Messenger “Not Everyone Can Message This Account” Error Explained


Have you ever felt annoyed or even violated after receiving an unauthorized message on Facebook Messenger? 

Messenger, one of the most widely used messaging services worldwide, can be a really fun way to remain in touch with friends, family, and coworkers.

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But the fun goes away when you receive spam, phishing, and unsolicited messages from strangers. Thankfully, Messenger offers a fix that can assist you in regaining control over your inbox and restricting who can send you messages

In this article, we'll look at the ‘not everyone can message this account’ error message you might have encountered and explain how it can improve the safety and fun of your messaging sessions.

What is the “Not Everyone Can Message This Account” error on Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has a feature that restricts who can message specific accounts by displaying the error message "Not Everyone Can Message This Account".

What is Messenger

It is a feature because it allows users to have more control over who can contact them on the platform, which also aims to cut down on spam, unwanted communications, and abuse.

Not everyone can send messages to a Messenger account when this feature is enabled on that account.

Those who are not linked must first make a message request in order to initiate conversation, and only those who are already connected with the account can send messages.

The account owner will see this request in their message requests and has the option of accepting or rejecting it.

One reason for this error could be that you've blocked or restricted them on Facebook or Messenger. The warning "Not Everyone Can Message This Account" will appear if someone tries to send you a message who you have blocked or restricted.

Another reason for you to not send and receive messages might be because you violated the Messenger rules or community standards. This can involve having Messenger permanently or temporarily blocked.

Step-by-Step guide on how to enable the “Not Everyone Can Message This Account” feature

Below are the steps you can follow to enable this feature:

How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Facebook Messenger
  • Open the Messenger app on your mobile or on your desktop you can go to the Messenger website.
  • In the upper left corner tap on three horizontal lines.
  • Tap on the geared icon to open up settings.
  • Now find the “Privacy” option.
  • In the privacy settings go to “Who can reach you” and tap on “Message Delivery”.
  • In this, you will see who contacts you through messages. By default for people connected with you, the option should be selected as “Message Request” which means their message will go into the Message Request folder.
  • If it is not enabled you can select “Message Request” for all sorts of potential connections. When you enable message filtering, you will only continue to get messages from Facebook friends and people you have already messaged. Your Message Requests folder will hold any further communications you get from Facebook users who are not connected to you.
  • Tap the "Requests" tab in the Messenger app or click the "Message Requests" link on the Messenger website to read and reply to messages in your Message Requests folder.

How to completely stop getting texts from others on Messenger?

If you only want to get messages from people you know, you can follow the below steps:

What to do if you have been restricted on messenger
  • Open the Messenger app.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the geared icon to open up “Settings”
  • Under “Settings” go to “Preferences” and tap on “Privacy & Safety”.
  • Go to “Who can reach you” and tap on “Message Delivery”.
  • Now in the “Potential Connection” Other people” select “Don’t receive requests” for all the possible connections like Friends of Friends.
  • Once you have selected “Don’t Receive Requests” others will not be able to contact you and rather they will get an error message of “Not Everyone Can Message This Account”.

It's essential to assess the benefits and drawbacks of employing this tool because enabling message request filtering may restrict communication with new or potential friends or followers or from an old friend who found your account but cannot connect with you. 

Users can also always disable message request screening or change their settings whenever they want.


In conclusion, the "Not Everyone Can Message This Account" feature is definitely a great feature. You may limit who can send you messages and lessen the number of unwanted spam messages that land in your inbox by turning on message request screening. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that there may be additional causes for your error, including privacy settings, block or restrict lists, Messenger regulations, or technical problems.

Review your settings and privacy preferences to make sure they meet your needs if you are having trouble sending or receiving messages on Messenger. It can be good to get in touch with Messenger support for more help if you still experience problems.

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