The Benefits Of Using Webflow For Your Business Website


As a business owner, there's no need to remind you how essential it is to have an excellent website.

You are probably already aware of this fact. Having a high-quality site is important because it is able to properly depict what your company does and what your brand has to offer.

But in order to reflect all of these elements, you need to develop something that's very fast, responsive, eye-catching, and user-friendly. These days, you can run into different platforms that can help you accomplish that.

One of them is the highly demanding Webflow which has become very popular among various web developers. If you've never heard of it before, or you haven't used it in the past, then maybe these facts below will encourage you to give it a try!

Fantastic speed!

One of the things that we generally love about Webflow is the fact that it utilizes a content delivery network, which is a powerful “weapon” that’s going to help you load your web page much quicker, no matter where your visitors are coming from.

The Benefits of Using Webflow for Your Business Website

There’s no denying that a vast majority of consumers have become very impatient and they do not want to waste their precious time waiting for a website to load. And that’s one of the reasons why so many web developers opt for this platform.

Namely, its hosting enables you to easily access some of the fastest hosting technology in the world.

And that’s of huge importance, because if people notice that your site is taking forever to load, no matter how drawn they are to it, it’s highly likely they will leave and give another website a chance.

Another reason why this is so pivotal is because of Google rankings. Long gone are the days when Google would “forgive” your web page for being too slow. Nowadays, when something like this is noticed, you will have to deal with some penalties. 

When we say penalties, we refer to rankings. Your website won't rank high on Google anymore, which can negatively impact your brand.

Therefore, if you would like to prevent that, then we would advise you to turn to Webflow because it relies on the fastest hosting technology for the time being.

In order to have a quicker loading time, you must employ first-class CSS and HTML, which are the things that you can find in Webflow.

Website building becomes relatively smooth

Now, we are not saying that with the help of Webflow, you'll be able to build a website in a blink of an eye, but you surely won't waste as much time as you would with another website builder.

And that's something that the skilled and innovative team at Paddle Creative can confirm as well. Namely, they, just like many other web developers have quickly realized that precisely this platform makes everything much simpler and easier in terms of website building.

And apart from that, it also enables you to customize any style elements whenever your heart desires. Not only are you able to alter and update individual elements, but you are also allowed to update the elements on any part of your web page.

And that’s one of the main reasons why so many web developers turn to this platform. They simply want to do their job in a more effective way.

Plug-ins are not mandatory

We are not sure whether you're familiar with the fact that there are lots of website-building platforms out there that can work seamlessly only if you utilize plug-ins. Fortunately, that's not the case with Webflow.

Plug-ins are not mandatory

Namely, with this platform, you won't need to stress over the fact that your plug-ins are outdated and have similar pretty bothersome issues. And it is widely known that when plug-ins are not updated, they cannot function normally.

Not to mention the fact that if your site has a bunch of plug-ins that can seriously negatively affect its speed which causes users’ dissatisfaction.

Another advantage of not having to deal with plug-ins is the fact that if by any chance, you are experiencing any problems, all you have to do is to contact customer service.

From what we’ve heard, its customer service is very professional and extra helpful. On the flip side, if you’re employing platforms that come with plug-ins, then your only option (when something goes wrong) is to contact plug-in developers.

And that’s not always the best idea in the world, due to the fact that these people are not always available which can truly be nerve-wracking.

With Webflow you can easily create your interaction ideas

We assume that as a web or graphic designer you are filled with some awesome ideas and during your design career, you were obligated to work in Photoshop, or any other similar program in order for these ideas to come to life.

But with Webflow, you will no longer need to do that. Namely, with it, you can create everything that crosses your mind (regarding animations and interactions) by employing exactly the same tool that you’ve employed for other web design work.

Furthermore, if you rely on this platform, you won’t need to code anything or waste your precious time explaining your visions and ideas to a developer. And once you’re done with your interactions, your clients will be able to immediately give you their feedback.

It covers your entire site from the ground up

It’s safe to say that Webflow is an omnipotent platform. Not only can it be described as a website coding platform, but it is also a great platform that is capable of hosting and publishing your site.

It covers your entire site from the ground up

So what does it mean? It means that the website you've created can quickly be published live, which is something that every experienced and skilled developer appreciates.

Just think about how you'll instantly become a lot more productive because you'll be working on a platform that's anything but time-consuming. If you decide to opt for it, you will be able to focus on other tasks that are equally relevant to your company.

Much faster design reviews 

As it was stated above, Webflow is a superb platform that will save you a bunch of time, without compromising on quality.

So what do we mean by that? It means that you’ll be able to show your customers all your designs relatively fast, in a matter of days and not weeks, or God forbid, even longer.

And then if some of your clients have some suggestions or would like to alter something, you’ll be able to make these changes very easily, which will positively impact product launches and will most definitely decrease the time between potential revisions and consumer approval.

In a nutshell, in Webflow, everything is drastically streamlined, meaning that any modification can be done with a simple click.

Instead of sending your client's static mockups, you are allowed to give a live staging website for revision, assessment, and the last stage, approval. 

Several screen sizing options 

In this day and age, it’s easy to see that a vast majority of people would rather use their smartphones instead of any other device. That’s probably because they find them to be more practical.

Several screen sizing options

We've recently stumbled upon a report that concluded that over fifty percent of online traffic comes precisely from these sorts of devices. So that's certainly one of the reasons why you should opt for Webflow.

Namely, it gives you the opportunity to capitalize on this by letting you develop spectacular mobile websites with custom views for both tablets and monitors. 

If by any chance, you would like your site to have interactions on smartphones, but you don't want it to have on a computer, then feel free to make use of Webflow. 

This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how people have heard about your company, whether it’s through mobile phones or computers, they will most definitely have a great experience.

And it is not expensive at all!

We believe that a lot of you may think (after everything that’s been written here) that Webflow is very pricey, but that (luckily) is in fact, far from reality. You will probably be blown away by the fact that it is actually free of charge. 

Are we serious now? Whether you believe it or not, the answer is yes!

Namely, in case you didn't know, this platform offers users a free starter plan and it is intended for those who want to develop their site without anyone's assistance, or they want to test it out before they spend any money!

Unbelievable, right? However, we would still like to remind you that there are other plans that are more basic and can be bought for $12 per month. 

In these plans, you will run into some very beneficial tools and options that cannot be normally found in a starter pack which is a great thing!

If you would like to have something that’s even better, then you can always opt for a professional plan CMS or a Business plan.

There are many things that have completely altered the way we create websites in the most positive way. And one of them is undoubtedly Webflow, however, if you're still unsure if it's worth your time, then go through this guide once again!

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