How To Use Mimu Discord Bot: Mimu Bot Commands


Discord is a social media app that is used by millions of users for text, call, and video chatting worldwide because of the features it provides. Users can hang out with their friends and people with the same interests in communities and servers. 

These servers can be installed with bots to make the server more engaging for users. Bots are programs that start interacting when given a command in Discord. There are many bots available for Discord for different purposes. 

One such bot is Mimu Discord Bot. If you are looking to know about Mimu Bot Installation, Mimu Bot Commands, and what to do if it stops working, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will talk about all this thoroughly. So read it carefully.

What is Mimu bot?

Mimu is a Discord Bot that comes in handy if you want some economy management, want to interact with your pets, set welcome and goodbye messages on your server, etc. 

Use Mimu Discord Bot Mimu Bot Commands

Using Mimu Bot, you can set up shops in your server where users can buy and sell commodities in exchange for currency. You can buy food for your pets as well as feed them. This bot has a very easy-to-use and cute interface making it widely loved by its users.

There are many more things that you can do with this bot by entering different commands after installing it to your server which we will see later in this article. 

How to install Mimu Discord bot?

Now that you know what Mimu Bot is and want to install it on your server, let's look at this step-by-step guide on how you can invite Mimu Discord Bot to your server. 

  • Step 1. To get the Mimu Bot invite, you must visit the bot’s official website. To visit the website, type in in the search bar of your browser. You can find the invite button on the homepage only. 
  • Step 2. Now that you are on the homepage, click on the invite button. This will take you to Discord’s login page. 
  • Step 3. Here you will have to enter your Discord login credentials and click on Login Button. 
  • Step 4. Now you have to fill in the captcha. After you correctly fill out the captcha form, it will redirect to the discord website. 
  • Step 5. Now you have to select on which server you want to install this bot. You can select the server from the drop-down menu. 
  • Step 6. Now another dialogue box will ask you to give permission. Tick mark the permission you want to give to the bot and untick the ones you don't want to give the permissions. Then click on authorize. 
  • Step 7. Congratulations. The bot is installed successfully on your server. Now you and the other users can start using it by entering the accepted commands in the server chat box.

How to use the Mimu bot? 

If you are here, you already have successfully installed the bot to your server. Now you need to learn how to use Mimu Bot to its full extent. 

How to use the Mimu bot

We already know that it can be used to create items, roles, etc that you can sell in a shop. Along with that, you can also embed custom messages when someone joins or leaves. 

To be able to do all this, you need to set it all up. Luckily for us, Mimu Bot Support has created a step-by-step document on how to do all of this. After reading the document, you will be able to do all the above-mentioned things. 

You can get the document from the official website or you can click here to access the document. 

Alternatively, you can also contact their support team if you face any issues while using the bot. The support team is super responsive, unlike others. 

Mimu bot command list and uses

Now that we know how to set up the Mimu Bot to be able to use it, here is the Mimu Bot Command List along with its uses. 

Pet commands



/activity breaktime

Go on a break with your pet to extend its lifetime.

/activity draw

Draw something with your pet. 

/activity dream

To dream with your pet. 

/activity explore

Go and explore with your pet. 

/activity fetch

Play fetch with your pet. 

/activity heal

To heal the wounded pet. 

/activity hike

To go on a hike with your pet. 

/activity manifest

Manifest good vibes with a friend!

/activity sing

Sing with your pet. 

/activity snooze

To snooze along with a pet. 

/activity stroll

Go for a stroll. 

/activity swim

Go swimming with your pet. 

/activity visit

To visit someone’s pet. 


To bless someone. 


List of people you have blessed in the day. 

/claim elite

To claim a Mimu Key. 


Get Cozy with people on the same server.


To leave your pet. 


To feed your pet. 


To pet your pet to make him happy. 


To play with your pet. 


Economy commands




Shows how much balance you have or the user you mention. 


This is used to spam click to earn some currency. 


This is to flip a coin and win some money. 


This is to drop your currency which other people can pick up on the server. 

/give currency

Transfer currency to the specified user. 

/give item

Transfer your item to someone else.


To pick up the currency dropped by someone in the server. 


To roll a dice for a bet. 


To play on a slot machine and make some money


Reset commands



/reset server all

resets everything in the server

/reset server autoresponders

resets all of a server’s autoresponders

/reset server balances

resets all of a server’s balances

/reset server embeds

resets all of a server’s embeds

/reset server events

resets all of a server’s events

/reset server inventories

resets all of a server’s inventories

/reset server settings

resets all of a server’s settings

/reset server shop

resets all of a server’s shop items

/reset user all

resets a user’s balance and inventory

/reset user balance

resets a user’s balance

/reset user inventory

resets a user’s inventory


Auto responder commands



/autoresponder list

To list all the autoresponders. 

/autoresponder show

To view an autoresponder.

/autoresponder add

To add an autoresponder.

/autoresponder editreply

This is to edit the reply of an autoresponder.

/autoresponder remove

This will delete the desired autoresponder. 


Embed commands

Embed commands



/embed create

This is to create a new embed.

/embed delete

This command deletes desired embed. 

/embed edit author

This is to edit the author of an embed. 

/embed edit color

To change the color of an embed. 

/embed edit description

You can change the description of an embed with this command. 

/embed list

To see all the embeds.

/embed show

To view an embed.


Test commands



/test boost

To test the boost message.

/test greet

To test the greeting message. 

/test leave

To test the goodbye message. 


Reminder commands



/reminders list

To view all the reminders. 

/reminders set

To set a reminder. 

/reminders remove

To delete a reminder.


Vote commands




Post a vote message. 

/votes give

To give your ticket to someone. 

/votes leaderboard

To check the leaderboard. 


Premium commands



/premiumset activitycooldown

To set activity cooldown. 

/premiumset blacklistmsg

To set blacklist warning

/premiumset discountpercent

To set a discount percent in your shop.

/premiumset discountuntil

To set for how long the discount will be available. 

/premiumset leaderboardentries

This sets the number of leaderboard entries. 

/premiumset leaderboardfooter

To set the leaderboard’s footer. 

/premiumset leaderboardheader

To set the header for leaderboard

/premiumset shopentries

To set amount of entries for shop

/premiumset shopheader

You can set the shop header with this command. 

/premiumset shopimage

To set shop image.

/premiumset shopname

This is to name your shop. 

/premiumset shopthumbnail

This is used to setup shop thumbnail.

/premiumset slotsemotes

To set slots emotes.


This command shows all premium settings.

How to delete Mimu bot from Discord? 

There may come a time when you would want to delete the Mimu Bot because of different reasons like boredom, bugs, privacy concerns, etc. 

How to delete Mimu bot from Discord

Deleting the bot from your server is very easy. Just follow these steps to delete the Mimu Bot from the server.

  • 1. Open the server where the Mimu bot is installed. 
  • 2. There you will find the Mimu Bot icon. If you want to temporarily delete the bot, then right-click on it and click on “Kick Mimu Bot”. This will temporarily delete the bot from the server. Meaning that any user can add the bot again. 
  • 3. However if you want to delete the bot permanently, right-click on the Mimu Bot Icon and select the “Ban Mimu Bot” option. This will permanently ban the bot from your server.

Mimu bot stopped working

Has the Mimu Bot stopped working on your server? Do not worry. There are multiple occasions when a bot stops working.

This happens mainly for two reasons. One is a server outage, the second one is the bot going offline for maintenance or some other reason. In both cases, all you can do is wait. Once the bot comes online, it starts working again. 

However, there are times when it stops working because it may not have the necessary permissions. So make sure to provide it with all the necessary permissions for it to work seamlessly. 


Mimu is an economy management bot that has a very cute interface. With this, you can create shops where users can buy and sell products. This comes with a lot of commands which you can give to interact with this bot.

The best thing about this bot is that you can create your own custom commands.

I hope after reading this article, you were able to understand what Mimu Discord Bot is, where to get the Mimu Bot Invite, and the uses of Mimu Commands. 

If there is something that you need help with, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you out.

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