SEO Tips For Boosting Your Website’s Ranking


SEO is dead! That’s what the world and its mother are proclaiming these days, but what most folks who proudly lament the death of the discipline fail to realize is that SEO as a practice is merely changing, which has been true for most of its existence.

Ever since the heady days of acquiring links from bookmark sites, search engine optimizers have had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

From the Penguin and Panda updates that decimated the industry to the current situation we now find ourselves in vis a vis SGE, those who adapt to new circumstances will always win.

Nonetheless, some things have remained the same throughout its evolution (albeit in a different form), such as ensuring your content matches the user intent and, of course, links…lots of high-quality, relevant links.

This post will explore the measures that still count, along with a few new and interesting others that could help you going forward.

If you simply want traffic, hire the pros

To start off this post, we will include a technique that isn’t really a technique in and of itself but rather some sage advice.

SEO is a notoriously difficult discipline to master, and any wrong move could result in either a whole lot of wasted resources without any results to a total deindexing of your site from a search engine (which is to say, Google).

For any bloggers and sole publishers out there, you can eschew this tip and move on to the next point, but if you are a business owner who desires more visibility and interaction with your site, you may find it more productive to hire those who live and breathe the art.

If you simply want traffic, hire the pros

According to the folks over at Bold, an SEO Melbourne based online marketing agency, several factors contribute to this task, ranging from website analysis to tracking, requiring different tools and expertise. 

What you end up paying with regard to agency fees is that you save massively from not needing to invest in the kinds of tools required for the job (often costing upwards of hundreds of dollars per month).

Moreover, because every site and business is different, you will get the chance to set up a preliminary meeting with these agencies in order to come up with a game plan that should result in your desired outcomes over a sensible period of time.

So, in other words, you will have someone to discuss progress with rather than remaining in the dark and wondering if the money you are pouring into the task is making any difference whatsoever.

Utilize relevant and high-ranking keywords

Keywords have always been a thing in SEO, and while their utilization has changed slightly over the years, search engines must still be fed the right keywords for them to understand your content and show it for the appropriate search results.

In the past, you could actually stuff keywords into your content and use all sorts of trickery to fool the engines, like placing them at the bottom of a post and coloring them the same color as the background.

Suffice it to say, these sorts of shenanigans don’t cut the mustard these days, and thank goodness, as it often led to poor search results, and you would eventually end up tanking the entire site come updates.

Nowadays, you need to use keywords strategically and where it matters. You can still place them in title tags where it makes sense and even sprinkle them throughout your piece of content. For instance, if you’re looking for tiny homes for sale in Portland, using this phrase as a keyword can be beneficial.

But if you want to make an impact, you must understand how to find and use them correctly. 

Utilize Relevant And High-Ranking Keywords

The approach usually includes finding phrases and subjects that are important to your industry.

Then, you may turn them into starting keywords. Finally, you may perform comprehensive research to identify similar phrases that your audience might use. 

Create quality and engaging content

If there is one thing that the Helpful Content Update (HCU) proves to us, it’s that the days of simply blasting a site with poorly written AI content won’t work anymore.

Lots of spam sites found a pretty disturbing amount of success with this tactic but were soon relegated to the bowls of the pages beyond page one, and some even deindexed entirely.

This isn’t to say that you should avoid using AI at all. It is a fantastic opportunity for site owners to streamline operations while saving some money.

But it must be used effectively to produce the kind of results that people want to read. If you have ever read a massive wall of text on a site that appears to contain a slew of constantly repeating words, you will understand.

AI also has the annoying tendency to hallucinate, as it’s known, which is when it presents fiction as fact.

The reality is that your content isn’t merely a way to rank your business but also a conduit towards making a sale.

If your articles rank well but read like gobbledygook, you will find it challenging to convert these readers into genuine customers who keep your business making money.

Use backlinks that count and will move the needle

You may have noticed a running theme throughout this post so far: What used to work like gangbusters several years ago will fall flat today.

The same is true when it comes to gaining backlinks for your site. Although Google has made noises that it has reduced the value of backlinks compared to other factors, it remains true that they still move the needle…as long as they are acquired and placed correctly.

But what does this mean in practice? In reality, you will have to invest a certain amount of resources to gain quality links, but once they are pointing to your site, you should be rewarded with higher search engine placements over time.

If you have enough money to spend, you can opt for links like those offered by HARO outreach, which land on very high-quality publications (think NY Times, The Guardian, etc.), or try PR outreach, which lands you similar links, but by reaching out to the publications themselves. 

Just remember that you need an immaculate pitch and a legitimate website…pitching your Garcinia Cambogia supplement site probably won’t elicit too many responses!

Use Backlinks That Count And Will Move The Needle

You can also go down the road of employing parasite pages where you pay for a post on an authoritative site and use their authority to rank for a chosen term (this is a black hat technique, so use it at your own risk).

Utilize internal linking structures

Gaining quality inbound links is crucial, but so is getting your internal linking game correct.

It has been proven plenty of times that a well-thought-out internal linking structure is a brilliant way to aid in relevancy, helping the search engines understand your content and move all of that delicious link juice around your site.

Aside from the obvious, it also aids in user navigation, meaning that your users would stay on your site for longer, boosting the chances of guiding them to the pages you want them to visit and thus converting them somehow.

Unfortunately, this task can be a real pain to perform, particularly if you have hundreds of pages you need to go through manually in order to find relevant targets and insert the lines.

Fortunately, though, there are plenty of tools out in the wild that can automate the job. Just make sure you configure them correctly; otherwise, they can be pretty random.  

Don’t be afraid to combine paid ads

Although not entirely in the realm of search engine optimization, paid ads are a great addition to any tactics you employ to gain organic growth. 

Ignoring paid adverts will only reduce your total audience numbers and result in lost sales over time.

When combined with your SEO tactics, it should result in a much higher share of customers than you could get with any one tactic alone.

Just like SEO in general, there is a right way and a wrong one. If you want the best results, it is really pay-per-job to outsource the job to a company that understands the numerous nuances that can make or break a paid ad campaign.

When you include these sorts of tactics with those outside of the world of the search engine, you could also see a tremendous uptick in visitors to your site, which also leads nicely to the next point.

Utilize Social Media For Promotion

OK, so calling this an “SEO tip” may be a little farfetched, but the fact remains that, unlike the halcyon days of yonder, a large chunk of your potential customers will primarily reside on one social media channel or another.

Utilize Social Media For Promotion

To ignore this fact is to ignore huge go0lbs of money that you will simply leave out the table.

The key to succeeding in this option is to figure out what channels to target and craft a social media strategy that resonates with those you are targeting.

For instance, it’s perhaps a good idea to focus on the likes of Instagram and TikTok for younger, more artistic audiences, while Facebook and LinkedIn might be best if you want to gain a more mature audience. 

SEO is a tricky game to master, but get it right, and you stand to win in all the ways that count.

You will find your audience increasing, your business making more sales than you could ever imagine, and your brand becoming increasingly more visible.

By using the tips laid out here, you should achieve these things over time.

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