What Does Ops Mean In Slang On Instagram Story?


Social media has never looked the same since Instagram happened. In addition to transforming communication, social media has also introduced a wave of slang terms that express messages and emotions in a concise and fashionable style.

I’ll be discussing one of the newest slang, “ops”.

What does ops mean in text or direct messages in IG?

Are you curious about the meaning of "Ops" in text or direct messages on Instagram? Let me tell you then.

What Does Ops Mean In Slang On Instagram Story

In social media, Ops represents opinions or opinions on me. Completely different from OP, OOP, or Oops, it is essential not to mistake it with other acronyms.

Teenagers commonly use the acronym "Ops" on Instagram stories, where it's used to either give or accept opinions from others. 

Much like tbh (to be honest), users share their real thoughts about the other person when using the acronym 'Ops.'

In addition to Instagram stories, "Ops" is also popular on "Ask and Answer" platforms like Ask.fm and Tellonym.

From 2016 to 2018, Ops gained popularity despite its decreasing usage. Ops on Instagram stories implies seeking or providing opinions from others.

5 Instances where “ops” makes up for the most appropriate term

Here are some instances where "ops" could be the perfect term to use.

Instagram stories

Post a story with the text, "Ops on me" to ask your followers for their opinion of you.

"Ask and answer" platforms

Use "ops" in questions on Ask.fm or Tellonym to ask for opinions on someone or something.

For example, you can ask, "Ops on Jane Doe?" to get opinions on Jane Doe.


Use "ops" when chatting with someone to ask for their honest opinion on something.


Users typically ask for someone's opinion of someone else.

For example, you can post a question with the text, "Ops on Jane Doe?" to get opinions on Jane Doe.


Users often give their opinion on people who like their post.


For example, you can title your post "Likers get ops" to give your opinion on those who liked your post.

Social media users can use the term ops to get feedback and opinions from others, making it a versatile term. To gather opinions from others on social media, try using ops and see what responses you receive!

How to incorporate “ops” to your IG stories

You can use Instagram's ops feature to get opinions from your followers about yourself or anything else.

Quick and easy steps to use ops on Instagram

  • Access "ops" on Instagram through an Instagram story or direct message.
  • To use it on a story, post a text saying "Ops on me" to ask your followers for their opinions about you.
  • Alternatively, you can add a Question Sticker to your story with the text "Ops on x" to encourage your followers to reply with their opinions.
  • To add a Question Sticker, access Instagram Create on your Instagram feed camera interface by clicking on the camera icon.
  • Select Aa and scroll left to locate the Questions Sticker.
  • Type your question and share it with your story.
  • After you post your story, all responses will be displayed in your viewer's list.

Using "ops" is a seamless way to encourage people to respond to your stories or direct messages. A sticker tap can efficiently begin a conversation or gather feedback from followers. 

Give it a shot and evaluate its effectiveness.

How to respond to “ops” IG stories

Are you perplexed about how to respond to an "ops" Instagram story? The answer is simple: just share your honest opinion.

Whenever you encounter an Instagram story that reads Ops on Me, pause to collect your ideas before responding with your honest opinion about the person. Note that your social media words and actions can significantly impact someone's life.

Take your time to think about your response

Don't feel pressured to respond right away. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and provide a thoughtful response.

Be honest but kind

Your response should be honest, but that doesn't mean it needs to be harsh. Be kind and respectful in your response, even if you have some constructive criticism to share.

Consider your relationship with the person before responding

If you don't know the person well, keep your response more general. If it's someone you're close to, you can be more specific and detailed in your response.

Focus on the positive

As mentioned earlier, it's best to give positive opinions about the person.

Focus on the positive

Try to highlight their strengths and what you appreciate about them.

Convert negative feedback to constructive criticism

Offer suggestions on how they can improve or what they can work on, rather than just pointing out flaws or mistakes.

Other slang terms related to “ops”

Although Ops is currently a trending slang term on Instagram, it is not the sole one. You might find these other slang terms on the platform.


A second Instagram account that users create for more personal or private content.


An acronym for "to be honest." Often used in Instagram captions or comments to preface a candid or genuine statement.


A feature on Instagram that allows users to post longer-form videos.


An acronym for "outfit of the day." Often used in fashion-related posts or captions.


A post or photo from the past that a user shares on their Instagram feed.


An acronym for "direct message."

Often used to indicate that a user has sent a private message to someone on Instagram.


An image or video that is often humorous and spreads rapidly across social media.

Other slang terms related to “ops”


A term used to describe someone who looks or performs exceptionally well.


A group of friends or followers who are often featured in a user's Instagram posts.


A term of endearment for a significant other.

As with any slang term, these expressions can evolve over time, and new ones may emerge. Keeping up with the latest Instagram slang can help you stay in the know and communicate more effectively on the platform.


Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, have introduced a new wave of slang terms, including the newest slang, "ops." 

In social media, "Ops" represents opinions or opinions on me. 

Teenagers commonly use the acronym on Instagram stories, where it's used to either give or accept opinions from others. "Ops" is also popular on "Ask and Answer" platforms like Ask.fm and Tellonym. 

Users can receive feedback and opinions in various contexts through the versatile term 'Ops.'

So, the next time you see “ops” on IG, I hope you know perfectly well what to do or how to respond.

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