How To See Mutual Friends On Snapchat  


When you look at a profile in “Quick Add” on Snapchat, you must have seen profiles with mutual friends. Mutual friends can be a great way to find new friends with similar interests as you.

Building trust with someone you've recently met might also be facilitated by seeing mutual friends on Snapchat.

It can be simple to connect and feel comfortable with someone when you see that you have shared friends, which makes it easier to strike up a chat and make friends. 

In this article we will dig deep into how to see mutual friends on Snapchat, what are the reasons you should connect with people with mutual friends and everything else related to it.

What are mutual friends on Snapchat? 

Just like on other social media sites, mutual friends on Snapchat are those users you and another user have in common.


If you have mutual friends with someone on Snapchat, it can be an opportunity to expand your social circle and connect with new people.

How to see mutual friends on Snapchat? 

Coming to the big question of whether Snapchat allows users to see mutual friends. Due to privacy reasons, Snapchat does not list the names of your mutual friends; it just shows the number of friends you have in common.

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat was built as a private person-to-person chat app and privacy has always been their main selling point.

However, just by looking at the number of mutual friends, users will be able to see how closely connected they are to new friends. To see the number of mutual friends you have with someone, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1- Open your Snapchat app.
  • Step 2- Tap on the “Add Friends” icon on top right corner.
  • Step 3- Go to the “Quick Add” section.
  • Step 4- In this, you will see profiles with “3+ Mutual Friends” or “20+ Mutual Friends”.

Despite the fact that you can't view the names of your friends' friends on Snapchat, this feature is nevertheless beneficial in a number of ways.

First of all, it can help in developing a friendship and gaining the trust of new friends. If you discover that you and someone have a lot of shared friends, you might feel more at ease and secure approaching them.

Second, you may get a sense of how likely it is that you and someone have similar interests or social circles based on how many mutual friends you share on Snapchat.

For instance, if you and someone else have a lot of mutual friends, it's probable that you two also have similar interests, hobbies, or places to live.

In general, the number of mutual friends you have can still be a useful feature for making connections and developing relationships on the platform even though Snapchat does not permit users to view the names of mutual friends.

Benefits of adding friends with mutual friends

Let us understand why adding friends with mutual friends is an encouraged and good practice for you.

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There can be several benefits as listed below:

  • When you and someone have mutual connections, it can be easier to build relationships. This may make it easier to start up a discussion with strangers, especially if you're meeting them for the first time. Both of you are most likely to have some common interests and it can help build a great friendship.
  • On Snapchat, you can find new people to add to your network and increase your social circle by finding mutual friends. If you've recently moved to a new city or want to meet new people with similar interests, this can be especially helpful.
  • You can have more opportunities to socialize and take part in group activities if you connect with mutual friends on Snapchat. This could improve your social life and lead to meaningful friendships with people.
  • Having mutual connections could be a very helpful networking strategy. Mutual friends can be a great resource for finding clients, partners, and career prospects in your industry.
  • Using Snapchat to connect with people you already know can help you improve your relationships. You can strengthen your bonds and make new memories with your current friends by finding new ones or sharing interests with them.

Overall, you can find mutual friends to improve networking, increase trust, widen your social circle, find new hobbies, improve your social life, and develop relationships.

You may build deeper relationships with others and live a more fulfilling life by being friends with friends of friends.

Alternate ways to find mutual friends on Snapchat 

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, such as establishing trust and finding new hobbies, there are a few strategies and methods you can use to find friends on Snapchat with whom you have common interests.

3. Snapchat groups

By following these strategies, you can improve your chances of finding people you already know and meeting new friends with common interests.

  • Adding from contact- Go to your profile and select "Add Friends" to get started. Select "Contacts" to give Snapchat access to your contacts from there. This will make it possible for Snapchat to look up people you know who are already using the app.
  • From ‘Quick Add’- Snapchat has added a feature where you can see the number of mutual friends you have with someone. You can look for mutual friends by going to your ‘quick add’ and you will see ‘x+ mutual friends.
  • Using Snap Map- Snap Map is another great way to find mutual friends. Open your Snapchat and tap on the ‘Map’ icon located in the bottom left corner of your screen. It will open up a map of your neighborhood where you can see your friends’ locations. If one of your friends is hanging out with someone you can simply add them as they can be a mutual friend.
  • Snapchat Groups- If you want to find people with common interests but also want them to be from different places you can join Snapchat groups. Simply tap on the ‘Discover’ option on the bottom of the screen and then look for “Groups”. You should browse through many groups before joining one. This way you can connect with new people and improve your social life.
  • Suggestions- Adding people from “suggestions” can also help you find mutual friends. As these suggestions are based on your location and also from your current friend list, it can increase your chance of finding mutual friends.
  • Ask your friend to share friend list- Another way to add mutual friends can be asking your friends to share their friend list. However, this may not work on all fo your friends since some of them would not want to share their friends list due to privacy reasons. But you can give it a shot.
  • Using Other Social Media Platforms- You can use other social media sites to help you find mutual friends. The benefit of using this is, unlike Snapchat where you can not see the names of friends-of-friends, you can find the names of mutual friends on other sites and add them on Snapchat.

How to hide from appearing as a mutual friend 

There can be a time when you do not want to be added by strangers or just do not want others to know you are a mutual friend. If you do not want your profile to be shown with mutual friends, you can hide it by following below steps:

  • Step 1- Open your Snapchat app.
  • Step 2- On the top left corner click on “Bitmoji”.
  • Step 3- Tap on the “Settings” or gear icon on top right corner.
  • Step 4- Find the “Privacy Control” section and tap on “Show me in Quick Add”.
  • Step 5- Disable the “See me in Quick Add”.

Using this you will stop appearing on other’s “Quick Add” and no one will know whether you are a mutual friend or not.

Can you see someone’s friend list on Snapchat? 

There is no direct way to view someone's friend list on Snapchat. This implies that you cannot view someone's entire friend list by merely visiting their profile.

Can you see someone’s friend list on Snapchat

There are a couple ways to view some of a person's Snapchat friends, though.

Best Friends: If you are someone’s best friend you can see the friend list of that person. 

A yellow heart appears beside your name if you are someone’s best friend on Snapchat. However, this is a Snapchat+ feature and may not work if you do not have a Snapchat+ subscription.

Mutual friends: If you and the person whose friend list you want to view are Snapchat users, you can visit the profile of your mutual friend to see if they have added the person you are interested in to their list of friends.

Snap Map: If the person you're interested in has enabled it, you might be able to see their position as well as possibly some of their other Snap Map friends. When in camera mode, pinch the screen to bring up this option, then choose "Map."

It's crucial to remember that accessing someone's private information or personal data without permission is a violation of that person's privacy and might even be against the law in some countries. 

It is therefore best to always respect other people's privacy and refrain from attempting to look at their friend list without their express consent.


In conclusion, you cannot see the names of mutual friends as Snapchat does not allow it. However, you can still see the number of mutual friends you have with someone. 

This can be helpful in finding people with similar interests and growing your social circle. When adding mutual friends, it's crucial to take privacy concerns into account. There is also no direct way to access someone’s friend list on Snapchat. 

You can manage who can contact you on Snapchat and who can view your snaps, stories, and location using Snapchat's privacy settings.

You can safeguard your privacy and make sure that you're only sharing with the people you want to by evaluating and customising these settings to your preferences.

Additionally, it's crucial to only accept friend requests from people you know and trust. A stranger or someone you don't know well should not be added; they could not have your best interests at heart.

Moreover, exercise caution when disclosing private information via the app, and consider your options before sharing anything that can jeopardise your safety or privacy. 

This was all from our end. We hope you found this article helpful. Do share this article with your friends who may find it useful. Goodbye!!!

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