Unlock The Full Potential Of LinkedIn With These Must-Have Extensions


LinkedIn has become an essential platform for professionals to showcase their skills, build their networks, and advance their careers. However, with over 800 million users worldwide, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge.

That's where LinkedIn extensions come in.

In this article, we will explore the best LinkedIn extensions and explain how they can help you optimize your LinkedIn experience, increase your engagement, and take your career to the next level.


AuthoredUp is a Chrome extension that can help you optimize your LinkedIn posts, increase engagement, and reach a wider audience


By allowing you to preview your posts before publishing, format them using bold and italic text, add emojis, and use hashtags, AuthoredUp can make your posts more appealing and readable to your target audience.

Using AuthoredUp is straightforward. After installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store and creating an account, you can log in to your LinkedIn account and start writing a post. 

Instead of the standard LinkedIn editor, you will see the AuthoredUp editor, which allows you to preview your post and make formatting changes.

AuthoredUp also offers a hashtag picker, which suggests the best hashtags for your post, and a drafts feature, which lets you save multiple drafts and keep all your content ideas in one place.

One of the key benefits of using AuthoredUp is that it can improve the visibility of your posts on LinkedIn.

By highlighting keywords and using shorter paragraphs, emojis, and spaces to increase readability, your content is more likely to be considered engaging by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Another advantage of AuthoredUp is that it is currently free to use since it is still in beta testing. However, it is unclear whether the tool will remain free once it is released in its final version.


LeadDelta is a LinkedIn contact management extension designed for CEOs, entrepreneurs, digital creators, and executive recruiters.

It is a Google Chrome Extension that enables users to import their LinkedIn connections into the platform and manage them using a range of tools, such as tags, notes, and filters.

The tool allows users to obtain a 10,000-foot view of their professional network and organize their business contact book in a way that suits their needs.

With LeadDelta, users can send personalized messages at scale, unlock data, and use filters to find the right people. The tag feature allows users to create custom categories for their connections, and the built-in inbox helps improve workflow.

LeadDelta is not just another sales tool; instead, it aspires to build networking, content, and analytics products that can inform better decision-making and strengthen a user's brand while connecting them to people who matter to them.

It is a social capital manager built for digital creators, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, and it can help users who are selling, marketing, fundraising, hiring, or looking for a job.


Lempod is a LinkedIn extension that helps users to boost their engagement and increase their reach on the platform


By joining relevant pods, users can get likes and comments on their posts automatically, which can enhance their visibility and help them to connect with other professionals.

Moreover, the extension is easy to use and provides valuable insights into post reactions, which can help users to refine their LinkedIn strategy.

While Lempod may be most useful for personal branding, recruiting, or marketing purposes, anyone looking to grow their connections on LinkedIn can benefit from it.

Overall, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to make the most of their time on LinkedIn and grow their online network.


Scrapp is a powerful email search tool that turns your browser into a lead prospecting machine. With Skrapp's browser extension, users can quickly and easily find verified B2B emails on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, as well as extract leads from specific company websites.

One of Scrapp's key features is its email verification method, which uses data-matching algorithms to ensure the email addresses found are accurate and up-to-date. 

This can be a huge time-saver for sales and business professionals who want to streamline their prospecting efforts and focus on high-quality leads.

Scrapp also offers a domain search feature, which helps users organize lead data and export it to their CRM or as a CSV or Excel sheet.

For LinkedIn users, Skrapp's email finder feature integrates with their account and can find relevant emails within seconds, saving them directly to an online Skrapp.io directory. From there, users can start building targeted email lists that align with their sales and business goals.


Surfe, formerly known as Leadjet, helps salespeople find prospects more quickly. Salespeople no longer need to manually enter data since Surfe allows them to quickly integrate LinkedIn prospects into their customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

A straightforward browser plugin from Surfe connects your CRM to LinkedIn

Surfe saves users a substantial amount of time and effort by automatically pulling data from LinkedIn and putting it right into your CRM, including a prospect's name, company, job title, email, phone number, and more.

The application also enables you to synchronize LinkedIn discussions from a prospect's LinkedIn profile to your CRM with just one click, identify qualifying emails, establish and enrich contacts, and find qualified leads.

To make sure that nothing is lost along the way, Surfe provides a two-way sync of LinkedIn contact information, status, discussions, tasks, notes, activity, and lead ownership.

Surfe is a great tool for salespeople who want to work faster and more effectively

Any sales team trying to streamline their prospecting process needs to have this product because of its smooth connectivity with LinkedIn and CRM platforms, automatic updates, and two-way sync.

Follower Insights for LinkedIn

With Follower Insights for LinkedIn, you can effortlessly access the follower count of any LinkedIn user, all without the need to navigate away from the platform or open a new tab. 

Follower Insights for LinkedIn

Developed by Jens Marketing, this cutting-edge tool aims to optimize your LinkedIn interactions and keep you laser-focused on your momentum.

Seamlessly integrated into the entire LinkedIn platform, Follower Insights for LinkedIn offers comprehensive follower count data across various areas.

Whether it's LinkedIn posts, comments, post engagements, people searches, or contact requests, this tool has you covered.

Gone are the days of triggering notifications just to obtain basic information such as a user's follower count. 

Follower Insights for LinkedIn empowers you to make well-informed decisions based on data when engaging with users or expanding your network, thereby enhancing your overall LinkedIn experience.

Follower Insights for LinkedIn is available in both free and paid versions, catering to your specific needs. 

The free version conveniently displays accounts with over 1,000 followers as 1,000+ for a quick overview, while the paid version offers a precise follower count with no limitations.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper is a powerful Chrome extension designed to revolutionize your LinkedIn experience by automating a range of tasks

With Linked Helper, you can streamline your lead generation efforts and optimize your time by automating tasks like email sourcing and profile scrolling. 

Say goodbye to the tedious and unproductive aspects of LinkedIn and concentrate on what truly matters – forging meaningful connections.

One of the standout features of Linked Helper is its messaging automation capability. Craft personalized messages and effortlessly send them to multiple LinkedIn users simultaneously

This time-saving functionality proves invaluable, particularly when reaching out to a large number of individuals.

Moreover, Linked Helper offers a wealth of additional features to enhance your LinkedIn management. 

Endorse your 1st connections, invite them to follow or join LinkedIn groups or events, automatically tag profiles, auto-follow, collect and remove contacts, obtain targeted emails, and much more.

These features facilitate organization and effective connection management, ensuring you stay on top of your game.

Linked Helper seamlessly integrates with CRM software, allowing you to consolidate and safeguard essential lead contact information.

This integration ensures all necessary details about your connections are conveniently stored in one place, simplifying progress tracking and enabling efficient follow-ups.

Furthermore, Linked Helper is compatible with free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter, making it accessible to users of various subscription types.

No matter your LinkedIn plan, Linked Helper empowers you to focus on what truly matters instead of mundane tasks.

In summary, Linked Helper is an invaluable tool for streamlining your LinkedIn activity and optimizing lead generation.

Its automation capabilities, encompassing messaging, profile management, and lead tracking, save you precious time and effort while enabling the development of meaningful connections.


Lusha is an exceptional Chrome tool that can unlock phone numbers and email addresses for virtually anyone on LinkedIn. With Lusha, you have a powerful solution at your disposal.


By leveraging the person's name and domain, Lusha taps into multiple databases to pinpoint the most likely contact information. It's a reliable resource for discovering crucial details.

Rest assured, while the data is temporarily stored on their servers, it is promptly deleted once provided to you. Your information's privacy is prioritized, so you can have peace of mind.

While Lusha does offer a free plan, it may not fully optimize your LinkedIn profile. For those seeking comprehensive benefits, their pro or premium plans, priced at $29 or $51 per month respectively, are worth considering.

These upgraded plans unlock additional features to enhance your LinkedIn experience.


Wiza is an efficient Chrome extension designed to supercharge your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. With Wiza, generating hundreds of emails with just a single click becomes effortless, giving your LinkedIn profile a significant boost. 

This tool is particularly powerful when used alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For enhanced efficiency, you can use a Chrome extension to find LinkedIn emails, seamlessly integrating with Wiza's capabilities and maximizing your outreach potential.

Wiza offers a range of advanced search filters, allowing you to refine your searches based on job titles, regions, experience levels, industries, and more. Once you've obtained your desired results, exporting them to Excel or CSV format is a breeze. With the results in spreadsheet format, you can import them into another tool using a CSV importer.

This feature proves especially valuable for those who prioritize quantity over quality, aiming to access a vast array of emails within specific fields or regions.

Pricing plans for Wiza range from $30 to $100 per month, per user. Additionally, you have the option to purchase extra credits for only $0.15, and you are only billed for verified contact information.

This flexible pricing structure ensures you get the most out of your investment while maintaining cost control.

Empower your lead generation strategy with Wiza and experience the time-saving convenience of generating numerous emails effortlessly. Unleash the full potential of your LinkedIn profile and maximize your outreach efforts.


Surfe, formerly known as Leadjet, is a powerful tool designed to streamline prospecting for sales professionals

Surfe revolutionizes the process by eliminating manual data entry and seamlessly integrating LinkedIn prospects into your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

With the Surfe browser plugin, connecting your CRM to LinkedIn becomes effortless.

By automatically extracting essential data from LinkedIn profiles, such as prospect names, company details, job titles, emails, phone numbers, and more, Surfe saves you valuable time and effort.

Furthermore, Surfe allows you to effortlessly synchronize LinkedIn discussions from a prospect's profile directly to your CRM with just one click. This seamless integration ensures you never miss any important conversations. 

Additionally, Surfe enables you to identify qualifying emails, establish and enrich contacts, and discover highly qualified leads.

Surfe goes above and beyond by providing a comprehensive two-way sync of LinkedIn contact information, status updates, discussions, tasks, notes, activity logs, and lead ownership. 

This ensures that your CRM remains up-to-date and in sync with your LinkedIn interactions, empowering you to stay organized and effectively manage your prospects.

For sales professionals seeking increased productivity and efficiency, Surfe is an indispensable tool. 

Its seamless integration with LinkedIn and CRM platforms, automatic updates, and two-way sync capabilities make it an ideal solution for streamlining the prospecting process.

Over to you

These LinkedIn extensions can help users to optimize their presence on the platform, manage their connections, streamline their prospecting efforts, and save valuable time

Whether you are a sales professional, digital creator, CEO, entrepreneur, or job seeker, these tools can enhance your LinkedIn experience and help you to achieve your goals. 

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