3 Countries For Freelancers Seeking Beneficial Residence Opportunities


Have you long dreamed of finding your dream job and getting rid of the collective responsibilities and supervision of your boss? Remote workers have become invaluable specialists in any country in recent years. By moving from stuffy offices to more comfortable places - spacious rooms and outdoor areas - work becomes faster and more productive.

Don't rush to move to any country by spinning the globe around its axis. Learn about the three best territories according to migration statistics and a global travel site!

So, which powers offer favorable conditions for relocation? Consider that European residence that promises a high standard of living for professional programmers and other IT specialists. It is essential to pay attention to the price of visa fees and financial income requirements.

Visa trends for remote workers

Many countries realize the importance of remote work in a convenient format, so more and more nations are opening access to their benefits to foreigners. The European visa for remote work is very popular. Therefore, feel free to choose one of our offers as a temporary stay and work abroad or permanent residence.

№1 – Portugal

Picturesque places and ancient architectural treasures - everything is available in Portugal! If desired, a freelancer with passive income can get a D-category visa almost instantly and have no problems with a high-speed Internet connection.


If you wish to apply for a digital visa and bring your spouse with you, it is important to check the details of the application. The Portuguese freelancer visa offers many advantages, including travel within the Schengen area. 

The conditions for obtaining a permit to enter the country:

  • Application fee of about 80 dollars and 76 c.u. for a residence permit;
  • Proof of income from 630 euros per month;
  • Provide certificates from your place of work (if you have one);
  • Certificates of absence of criminal record;
  • Availability of medical insurance for tourist purposes.

What neighborhoods to prefer and where to move to? Those who like solitude and peace will find Madeira, the Azores, or small towns on the Algarve coast, while those who are used to an active life - Lisbon or Coimbra. 

№2 – Spain

The stability of the economy and security guarantee that life on the Iberian Peninsula will be promising. There is a high level of medical care here. You will find many hospitals and polyclinics with highly qualified doctors. A good level of business development characterizes Spain. There are plenty of opportunities here for those who want to open their own business or find a job in a company. It is only a small list of advantages that make Spain an attractive destination for freelancers. 


To get a "pass" quickly, you need to comply with these requirements:

  • Do not have EU citizenship;
  • Apply to a Spanish consulate;
  • Have proof of knowledge in your field of activity;
  • Prove an income of more than 2300 euros;
  • Be employed outside Spain;
  • Pay the fees for the visa document - from 84 euros.

Obtaining this mark in the passport does not prohibit working in a company on a part-time basis, despite the remote method of work in the territory of the State.

№3 – Greece

Many bipatrides choose the country for its historical value, delightful beaches, and eco-friendly environment. In addition, it has the lowest housing prices.


The main conditions that are important to comply with are:

  • Be a citizen of a non-EU nation;
  • Prove that the income is more than $3,700;
  • Not be a tax resident;
  • Have a private business registration or employment outside of Greece;
  • State in writing that you will not be employed officially in the state;
  • Have insurance;
  • Submit a package of documents with a form to the embassy.

According to Vladlena Baranova, specialist of Immigrant Invest company, the waiting time is usually ten days, and the visa is issued for 365 days. After that, you can request a special permit for a freelancer, which has a validity term of 2 years. It will allow you to get 50% of your tax preferences.

Main aspects while choosing a country of residence

It is not required to invest in funds or buy real estate to obtain a golden freelancers visa. The authorities allow you to enter under minimal conditions. Some of the powers require you to prove that you are a highly demanded specialist, for example, Spain. At the same time, this country allows you to get a job in a company. 

Main aspects while choosing a country of residence

But all of them grant permission only in case of confirmation of your financial solvency and monthly income. The most expensive in this regard is Greece, but it gives chances for a lower cost of living after moving. Portugal has simpler and more affordable conditions. Choose your destination according to your capabilities and wishes.


Some people who work hard in their home country have no idea how they can move to the other side of the planet and earn money in the process. Others are afraid of losing their job, which brings a small but stable income. However, nothing is impossible if you are a freelancer and a highly skilled professional. European digital nomad visa will help you realize your dream of working and traveling around the world

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