How to Use FredBoat Discord Bot (FredBoat Commands Examples)


The world's top voice chat application is Discord. This fantastic app can be used for free. Discord is a voice and text chat app for gamers that is accessible across various devices. 

Despite being popular with gamers, this software is also used by groups and communities to interact and talk about shared issues.

Additionally, users can create their own Discord server and invite their friends. To be more particular, this platform also enables you to add various bots to enjoy utilizing various instructions. 

In this article, we talk about one such popular and widely used bot -The fredBoat discord bot. Everything related to this boat has been discussed below.

What is FredBoat discord bot? 

Playing songs manually using links can be hectic and time-consuming. A free discord music bot named Fred Boat bot can stream top-notch music to your discord server. It requires no configuration to connect to your discord server.

Discord bot

You can play any music with it as long as it belongs to one of the supported sites. Inside Discord, it's mostly similar to Spotify. It can play content from Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and even Twitch.

You may use FredBoat Discord Bot to make your playlists, which you can play from within Discord by simply typing one command. YouTube and Twitch both offer live streaming options. Originally designed for smaller servers, FredBoat now offers a permissions system to stave off trolls.

By substituting MUSIC_NAME with the URL of the desired song or piece of music, you can easily play it directly. The sole requirement is that this URL be a part of a supported site.

It can play songs when we simply type the names of the songs. Easy and much more convenient right? Not only this but also many more things can be done once you install the Discord bot on your server. 

Last but not least, Fred Boat Bot offers a user-friendly "music room" that enables you to add songs to the queue and search for them outside of Discord.

How to play music using FredBoat bot?

To play music using FredBoat Bot, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. First and foremost, go to the server and navigate to a voice channel.
  2. Then insert the command “/play MUSIC_NAME”.
  3. Also, you can play a particular track by using “/play track_no.
  4. Music can be directly played by replacing the MUSIC_NAME with the URL of the song that you want to play. However, the URL should belong to a supported site.

How to add FredBoat discord bot?

Now that we know what this FredBoat Discord Bot is for, we will guide you to add the Discord Bot, which is quite easier than you think. 

Follow this step-by-step easy guide on how to add Fred Boat Bot to your Discord Server. 

Invite FredBoat to your Discord Server in the first step 

  1. Visit to access the FredBoat website.
  2. On the home page, click the "Invite To Server" button.
  3. You will be redirected to the Discord website. 
  4. You have to select the server where you want Fred Boat Bot installed. 
  5. Now authorize the Fred Boat Bot for permissions it asks for by clicking on Authorize.
  6. Now Fill in the captcha to prove you are human. After that, the bot is installed on your server. 

How to use FredBoat Bot? 

You must learn how to operate the FredBoat but now that it has been installed on your server if you want to make the best use of it. 

Go to the server where the bot has been deployed and type /help. 

This will give a list of all the commands you can use, along with descriptions of what they do. Then, you can have fun typing in those commands while you chat with other users on that server. 

FredBoat bot command-list

Bots are given commands to interact with them. Bots are pre-programmed to carry out particular activities when given a command by a user. The functions of each FredBoat Bot Command are listed below.

Music command

Users can play music from numerous sources using the well-known music bot FredBoat for Discord. Here are a few commands for FredBoat that are frequently used:

1. /play Song Name - Plays a song or a YouTube/Spotify URL in the voice channel you're currently in with the command /play [song or URL].

For instance, "/play Perfect"

2. /pause - Stop the song that is now playing.

As in "/pause"

3. /resume - Continues a song's playback that has been paused.

Instance: "/resume"

4. /skip - This feature skips the song that is now playing and begins the next song in the queue.

As in "/skip"

5. /stop - This command halts playback and empties the queue.

'/stop', for instance.

6. /queue - Displays the current music queue using /queue.

Instance: "/queue"

7. /nowplaying - Displays details about the song that is now playing.

'/nowplaying', for instance.

8. "/shuffle" - Rearranges the tracks in the queue.

Instance: "/shuffle"

9. /volume [volume] – Controls the bot's volume (0–100).

For instance, "/volume 60"

10. /loop - The loop mode is toggled using /loop. The bot plays the current song again when it is enabled.

Instance: "/loop"

11. /help – Shows a list of the available commands along with instructions for use.

as in "/help"

12. /destroy - This resets the player and clears the playlist.

13. /repeat all - Repeat all tracks.

14. /repeat single - It helps to Repeat the same track.

15. /repeat off - Play the queue normally. 

16. /shuffle - on to activate shuffle mode and off to deactivate shuffle mode.

17. /reshuffle - Reshuffle the queue.

18. /forward - Forward the track by the given amount of time.

19. /rewind - Rewind the track in the given amount of time.

20. /seek - Set the position of the track to the given time.

21. /restart- Restart the currently playing track.

22. /history - Show the history of recently played tracks.

Commands for managing playlists 

Commands for managing playlists

/playlist play - For Playing a saved playlist.

/playlist list - For Displaying the server's saved playlists.

/playlist list-tracks - to List the tracks from the specified playlist.

/playlist-manage create - Create a new playlist.

/playlist-manage rename - Rename the specified playlist.

/playlist-manage delete - Delete the specified playlist.

/playlist-manage add-track - Add the specified track to the specified playlist.

/playlist-manage remove-track - Remove the specified track from the specified playlist.

/playlist-manage reposition-track- Reposition the specified track in the specified playlist.

Please be aware that the actual command prefix for FredBoat may differ depending on the server setup, so if the commands don't work with "/" make sure to check the prefix used on your server. Additionally, the command prefix of the bot can be modified by server administrators.

How to change the prefix?

You must have administrator credentials and be a server admin to modify the prefix for FredBoat Bot. Type - /prefix new_prefix> to modify the prefix.

This will replace the term "new_prefix" with whatever you have provided. Simply typing the command /prefix will also display the current prefix.

Enter the command /prefix no_prefix to completely disable the prefix for FredBoat Bot. This will remove the prefix for the FredBoat Bot, albeit doing so is not advised as the bot may now be activated by regular communications.

By typing @FredBoat Bot prefix reset or your_prefix>prefix reset, you can also restore the prefix to its original setting. 

FredBoat not working properly

Although Fred Boat is one of the greatest bots in Discord, it may cause problems that make users very frustrated.

However, there are a few things to make fredBoat work properly again. 

They are listed below.

Switch to proper server 

Bots like Fredboat may not work properly sometimes because of incorrect server settings. Additionally, look over the permissions and role settings. In some cases, you might additionally have to request permission from the server moderator to utilize bots like Fredboat.

Interference from an outside source

Applications from other sources may potentially have an impact on and interfere with Fredboat. One of the sites that prohibited the usage of Fredboat was YouTube. Therefore, it's likely that using YouTube as a source will result in the Fredboat malfunctioning. However, Fredboat is still compatible with Spotify, Soundcloud, and a few other programs. 

Switching the voice region

Check the User Settings and the voice region when using the Discord Server. Change the particular setting to any other region. After a while, change it back to the original region. Doing this will hopefully fix the issues with Fredboat.

Issues with Discord and Fredboat

Sometimes, these issues will result from the server issues from Discord and Fredboat’s end. If a server error or issue is there, then nothing can be done other than waiting. Wait for a while and try again for some time once all the servers of Discord and Fredboat are back.

How to delete FredBoat discord bot?

You must have the required server rights to kick FredBoat off of your Discord server. This is how to remove FredBoat:

How to delete Fredboat

1. Launch Discord and navigate to the server where FredBoat should be deleted.

2. Check to see if you have the right permissions, such as the "Manage Server" or "Administrator" roles, to control server settings. You won't be able to get rid of the bot if you don't have these rights.

3. Look for FredBoat in the sidebar or the list of server users. The user who is being impersonated should go by the name "FredBoat."

4. To get a context menu, right-click on FredBoat's name or avatar.

5. Choose "Kick" or "Remove" from the context menu. 

6. Confirm the removal by clicking "Yes" or "OK" if prompted.

7. FredBoat will be removed from your server, and you won't see it listed among the members anymore.

It's important to note that you need the necessary permissions and access to the server to remove a bot. If you don't have the required permissions or you are not the server owner, you might need to ask the server owner or someone with the appropriate permissions to remove the bot for you


Listening to music always boosts our mood and has been an effective way to entertain ourselves from worldly pressures. Since the Fredboat discord bot is secure and open-source, it is quite reliable.

Discord has made it easier to listen to music by replacing the traditional way of searching for music and then playing it. With the help of FredBoat, we can directly play the music by simply typing the name, Also we can talk to different people who share the same music choices.

FredBoat has a built-in search system. So instead of using a youtube link to play something, we can directly search for it up from inside Discord.  It is a smart bot that helps us bond with different people with the same taste. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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