 

  25. Owo avatar @user - If you want to see someone’s avatar, use this command. Just replace @user with the username of the person whose avatar you want to see. 

  26. Owo disable - If you want, you can use this command to disable a command in the server. 

How to kick OwoBot from discord server?

Are you bored of OwO Bot and want to kick out of your server? You may not be bored but there might be another reason why you want to kick OwO Bot from the discord server. 

discord server

Here is how you can delete the OwO Bot from Discord: 

Step 1. Go to the server where OwO Bot discord is installed and you want to delete it. 

Step 2. On the right sidebar, you will find a list of members and bots present in that server. 

Step 3. Find the bot named OwO. Right-click on it. A menu will appear with several options. 

Step 4. Click on Kick OwO. This will remove OwO from that Discord server. 


OwO Bot is a great bot to introduce to your server if you want to increase engagement. The users will have a great time hunting for animals, going to battle with their friends, gambling, buying weapons, etc.  

We hope this step-by-step guide helped invite OwO Bot to your discord server, find out the use of OwO Bot commands, and how to delete the OwO Bot if not needed. 

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