How to Fix “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram”


Have you also encountered "We limit how often Instagram can do certain things" while browsing through your IG account?

This error message indicates a violation of Instagram's limitations. Read on to learn more about why Instagram has these limitations and provide some practical solutions to fix this issue.

“We limit how often Instagram”: understanding Instagram's limits

Instagram's limits are in place to prevent spam and other malicious activities on the platform. 

How to Fix We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram

Such limitations may vary and can be influenced by various factors.

  • Prevent spamming: Limitations on liking, following, and commenting are in place to prevent spam. Otherwise, users could potentially flood other users' feeds with likes and comments, making it difficult to use the platform. While some of them can even be real Instagram followers just to increase their number of followers
  • Reduce bots and fake accounts: Instagram makes an excessive effort to reduce the number of bots and fake accounts on the platform. These can be used to inflate engagement metrics, misleading and damaging their authenticity artificially.
  • Protect user privacy: Limitations on actions such as sending direct messages are in place to protect user privacy. Without these limitations, users could potentially spam other users' inboxes with unwanted messages.
  • Promote organic growth: Instagram encourages users to engage in organic growth tactics, such as posting quality content and engaging with their followers. Users are forced to build genuine relationships with their followers by limiting their actions.
  • Maintain a safe and secure platform: Limitations on commenting and posting are also in place to maintain safety and security. Otherwise, users could easily post inappropriate content.

Overall, Instagram's limitations are in place to create a positive user experience and promote organic growth on the platform while reducing spam, bots, and other malicious activity.

By following these limitations, users can help maintain a safe and authentic community on Instagram.

To avoid triggering these limits, Instagram users should be mindful of how often they perform these actions. Here are some actions that may trigger these limits:

  • Liking too many posts too quickly
  • Following too many accounts in a short period
  • Posting too frequently
  • Commenting too frequently
  • Sending too many direct messages

Reasons for receiving Instagram “we limit how often” error message

Social media platforms like Instagram limit the access of users and these limits can change depending on different factors.

One of the key factors that influence these limits is the age of the account. Newer accounts are often subject to more stringent limits than older ones. This is because the platform may need time to assess the user's behavior and trustworthiness. 

As a user builds a history of responsible and legitimate activity on the platform, the limits may gradually increase.

Another important factor is the account's activity history. If an account has broken the rules of the platform or seems to be doing something shady, it might get restricted or completely banned for a while or forever.

On the other hand, accounts with a clean history and positive engagement may have higher limits.

The number of followers a user has can affect the limits they face. Accounts with many followers may have stricter limits to prevent spam or abuse, while accounts with fewer followers may have more relaxed limits.

Check out some of the reasons why you might be receiving or experiencing this error message.

The limit as a security measure against spam and bots

One reason Instagram limits user actions is to protect the platform from spamming and bot activity.

Spammers and bots can negatively affect user experience by flooding the platform with unwanted content.

Instagram's limitations make it difficult for bots to operate on the platform and limit spamming by reducing the number of actions users can perform within a certain time frame.

The limit as a result of Instagram’s algorithm

Instagram's algorithm also plays a role in limiting user actions.

The algorithm is designed to monitor user activity and prevent actions that may be suspicious or appear spammy. The algorithm can detect and flag accounts that perform actions too frequently or perform them in an unnatural way.

Other possible reasons

Other possible reasons why Instagram may limit user actions include the following.

Using third-party apps that violate Instagram's terms of service

Instagram may limit user actions when they use third-party apps that violate its terms of service. These apps promise to improve engagement and followers on the platform, but most of them are not authorized by Instagram. 

Using such apps can result in limitations or even a banned account. To prevent triggering Instagram's limitations, use only authorized apps or those that follow its terms of service

If you have connected any unauthorized third-party apps to your Instagram account, disconnecting them may help resolve the issue.

Having a new account with little activity history

When creating a new Instagram account, the platform may limit your actions to prevent spam and suspicious behavior.

Having a new account with little activity history

This can happen if you follow, like, or comment frequently in a short amount of time. Instagram might view your account as spammy and place restrictions on your activities.

To avoid this, starting slowly and gradually building up your activity on the platform is crucial.

For example, instead of following hundreds of accounts in a single day, try following just a few each day and gradually increasing your activity as your account ages and gains legitimacy.

In addition to taking things slowly, engaging with your followers and the broader Instagram community is essential.

This means being considerate when commenting on other people's posts, replying to comments on your own posts, and promoting your content on various social media platforms. 

These actions help to build a sense of community around your account and increase your visibility, which can help to prevent limitations from being imposed.

Another effective strategy is to create high-quality content that offers great value to your audience.

This can help to attract genuine followers who are genuinely interested in your content and are more likely to engage with your posts, boosting your account's credibility and legitimacy.

Having a large number of followers but a low engagement rate

Instagram may limit user actions if they have a lot of followers but few likes or comments. This can hurt the account's performance because Instagram likes accounts that get a lot of engagement. 

If an account has many followers but not much engagement, Instagram might think it's fake or spam. To avoid this, it's important to interact regularly with followers and the community.

Engaging with followers can involve responding to comments, replying to direct messages, and posting quality content that resonates with the audience. This can increase engagement rates and help avoid triggering account limitations. 

Additionally, using relevant hashtags can help increase visibility and increase engagement with the account.

It's also important to keep in mind that buying followers or engagement can be harmful to the account's performance.

While it may seem like an easy way to increase the number of followers, fake followers, and engagement can negatively impact the account's credibility and authenticity. 

Therefore, it's best to focus on organic growth by creating valuable content and engaging with the audience regularly.

Performing actions that are against Instagram's community guidelines

Instagram has rules that every user must follow to maintain a secure and pleasant environment for everyone. Not adhering to these guidelines can result in account restrictions or suspension.

Posting offensive or inappropriate content, spamming comments or direct messages to others, and using automation tools or bots are actions that break Instagram's rules.

Instagram's algorithm is designed to detect such behavior, and violators are promptly flagged and penalized.

To avoid triggering limitations or getting your account suspended, reading and understanding Instagram's community guidelines is crucial. Familiarize yourself with what's considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior on the platform. 

By doing so, you can maintain a positive presence on Instagram and enjoy the platform without any issues. 

Remember, you can never be too careful when using online platforms like social media.

How to fix the limitation on Instagram

If you've received the error message from Instagram: "We limit how often…”, there are several ways to fix this issue. Here are some practical solutions.

Check if your account is blocked or disabled

If you can't get into your Instagram account, it might be because the account has been blocked or disabled.

What can you do if Instagram disables your account

This can happen if you break the rules or use malicious apps. In either case, you won't be able to use Instagram, and you need to do something to fix it.

To try to get your account back, you can fill out a form on Instagram's website to appeal the block or disablement.

You should include as much information as possible about your account and why it was blocked or disabled. Instagram will look at your appeal and decide whether to unblock or reactivate your account.

Keep in mind that the appeal process can take a while, and you might not get your account back. But if you think your account was blocked or disabled unfairly, it's worth trying to appeal.

With some patience and persistence, you might be able to get back into your account and use Instagram again.

Wait for the limit to reset

If you have reached the limit on a specific activity on Instagram, such as liking or commenting on posts, the platform's restrictions will reset after a certain period. 

The reset time frame depends on the nature of the activity and how frequently you have engaged in it.

Typically, the limit resets within a few hours or a day. In such cases, it is advisable to wait for the limit to reset before attempting the activity again.

Instagram imposes these limitations to maintain the platform's integrity and prevent users from engaging in spam or other malicious activities. As such, it is crucial to respect these restrictions and avoid circumventing them. 

Violating these limitations can result in more severe consequences, such as account suspension or termination.

If you've done too much on Instagram, it's best to wait until your limit resets. This will help you follow the rules and keep using Instagram as you usually would without getting into trouble.

Change your password and disconnect third-party apps

You should know that if you use third-party apps that do things like automatically like or comment on posts, and that goes against Instagram's rules, their accounts might get restricted.

These limitations can be frustrating and could impact their overall experience on the app.

One of the things you must do is change your password:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner, and then click on "Settings".
  • From there, click on "Security," then "Password," and enter your current password and new password.

It’s essential to change your Instagram password regularly to maintain the security of your account. You should also disconnect any third-party apps you’ve authorized.

  • Navigate to the "Security" tab.
  • Click on "Apps and Websites" or "Authorized Applications."
  • Click on "Remove" next to any third-party apps that you've authorized.

Delete some of your recent activities

If you've been performing actions too frequently, such as liking or commenting on posts, Instagram may limit your account. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you've performed too many actions, try deleting some of your recent activities.

For example, if you're working on a project and have made several unnecessary changes, deleting those changes can help you stay on track and avoid potential mistakes. 

It's important to be cautious when deleting recent activities as it may also delete valuable information you may need later on.

In addition to reducing the number of actions you've performed, deleting recent activities can also help protect your privacy and data security.

Removing any unnecessary or sensitive information from your record can minimize the risk of data breaches or cyber-attacks. 

This is specifically crucial if you’re dealing with confidential or proprietary information, such as financial data or trade secrets. 

Regularly deleting your recent activities ensures that your data is secure and minimizes the risk of any unauthorized access. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner, and then click on "Settings." 
  • From there, click on "Account," then "Activity," and then select the activity you want to delete and click on the three dots at the top right corner of the activity. 
  • Finally, click on "Delete."

Report the issue to Instagram support

If you've tried all of the above solutions and you're still experiencing limitations on your account, reach out directly to Instagram. 

Report the issue to Instagram support

To report the issue to Instagram support, follow this process:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner, and then click on "Settings." 
  • From there, click on "Help" and then "Report a problem." 
  • Explain the issue you're experiencing in detail, and Instagram support will investigate the cause and provide a solution.

Use Instagram in moderation

The best way to avoid triggering Instagram's limitations is to use the platform in moderation. 

This means avoiding performing too many actions in a short period, posting and commenting on content at a reasonable rate, and avoiding using third-party apps that violate Instagram's terms of service

Additionally, engaging with your followers and community is important to build a genuine following and follow Instagram's community guidelines to avoid being flagged for suspicious activity.

Avoid performing too many actions in a short period

Performing too many actions in a short period is one of the most common reasons why Instagram may limit your account.

Note that Instagram limits how many times you can perform certain actions, such as liking or commenting on posts, following other accounts, and sending direct messages.

If you exceed these limits, Instagram may temporarily block you from performing the action or limit your account.

Here are some tips to help you use Instagram without triggering the limits:

  • Spread out your actions: Instead of performing all your actions at once, spread them out throughout the day. This can help you stay within limits set by Instagram and avoid triggering any warnings or limitations.
  • Be mindful of the limits: Instagram has set specific limits on how frequently you can perform certain actions, such as liking, commenting, following, and direct messaging. Be mindful of these limits and avoid exceeding them.
  • Use Instagram's built-in features: Instagram features like “Explore tab” and “hashtags”, make it easy to find new content and engage with other users without violating its limits.
  • Take breaks: Disconnecting from social media periodically is a healthy habit. Set aside some time each day to forget about Instagram and focus on other activities instead.

Follow Instagram's community guidelines 

Instagram is a social media platform that takes security very seriously. And to achieve this goal, it has established a set of community guidelines that all users must adhere to. 

Follow Instagram's community guidelines

These guidelines aim to make Instagram a safer and more positive environment for everyone. This means users can post and interact without fear of discrimination, abuse, or harassment. 

Hence, failure to comply with the guidelines may result in penalties such as account suspension, content removal, or even legal action.

The community guidelines cover various aspects, such as violence and graphic content, intellectual property, and authenticity, among others

Instagram users are required to follow these rules to avoid being flagged for suspicious activities and receiving limitations on their accounts. 

Additionally, the platform encourages users to report any content or behavior that violates these guidelines to promote a healthy and positive community. 

  • Respect other users: Instagram is a community, and treating other users with respect is important. Don't post content that is abusive, threatening, or harassing.
  • Keep it clean: Instagram is a family-friendly platform, so avoid posting content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity. Keep your content appropriate for all ages.
  • Don't engage in spammy behavior: Instagram doesn't allow spammy behavior, such as repeatedly following and unfollowing other users or commenting on multiple posts with the same message. This behavior can result in limitations on your account.
  • Don't promote illegal or harmful activities: Instagram prohibits the promotion of illegal or harmful activities, such as drug use or self-harm. Don't post content that promotes these activities.
  • Follow copyright laws: If you're using someone else's content, ensure you have permission to do so and give credit where credit is due. Instagram takes copyright infringement seriously, and violations can result in limitations on your account.

By following these guidelines, you can avoid triggering Instagram's limitations and ensure that your account stays in good standing

If you're unsure whether your content violates the community guidelines, take a few minutes to review the guidelines and ensure you're following them.


Instagram's limitations are put in place to ensure a safe and secure platform for users. So while it could be frustrating at times, we need to understand where IG is coming from in making stricter protocols.

Plus, you shouldn’t have to worry much as there are several ways to fix the issue. For one, posting and commenting at a reasonable rate could greatly help you avoid such issues. 

You could also consistently engage with your followers and community to build a genuine following. Moreover, be sure to avoid using malicious third-party apps.

And to make sure you fully understand, here’s a summary of the things you can do to fix the limitations issue of Instagram.

  • Check if your account is blocked or disabled.
  • Wait for the limit to reset.
  • Change your password and disconnect third-party apps.
  • Delete some of your recent activities.
  • Report the issue to Instagram support.
  • Use Instagram in moderation.
  • Avoid performing too many actions in a short period.
  • Follow Instagram's community guidelines.

By following these tips, you can use Instagram without triggering the limits and avoid receiving the "We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram" message

And like any other social networking platform, remember to use Instagram responsibly. Follow the community guidelines to avoid being flagged for suspicious activity.

After all, privacy and security in the virtual space are never a one-man job. Both service providers and users are held accountable.

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