TikTok Live – Top Services Where You Can Buy TikTok Live Viewers


In the past few years, TikTok has taken the world by storm. People have found themselves suddenly being influencers and popular when they just used social media to share who they were. You can easily get lost in the live streams, the endless reels and videos, and just lose yourself in the various content that appeals to you.

If you're a TikTok creator, than you already know that earning TikTok livestream viewers is very important for your numbers.

Your content that you publish obviously needs views and engagement, but if you aren't getting enough traction when it comes to TikTok live stream views, then it could potentially hurt your status. The good news is that there are some really awesome options to buy TikTok live viewers. It's a great way to increase viewers and make a difference towards monetization.

In this guide, we will share our top choice for purchasing TikTok live viewers for you. We've got some great insight to help you with your TikTok account. Before you buy views, take a look at this guide!

Why are live stream viewers so important?

On your TikTok account, you basically need a total of 100,000 video views in a 30-day period to start making money. Ideally, this will include live streaming as well as some regular video content. This is just to get started. Your live videos are a gateway to getting many viewers engaged on your channel. If you have more viewers watching, then it makes your TikTok streams and other content more likely to show up on "for you" pages and through newsfeeds too.

Why are live stream viewers so important

TikTok views are the bread and butter, whether it comes from a TikTok broadcast or your routine content. Don't skip making streams as those TikTok views should come from multiple facets. Plus, the TikTok live videos are all about engagement so live views on every stream is very important.

That's why TikTok live views services exist where you can purchase TikTok live views for your live broadcasts and video and boost those numbers. It's a win-win. Live views count toward your total views and will lead to new TikTok followers too.

Check out these top service provider options to purchase live TikTok views, find popular packages, and even check out other promotional services that might appeal to you.

The best 8 TikTok live views service providers

If you want to buy TikTok live views, you want to do it from a trustworthy source. We've scoured the market to find you quality service, great customer support team availability, and top service provider solutions to buy live views for TikTok users. Your TikTok profile will thank you later!

1. SocialsGrow

SocialsGrow is one of the best choices to get more live viewers as well as other services for your social media platforms. Each TikTok user that adds views to your lives will be a high quality choice and they guarantee no fakes or bots.


They have a wide array of services for all of the popular social media platforms and perhaps one of the best reputations for stream views as well. Views for your live sessions will fit your target audience, helping expand you to a broader audience while also gaining TikTok live video views.

The company has a money-back guarantee so that TikTok influencers like you get the perfect solution when you purchase views. Purchasing views is very simple for TikTok and other locations. Your live session will see instant delivery on TikTok once you complete the checkout page.

It's all genuine users so your hard-earned money is never wasted. They do accept a wide variety of payment options for this and other services too. Everything is safe and secure so your social media platform can start getting those stream views right away.

Acquiring TikTok live views has never been easier. You can choose packages for viewers with anywhere from 100 to 20,000 more viewers to add. Buying stream views is also affordable here with the smallest package being only about $2 for real TikTok live viewers.

You can order TikTok live views from SocialsGrow now and have them adding to your TikTok account in a matter of minutes. This is a highly dedicated and reliable source for purchasing plays. Give it a try!

2. SocialFollowers

SocialFollowers is another good location to buy stream hits. Your stream will get quality live views in no time. Their packages to buy TikTok live views are a little bit more expensive, but the stream viewers are always great quality and they will be delivered to your live video with ease.


This site for purchasing TikTok live views promises that up to 10,000 TikTok stream views can be delivered within 30 minutes of your purchase in most cases.

The live views all come from a natural pattern and these views are all from real and active users as well. Your live streams will greatly benefit from the boost of live plays when you buy TikTok live views here. This platform accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay so that your TikTok pay can finally start to take off.

Buy live views with easy and check out other social media platform provisions if you wish.

3. PapaSocial

Buying TikTok live views with PapaSocial is quick and simple. Their stream viewers are god for up to 200 minutes of viewing time. They price in bundles of 100, but you can choose as many viewers as you like.

When you buy plays here, you spend $4 for every 100 viewers on your live stream. This provider does have a unique bit on their stream service too. They promise that you get likes and comments included with the TikTok stream views.

Other customers rate their service well and this seems like a nice boost. They have customer services for just about any need and accept many payment options as well. Their deliveries are within TikTok's terms so you are getting more followers and other users engaging on your live TikTok views, helping social media significantly.

They make it very clear what to expect when you buy hits here and establish right away that your stream needs to stay running and must be public to receive these views on your streaming link.

4. Followeron

You can buy TikTok live views as well as other things from Followeron for a great price. They contribute to your streaming quickly and efficiently. Their packages for plays is a little different from the other providers.

You can just buy a straight 1,000 live views, although you can purchase more than one package of that. As you are selecting your package of live views, you will also note how many minutes you buying for. Those views stick around for the minutes you select.

They do have a money back guarantee for 30 days and they are speedy with TikTok and other social media delivery. Their details say you can spread these TikTok live views to multiple accounts, but that may be more complicated since this is a stream service. They have 24/7 support for all customers and promise that 95% of your views are real followers. You can get up to 50,000 plays.

The thing we are unsure about here is how quickly these are delivered. The website just says "average" which isn't that great of an explanation or promise for delivery time.

5. Buy Views Likes

Buy Views Likes offers TikTok live views in packages starting with 100 views for 30 minutes. You can get several different options for the views on TikTok, but the maximum timeframe they provide is 60 minutes. That will be sufficient for more live views, but it's also significantly less than what most of their competitors offer so that is something to keep in mind.

The options are mostly affordable, although they are more expensive than some. You can get TikTok live views with ease and the delivery is an instant start process. They also promise that they are real views which is always something you want to look for. The company provides plenty of other services so if you try them and like them, you have plenty of other options to consider as well.

6. MovSMM

MovSMM has a simple setup that is easy to follow. You simply choose the number of TikTok live views you want and how long you want those views for. You can choose up to 120 minutes and up to 5,000 viewers.

When you compare their package prices to someone like SocialsGorw, they are very expensive. That being said, a lot of people use them and they have a positive reputation. While you are on their website, you see little pop ups of people purchasing their services and what they got.

Here, they promise secure payment, high quality profiles providing the TikTok live views, and instant delivery that occurs during your stream. They have 24/7 support available so if you run into any issues, you should be able to get a quick and steady response.

7. Socited

Socited is a lesser-known gem that has mixed reviews. The people that like their services speak highly of them, but there are a few negative comments in their too. However, the company is open and up front, sharing all of the client ratings and feedback with you so that you can make a fully-informed decision. Very few companies would be so brazen.

The TikTok live views services are great for smaller packages where you want anywhere from 100 to 1,000 viewers. They are affordable packages that are fairly priced with some of the cheaper providers.

The plays all come from real viewers and accounts and they are delivered instantly to your stream. This company does only provide viewers for 30 minutes so that is something to be aware of if you are needing longer than that.

8. BuytheFans

BuytheFans is another unique place to buy TikTok live views. If you're just doing a short, quick stream they have options to get views for just 15 minutes. This won't be long enough for the majority of TikTok lives so you may need to consider other packages or options. However, it's still something that might interest certain creators. The rates for packages are per 1,000 viewers here, and they are pretty cheap.

That being said, it's unclear whether they provide guarantees or if the viewers are all real viewers. Those details simply aren't really disclosed here. They do allow up to 100,000 views which is the largest package we've seen across the board so far. They provide other services as well if that possibility interests you.

Tips you should know for a great live stream

Tips You Should Know for a Great Live Stream

Anyone can create a stream on TikTok, but making sure it's great is the best way to get viewers and keep them there. Before you start a live, plan your content and be prepared for anything you might need during your time slot.

Here are a few great tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay consistent with who you are
  • Don't fill time with boring things
  • Make each moment count
  • Plan your stream out ahead of time
  • Use good equipment for quality
  • Try testing out your stream before going live
  • Engage with your audience the entire time

You have plenty to offer so plan, prepare, and just go for it!


Will I get banned if I buy TikTok live viewers?

It's important to always use a high quality service in order to avoid running into issues. If you're using a service that provides real viewers and won't use bots or fake accounts, then you should be good to go. You won't be violating any terms so there will be no banning.

How many viewers can I purchase for a single stream?

This simply depends on your provider. Most of the companies start with around 100 viewers and will go up to 5,000+ viewers. They all have their own maximum number of viewers you can purchase so be sure to check those details if you are looking for a specific number.

How can I choose the safest provider?

There are a few details you can look for specifically. First of all, check out what other people are saying about their services. This is great reassurance. You should also look for secure checkouts, service guarantees, and whether or not they require your password.

Never provide your TikTok password to purchase viewers or anything else. You should only need to share a link and then pay for your package securely.

Is this really a legal option?

It is absolutely legal and it doesn't break any terms of your agreement with TikTok for use. As long as you are getting real views with no fakes and bots in there, you are good to go.

Can views on lives bring me more followers?

Yes! Getting more views helps increase your visibility. Some of the viewers may naturally become followers as well. This is a great way to build up your platform more.

What is the best reliable service to buy TikTok stream viewers?

If you're looking for the best of the best, we highly recommend trying out SocialsGrow. This company is our top pick for a high-quality provider when it comes to live views on TikTok. All of their services are great and their prices are very affordable. You get quality customer services and you can always fall back on their guarantee too.

You will find that any of the choices here are great options. We encourage you to explore and choose what best meets your needs on TikTok. Happy streaming!

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