Top 1 Easy Way To Start Your Writing Career As A Freelancer


What if you could be a freelance copywriter? Is copywriting a good fit for you? Do you have all the skills you need to become a top freelance copywriter?

Freelance copywriting is a great career for a person of any age. Here's why:

  • Companies are hiring copywriters all the time

  • Good copywriters can easily earn good amounts of money

  • Most copywriters work remotely

  • Copywriters don't need formal training or education

This article will discuss the top 1 easy way to start your writing career as a freelancer.

Working as a freelance writer: Where to start

If you are thinking about earning remotely and paying attention to the profession of copywriter, you are absolutely right in your choice because:

Working as a freelance writer
  • Work as a freelance writer does not require a university degree

  • This profession is not difficult to master

  • You will not need expensive training, writing courses are quite affordable

  • There is a great demand for writing services

  • There is an opportunity to sell ready-made texts on the content exchange

  • It is quiet work in your schedule without burning deadlines for the project

  • You can easily combine 4-5 customers and thereby increase your earnings

And if you do not know how to become a freelance writer, then our top 1 easy way to start your writing career as a freelancer will allow you to determine what steps you need to take for this purpose.

How to get started as a copywriter

Getting started as a copywriter involves a combination of building your skills, gaining experience, and marketing yourself to potential clients or employers. Here are the steps to help you start your writing career as a freelancer.

Decide if you want to write

You need paints, brushes, paper, or canvas to start painting. To become a chemist or physicist, you need a lab. You only need a computer or a phone to make money from freelance writing. Therefore, it is not difficult at all to start working as a freelance writer.

Think about whether you want to write. If you do not want to, the rest of the advice will not help. You better do something else because you will have to write every day.

Choose specific writing work

Don't chase a variety of services and versatility. The big money lies in narrow niches.

Choose specific writing work

Determine what areas of work of a writer are closest to you. Perhaps it is articles for a blog. Or texts for landing websites. Or maybe you prefer to create posts for social networks or emails for newsletters.

Writing has many directions, but it is better not to spread yourself too thin. Let you do specific writing work referring to the authoritative opinion of experts from cheap essay writing service. Being an expert in 1 niche is cool and will help you become a real pro in the writing industry.

Get the necessary training

Each writing type has rules, specialized terminology, and techniques. Study the market of educational services, choose courses, and take training. This will allow you to feel confident and provide better services, write well, and sell services expensively.

Determine what topics are closer to you

Limit your writing topics to areas you are familiar with. If you're an expert on the topic of construction, you'll find it easier to write persuasive texts on that topic. If your hobby is floriculture and you have a whole apartment full of flowers, then offer your services to flower stores and landscape designers.

Create a text about yourself as a copywriter, and do not worry that the narrow topic will scare away clients. If you present yourself as a freelance writer in finance and accounting, for example, your services will have more value than if you write about everything.

Most copywriters look the same to customers.

Your task is to show your advantages. The text about yourself should be the most convincing of all your texts.

Prepare a portfolio

If you have no experience as a freelance writer, you can make a portfolio from the texts you wrote during your studies. You can specifically write some texts demonstrating your skills.

Don't forget to update your portfolio by adding new examples of work.

Set a price for your services

Any professional labor should be paid. The work of a freelance writer is no less valuable than the work of other freelance professionals.

Set a price for your services

Many people do not know how to transfer their thoughts into texts. If you do this for customers, your service will help their business. You must understand the value of your services and confidently name your cost. And remember: customers don't want cheap. They want qualitatively.

Create an action plan and start looking for customers

Determine what goals you want to achieve as a freelance writer and write an action plan. First of all, plan your search for customers. Use freelance websites, LinkedIn, and email-finding tools. Be sure to let your acquaintances know that you are now a freelance writer.

Find out the details of the project and discuss working conditions

Clarify before you start work:

  • Is the customer willing to pay the price you set?

  • Is this a one-time order, or will there be a follow-up? 

  • Will this be a regular job?

  • Will there be additional tasks?

The list of items to be agreed upon might go something like this:

  • What is the text required for?

  • What is the purpose of the text?

  • Exact deadline - the day and time of delivery of the finished text to the customer

  • The number of revisions that you perform for the original price

  • When payment for the work is made?

Scheduling online meetings with potential customers and discussing project details is cool, but try to get a written answer to all the questions to record the arrangements. Try to complete the work before the deadline set by the customer. This will allow you to keep your promise and not break the deadline in unforeseen situations.

Learn the art of writing

If you want to become a professional freelance writer, you must practice and improve a lot. You will write a lot because learning to write only in theory is impossible. And read a lot of different literature: books, articles, emails, posts, etc.

Read blogs of famous copywriters and subscribe to their newsletters. Watch webinars and attend thematic conferences. Learn how to write chatbot scripts. Be sure to work on your literacy. Improve your ability to write well, i.e., concise, clear, and interesting.

Study marketing

A bad freelance writer takes payment for the number of characters, and a good freelance writer for the number of brought clients and paid applications. Does a freelance writer need marketing knowledge for this? Of course, they are.

Study marketing

If the customer sees the result of your work in the form of increased profits, both the customer and you will win. Your value will grow. That is why it is important to track the effectiveness of your texts and fix it in figures.

The customer pays you not for signs but for the result. And you, as a professional, should be interested in making it cool.

Copywriting and marketing go hand in hand. Marketing will make your texts more effective and your services more expensive.

Create your own website or blog

You can showcase your expertise and capabilities to potential customers with a blog. Write an e-book or post customer testimonials or reviews on your website. Write text for your website.

You can't put your interests last. You must become your own most important customer and write for yourself.


Anyone can become a freelance writer. Even if you were bad at writing essays in school. Even if you have never written at all. The main thing is to want to learn. To do this, you must get professional knowledge and skills, practice regularly, and improve your skills.

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