Top 5 Ways to Validate Your App Idea and Achieve Success: A Must-know for Startups!


Today, the competition is at an all-time high. Be it any field, the level of competition that we see today, is unprecedented. Companies compete with each other at all levels and are ready, and open to every idea that has the potential to change the course of their business.

Despite this competition across industries, innovations such as app development are considered to have the potential to revolutionize the traditional market, putting your products at the forefront.

For instance, global revenues are seeing significant surges in this direction, annually.

Not to mention the need and usage of smartphones today, which is directly proportional to the use of applications. So, a lot of businesses and organizations have and are constantly on the verge of creating such applications.

But the more important question that needs to be asked is how an app design company can validate its application idea, and be profitable! 

Because, while research suggests great strides in this sector, a lot of products and applications fail miserably! 

So how can one be profitable at the same time? Here, let us shed some light on the app idea validation and how a digital product development agency can benefit from it.

Importance of validating your app idea

Validating your app idea is one of the most critical steps in Software Development Company. It's because having the concept ready is just not enough.

Top 5 Ways to Validate Your App Idea and Achieve Success A Must-know for Startups

App idea validation will help ensure that your idea is realistic and will genuinely bring in profits even before the final product is launched! Thus, it can be life-saving for your business especially if you're tight on the budget.

5 important steps for validating your application idea

How to find out if your idea is worth investing in?

The app idea validation process will help you with the answer to this question and also other important questions that are vital for the survival of your business. It will guide you to make the right decisions throughout the app development process. 

Circumventing this very process has evidently been one of the primary reasons behind a lot of failed expeditions, in this field.  So, a budding digital product studio shouldn’t ignore this step.

Like any other business, the idea validation process too requires a business plan, which would be based on the following questions:

1. Find out who is your target customer

The most important aspect of creating an app is to understand that it is meant to be used. Used by your target audience. One can't just spend thousands of dollars developing an app just for their own use and fancies! 

Find out who is your target customer

So, it has to be developed, keeping in mind the potential customer. You need to find your user, divide them into segments and analyze each of these segments.

The more data on a typical user, the easier your work will be, as you will know exactly what their needs are and how to tend to them! Your early adopters will potentially be the primary source of your information.

That is how you will know whether you're doing something right or wrong.

2. Know what is the purpose of your app for users

Apps become popular because they provide solutions to problems that users face.

For example, messaging apps help us stay connected with loved ones, mobile games and streaming services offer entertainment on the go, and we can even use apps to manage our finances and schedule. Without addressing a specific problem, an app is unlikely to gain traction.

When you came up with the idea for your app, you likely had a problem in mind. Perhaps you or someone you knew experienced a challenge so you wanted to find a solution.

This is a great starting point, but it's important to determine if other people share the same issue.

As a brand-new app design agency, market validation is one way to assess your product’s potential success, instead of just conducting face-to-face interviews. In this way, you will have several options to gather feedback from people all around the world.

3. What solution your product is offering?

As you address a problem, you're expected to have a solution. Something that directly addresses the problem, or is a direct solution.

3. What solution your product is offering_

Your solution must be unique and should benefit the users. Not only does your solution need to be effective, but much more appealing than that of your competitor app design company.

For this purpose, conduct market research for your app as you go on to validate it. Users are generally attracted towards solutions that are either cheaper, better, unique or a blend of all three! One should keep that in mind while creating a value proposition.

4. How do you plan on funding the idea?

Unless your digital product development agency has enough money to fund the project, you will require investments, as the cost of app development is quite high. Here are a few ways in which you can generate revenue.

  • In-app purchases: a lot of users spend a fortune on the products and items within the app. That is one way to monetize your app and generate revenue.
  • In-app advertising: once the app is launched, you can offer space on your app for ads and monetize.
  • If yours is an e-commerce app: needless to say, you can monetize by selling tangible products.

5. Minimum viable product

Startups and businesses are well aware of the importance of feedback from their users. Developing an MVP or Minimal Viable Product is perhaps the last stage in the idea validation process.

5. Minimum viable product

An MVP is your product prototype with limited yet essential features that are required to test your idea. 

Releasing this into the market will give you an idea about what your product is lacking and how you can improve it. This is one of the most crucial steps in the early product development stage.


Validating an app idea is crucial for the success of any business. 

Though it is an incomplete methodology in itself that requires constant upgrades and modifications based on feedback, it can help you understand the potential of your product in the long run and can make a big difference for your investments. 

So, you can save a lot in this course of action. No doubt it is a daunting task but it is a necessary part of product development, which decides the success rate of any product.

It is better to validate your idea instead of blindly investing in an unmarketable product! You can now avail of the services of a digital product design studio that can help you with the entire validation process and successful launch of your product.

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