Engage, Enlighten, Encourage: The Three E’s Of Successful Social Media Strategy


In our world today, almost everyone uses social media. Social media is a big part of our lives, from sharing pictures of our morning coffee to discussing the latest news. But, if you're a brand or business, there's more to social media than just posting.

There are Three E's: Engage, Enlighten, and Encourage. These are the keys to really shine on social platforms. Let's dive into them!

Engage: Building genuine connections

When we say "engage" in social media, it's like starting a conversation with someone. You talk, they reply, and you both feel connected.

Remember when you talked to someone and felt they were not really listening? That's how it feels when brands aren't genuine online. Years ago, when I first started in content, I noticed that posts with real stories or honest questions got more replies. People like real talks, even online!

  • Replying to Messages: Like in real life, answer if someone asks you something. It's polite and makes people feel valued.

  • Going Live: Some of my best moments online were during live chats. It’s like hosting a real-time event where you can talk to your followers. Ask questions, share updates, and let them into your world.

  • Sharing Stories from Others: When someone talks about your brand, share it! It's like thanking them for a compliment. Plus, it shows others what people love about you.

How to know if you're doing well

  • Likes: Good sign people enjoy what you posted.

  • Comments: Even better, they’re talking to you.

  • Shares: The best! They want their friends to see it, too.

Brand that got it right

Ever heard of Nike? Of course you have! They're pros at engagement. There was a time when they launched a campaign asking people to share their workout achievements.

They didn't just sit back. They replied, cheered, and even shared some of those stories. It felt like a global fitness family!

Brand that got it right

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/nike/

Enlighten: Offering value to your audience

"Enlighten" isn't just about sharing facts. It's about offering content that informs, educates, and opens up new perspectives for your followers. Think of it as lighting up a little bulb in your reader's mind each time they view your posts.

Content is the star of the show

Back when you started, you always heard, “Content is king!” And you know what? It still holds true. Posting photos or updates is great, but if they don’t offer value? They get lost in the vast sea of social media posts. Good content, though, sticks.

That's why exploring diverse social media content ideas is crucial to remain memorable and impactful in the digital age.

Ideas to brighten minds

  • Infographics: A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Infographics are like mini classes. They give lots of info in a quick, fun way. I remember creating one about healthy eating, and it became a hit!

Ideas to brighten minds

Image source: https://planly.com/guide-to-instagram-for-ecommerce/

  • Collaborate with Experts: Bringing in an expert adds credibility and offers your audience fresh insights.

  • Webinars and Live Streams: These are like online classes. Choose a topic, invite a guest, and let the learning begin! They can be more detailed and allow for Q&A sessions, making them interactive and valuable.

Did my post enlighten? Here's how to tell:

  • Click-through rates: People want to learn more.

  • Time spent on shared content: They're interested and are taking the time to absorb.

  • Sign-ups: They found your content so valuable they want more!

A Brand lighting the way

Evernote, a note-taking app, does an exceptional job here. Instead of just selling their service, they offer tips on organizing, maximizing productivity, and even self-care. Their blog posts, videos, and infographics are a masterclass in offering value.

Encourage: Inspiring action and fostering community

"Encourage" is about inspiring your followers to act. Try a new product, participate in a challenge, or simply believe in themselves more. The best social media doesn't just inform; it moves people to action.

The might of calls to action (CTAs)

A good CTA doesn't push; it gently nudges. Remember when I ran a charity campaign for local animal shelters? Our CTA was, “Show some love. Donate or adopt today.” It was clear, direct, and heartfelt. And it worked wonders!

Sparking Action: Here’s How!

  • Share Real Stories: There's nothing more motivating than a success story. It could be a customer's experience with your product or someone's journey of change. Stories connect deeply.

  • Host Challenges or Competitions: You once held a “30 Days of Kindness” challenge. Participants did one act of kindness every day and shared it. It was engaging encouraging, and created so much positivity.

  • Building a Tribe: There’s power in belonging. Creating groups or forums where followers can discuss, share, and support each other can be magical. It’s not about your brand but the community around it.

Metrics that speak volumes

  • Conversion Rates: How many clicked vs. how many took action.

  • Participation Rates: Great for challenges or surveys.

  • Community Growth: Are more people joining your groups or forums?

A brand that’s nailing it

Remember the "Share a Coke" campaign by Coca-Cola? They encouraged people to share a Coke with someone else. It wasn't just about selling more beverages but spreading happiness and connections. They masterfully encouraged sharing and storytelling.

A brand that’s nailing it

Image source: https://www.marketingmag.com.au/news/share-a-coke-campaign-post-analysis/

Bringing it all together: combining the three E's

While each of the Three E's—Engage, Enlighten, and Encourage—holds its unique power, it’s when they come together that the real magic happens. It’s like making a delicious recipe: each ingredient is crucial, but it’s the combination that creates the final delightful dish.

Remember the time when collaborated with a local bookstore for a summer reading challenge? We engaged with our audience through polls to select books, enlightened them with reviews and apps that provide book summaries, and encouraged them to read more by offering rewards.

The result? A thriving community of readers sharing experiences insights, and motivating each other.

Why you need all three?

  • Engage: To make your audience feel heard and valued.
  • Enlighten: To ensure they're gaining something from you, be it knowledge or insight.
  • Encourage: To guide them towards an action or outcome that benefits both.

Tips for implementing the three E's in your strategy

  • Audience Analysis: Know who you’re talking to before everything else. Are they teens looking for trendy products? Or professionals seeking expert insights? For instance, given their tight schedules, you must focus more on quick tips and hacks when targeting busy people.
  • Consistency: You can't stress this enough. It’s not just about what you post but how regularly you do it. Even when you vacationed last summer, you should be content scheduled to keep the rhythm going.
  • Adaptability: Remember when the video content boom started? Those who adapted thrived. It’s essential to be ready to change as trends and platforms evolve.
  • Feedback: Always send a feedback survey after a major campaign. It’s a treasure trove of insights. Knowing what worked and what didn’t is gold for future strategies.


Engage, Enlighten, and Encourage aren't just buzzwords. They're the very essence of an effective social media strategy. They represent a brand's commitment to creating genuine connections, providing value, and inspiring meaningful actions.

So, as you draft your next post or plan your next campaign, ask yourself: are you ticking off the Three E's? Your audience and your brand deserve nothing less.

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