Latin Marriage Agencies: How Do They Work?


With more and more men from the US and the developed world broadly looking for Latin brides, Latin marriage agencies are also growing in popularity.

Such agencies have also drawn quite a bit of controversy, however, as many question their efficacy and safety.

So, let’s examine Latin marriage agencies below – how do they work, are they safe, what are their Pros and Cons, what are their alternatives, and more.

How do Latin marriage agencies work?

Latin marriage agencies work just as any other international marriage agency. Most of them are fairly new, compared to marriage agencies specializing in Eastern European or Asian mail-order brides, but Latin marriage agencies work on the same principle.

How do Latin marriage agencies work?

Typically, women from Central and South American countries will apply to the agency and make a dating profile there, sharing as much personal information as they choose. Then, men – usually from the United States or from other developed countries – will also make their own dating profiles and will pay the agency’s hefty fee.

From there, the agency is responsible for using its dating algorithms and dating professionals to match the potential brides and grooms based on their interests, personalities, and preferences. Once matched by the agency, the man and woman can chat and decide for themselves if they indeed sound like a good match.

If yes, the agency will typically be responsible for arranging one or two in-person meetings between the two future spouses. The expenses for those are sometimes covered by the initial fee or are paid before the meetings themselves.

If those face-to-face dates go well too, the wedding is quick to follow, and then the agency helps arrange the woman’s move to her new husband’s country, as well as her visa. 

Are Latin marriage agencies safe?

All of the above sounds fairly straightforward, but it also sounds ripe for potential abuse. Indeed, this is the main fear many people have – that the woman would scam the man or that the man would abuse the woman. Both are, unfortunately, possible.

Another risk is that the marriage agency or broker simply won’t share all the information between the two parties, in order to arrange the marriage between them. Such information can include the man’s history of domestic abuse, the woman’s previous marriages, and so on.

This isn’t to say that all Latin dating agencies are always unsafe, but merely that such services should be reviewed and examined on a case-by-case basis, as is the case with each potential date offered by the agency. 

Pros and cons of Latin marriage agencies


  • Latin marriage agencies typically work with huge databases of tens or even hundreds of thousands of men and women. This makes finding a good match very likely.
  • A marriage agency is expected to work quite fast – this is the key selling point of such services compared to standard online dating methods.
  • The algorithms used by Latin and other international dating agencies are supposed to be excellent at pinpointing the best possible match for every applicant – much more so than traditional dating apps do.


  • Marriage agencies can be quite expensive, as they don’t only charge you for the online dating process, the in-person dates, and the visa and immigration, but they also take their own sizable profits off your fee.
  • “Romance scammers” are a thing in any form of dating, but they are especially common on international marriage agencies such as those used to meet Latino mail-order brides.
  • Many people accuse marriage agencies of human trafficking. Of course, this isn’t inherently a part of an agency’s process – international marriage agencies aren’t supposed to take the freedom of choice of either the man or the woman in any situation. Yet, reports such as the one above claim that there are many cases of women being strong-armed behind the scenes to use international marriage agencies. Likewise, there are cases of men being manipulated by either the woman and/or the agency withholding information and using the man as an immigration tool.
  • Probably the most basic but guaranteed drawback of using international marriage agencies is that they take most of the “dating” out of their dating process. This is why many choose to work with them, but this also makes the dating and marriage process much more impersonal and formal.

Alternatives to Latin marriage agencies

Of course, if you want to date and marry a passionate Latina girl, marriage agencies are far from your only option.

Some we would highlight include:

International dating sites

Often confused with marriage agencies as they both use the term “mail-order bride,” international dating sites are actually much closer to dating apps in principle than they are to marriage agencies.

International dating sites

Such websites for Latin mail order brides don’t employ marriage brokers who try to take the dating out of dating. Instead, you can use such websites the way you would a dating app – you make your profile and you browse other people’s profiles to look for a potential match yourself.

There is still an algorithm you can use to filter down potential matches, of course, but the man and the woman decide who they are going to talk to – not some marriage agency broker who tries to play matchmaker for profit.

This means that international dating sites work much slower than a marriage agency, as there isn’t a third party trying to expedite the process. This is usually for the better, however, as on a dating site, the man and the woman can take as much time as each of them finds comfortable.

Additionally, while a dating site still has a monthly subscription fee or a credit system, it usually ends up being much more affordable than a marriage agency. That’s because the users themselves decide how much to pay for travel expenses, gifts, and so on – not the marriage broker.

Just meet Latin girls locally

This can sound like a no-brainer, but if you live in the US and you want to date a Latina woman, you can just do so in person.

Just meet Latin girls locally

There are over 60 million Latinos in the United States as of writing this. They constitute about 20% of the population, and they are expected to keep growing in number.

In conclusion - Should you trust and use Latin marriage agencies?

Latin marriage agencies can indeed be a fast and effective way to find a Latina mail-order bride. However, they are widely mistrusted, as is usually the case with other international marriage agencies focused on Slavic or Asian mail-order brides.

For many people, the risks of using a marriage agency simply don’t outweigh the gains. Instead, more and more people are looking into international dating websites, as a much more flexible, safe, and freeing alternative to marriage agencies.

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